#TellUsAnything: 47 years old and battling Anorexia

#TellUsAnything: 47 years old and battling Anorexia

What Is This Disease?

I was 13 when I was diagnosed as anorexic. My mum was a single parent, so I got free school meals. The cue was longer for those paying for their meals, so I used to sell my tickets and buy cigarettes.

My mum worked very hard, so I never went home to a cooked meal, in fact, I rarely saw my mum. I got weaker and weaker often laying in bed until 4 p.m.

One day a friend rang me and insisted I come over. I walked out of my home and nearly fell over. My balance was totally off key, but I got to her house via pigeon steps. When I got there, my friend’s mother forced me to eat a plate of food. I ate it to appease her but I promptly threw it up. She ranged my mum and had a go at her, asking if she’d looked at her daughter lately. Fair play to mum.

My mum took me to the doctor the next day. I was told ‘if you don’t start eating you’ll end up on a drip in the hospital within a month.’ I had to eat (or try which was hard) a biscuit every hour, it was horrible but I got through it.

I still struggle with anorexia at 47 years old. It has stayed with me all my life and I HATE IT. What is this disease? Why does it happen? I don’t want to be a model at my age. It is an illness and I don’t understand it at all.

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