#TellUsAnything: I wish I was more secure

#TellUsAnything: I wish I was more secure

I am a freshman in college and trying to get over my eating disorders. All through elementary school I was picked on for being different. During high school I became involved in sports and extra activities. I also became anorexic.

I lost weight by not eating and working out all the time. I got a lot of attention and I became captain of my sports team, along with many other positions of leadership I had always wanted. I got over the anorexia after people and family kept saying stuff to me.

Now, with the weight gain, I have become unhappy with myself again. For the past 6 months I have been bulimic. I hate it because I am always tired and feel horrible.

I have not shared this with anyone, but I wish I could overcome this. I am trying to do it on my own because people look to me as a role model. People who has everything going for themselves, not a girl who is insecure.

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