Personal Story: My battle with migraines

Personal Story: My battle with migraines

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This week’s story was written by an Anonymous person

I am a 33 year old male. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was diagnosed with migraines since I was 3 years old. My migraines occur when I wake up 99% of the time. I used to get them once a week. Now I get them once every 2 weeks.

Just for the record. My family has spent thousands of dollars trying to help me with this problem. Hypnosis, Biofeedback, medications, diet, and massage therapy. Some of these things have helped, like bio feedback, midrine, and the use of caffeine (after reducing my caffeine content to two cup of coffee or sodas a day.) And Massage to help me relax, or remove stress. These have helped but have not removed the migraine problem.

I know that my migraines are triggered by too much sleep, not enough sleep, and drastic change in weather, alcohol, and stress. The one strange thing that others have not mentioned is that I also get them if I’m too happy or sad. Extreme emotion seems to trigger a Migraine. My birthdays, Christmas, and vacations have always triggered the most intense migraines. Over the years I have learned not to get too overly emotional either way. It has helped me to control the migraine attacks. I must live a drama free life!

I have also noticed that if I have a stressful situation the migraine seems to occur when I have a chance to relax. I think that is why most of my migraines occur on Saturdays, after a stressful week.

I currently take Midrine for my migraines. They do help in getting rid of an attack, as long as it’s before vomiting set in. I have also used marijuana for emergencies where I am vomiting and cannot keep medication down. I know it’s a controversial method but it helps. I keep a device called a one-hitter for these emergencies. And only use it when vomiting occurs.

Migraines have been a monster for me all my life. It has affected my childhood, my education, (especially where attendance is important) my personal life, my choices in life, (cannot be a pilot, or even management) and my career, (again with attendance). I have been fortunate to find a company that understands my situation and doesn’t use my attendance to evaluate me in reviews. But there is an understanding that a management position cannot be.

There doesn’t seem to be a pill or technique that will remove the migraines. To even reduce the severity to once every 2 to 6 months would improve my ability to function in life. I read about people complaining about the pain, but not about how they live with the problems migraines create in everyday life.

It also amazes me that after 33 years there still isn’t a cure.


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  1. Have you ever had that “ah-ah” moment when something finally makes sense?

    Hopefully I can help create that ah-ah moment in your life.

    Most people think of migraines as simply a really bad headache with some other symptoms associated with them. What people fail to realize is that migraines are more than just a headache.

    The ICD-10, maintained by the World Health Organization classifies migraines as a disease or disorder of the nervous system. Something about the way your nervous system is functioning is causing these migraines.

    As you take a look at your medications, you will begin to see that almost all of them are trying to alter some aspect of your nervous system. MRI’s and CT scans are occasionally used to look at the physical structures of the nervous system.

    Another technology you may want to look at is infrared thermography. Much like a EKG for your heart, this technology measures the function of your nervous system.

    Hopefully this may help you find answers to your suffering and allow you to finally find relief!

    Dr. Gibson

  2. my battle with migrane:

    Here is a possible insight. Since migrane is due to nervous system, what you are experiencing is that you are not allowed extreme level of emotions, stress or happiness….

    This means that the moment you come out of steady state, migrane is triggered. It would be interesting to know if during sex, do you experience extreme joy without triggering migrane?

    Regardless, I see this as a case of increasing the capacity of the nerves to be able to be able to deal with higher bandwidth of emotional energies and this is possible with few techniques which you can try out on your own at home… if that also triggers migrane and those techniques are blocked then try out past life regression. I am sue you will find some therapists near your house…

    I would be happy to share those technique with you once i know you are open. I am on facebook.