#TellUsAnything: I want to give hope

#TellUsAnything: I want to give hope

I have been happily married for 19 years. I have always had my yearly pap smears.  This year instead of receiving a postcard from my gynecologist stating my pap was normal, I received a phone call stating my pap was normal, but my HPV test came back positive for HPV.

I was aware that HPV was transmitted sexually and could cause cervical cancer.  My doctor then stated that she had done two previous HPV tests the last two years with my pap and they came back normal.  I asked my doctor, somewhat knowing what her response would be, what this means.  She said it meant either me or my husband have been in a sexual relationship within the last year and have contracted HPV.

My world immediately stopped. I called my husband at work and explained to him that I had an abnormal test and asked him if he knew what this meant.  When he said “no” I told him what my physician had said. It meant he had to have been unfaithful within the last year.  My husband immediately tried to reassure me that he loved only me and would never contemplate being with someone else.  He said the test had to be wrong and to ask for another test.

I called the doctor and she said the procedure for a positive HPV test is to wait six months to see if it has gone away. She did agree to do another HPV test three weeks later. Over the course of the three weeks, my heart told me my husband was telling the truth, but my doctor’s words kept appearing in my head.

I became suspicious checking my husband’s brief cases, clothes pockets, phone records, cell phone history, etc. looking for some clue he had been unfaithful. The strange thing about this three week wait is I wanted to be physically close to my husband more now than ever.

Finally, four weeks after my first diagnosis of HPV, I received word that my pap was normal and I did not have HPV.  I want to give hope to anyone out there in my situation. When you believe in your marriage but a physician tells you they are lying, do not wait six months to re-test, because you may never know if you truly had HPV. Within six months it could go away.  Insist on a repeat test immediately!

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