The Letter ‘C’

The Letter ‘C’

Letter ‘C’ 2

I’m Lying here in bed tonight,
Wondering if everything will be alright.
See, I have this stuff in my breast,
And they keep doing test after test.

Doctor’s Are trying to get me ready for the big day,
Will they get it all? Will they make it go away?
All of these questions linger in my mind,
Why in me, did this they have to find?

I don’t understand, I keep asking why?
Will I live? Will I die?I worry all the time,
I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I wonder if this thing I can beat?

I seem to shake and tremble all the time,
But to all that see me, I look fine.
I’m not fine, I’m scared and I want to cry.

But I don’t have time, I have to fight, I have to try,
to take some control of this stuff inside me,
and this stuff begins with the Letter ‘C’.

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