#TellUsAnything: My call from the clinic

#TellUsAnything: My call from the clinic

Hello, my name is Sara, and approximately 20 minutes ago the “clinic” called my house, and told me I had chlamydia. I knew there was “something” wrong I had recurring abdominal pain, swollen glands, and a vaginal discharge. I’m not at all surprised based on my sexually active behavior.

Like most teenage girls, I go to the clubs and parties on the weekends. I go to church on Sunday and I go to school. I work Monday through Friday, and I never thought I would catch something.

The saddest thing to me is that just previous to getting on the Internet, I was thinking to myself, “dang who could have given this to me? The guys were all cute, and nice.”(Like that has anything to do with a disease!) I was trying to put blame on the least attractive one. The reality is, that it probably was that fine boy from the club that all the girls were on, and he just happened to look my way, and happen to have sex that night. 🙁

On a serious tip, I have no idea what else I have. I could have anything, and not know it…do you realize how scary that is? I remember all those times guys urged me not to use protection cause it “feels better.” I wish I could just take it all back, and start over, but that is impossible. I am unfortunately forced to deal with whatever happens to me, because it was my choice.

If I could give advice to all those teenage girls doing their “thang” out there, it would be to SLOW DOWN! Most of these guys don’t care about us, they’re just trying to get a quick and easy lay from a hot chick. PLEASE use protection, I KNOW it doesn’t feel as good, but would you rather feel GOOD for thirty minutes, or get a disease; or in the worst scenario DIE a horrible, painful, DEATH. Your “girls” and that fine boy in the club will not be there for you then.

All right then, that’s my story hope you take it to heart cause it’s all unfortunately so true 🙁

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