My battle with weight: a personal story

My battle with weight: a personal story

My Weight

August 24th

School had once again, started. I thought things would be different, get better grades, have a great boyfriend, live life to the fullest kinda thing. Well, the thing was I did have a great boyfriend and my grades were spectacular. And then it began.

My best friend Amanda, had been trying to lose weight, so in turn, I promised to work out with her whenever she wanted to. Yeah, we worked out a few times, but she continued to work out and kept losing weight. People were starting to notice her, saying great things. She was proud and so was I, but in my own world I was jealous as hell. I couldn’t handle not being the center of attention.

Thing had to change

It was about a month before homecoming and Amanda and I had found our dresses. Mine was amazing. Brown silk, low cut with intricate beadwork, and backless. I loved it. The only problem was, I was gaining weight.I don’t know how, but it had to stop. I remember I would come down in the morning super early to the table pretending to eat and then get ready just so I could tell my mom I had
eaten earlier.

At lunch, my excuse was that I had a huge breakfast.I had work after school, so I would simply tell my mom that I had ordered out at work. Zero calories for 24 hours was starting to pay off.

My jeans were fitting looser, people were noticing me again. I loved feeling this way.But things just got worse. I had to eat sometime, I just couldn’t in front of people. I tried I really did, but I would just end up crying and telling myself that if I wanted to fit into that dress, I’d have to continue not eating.

3 weeks later…

Ninety pounds, breastbone showing, wrists tiny, legs nothing. I was now wearing a size 12 in abercrombie kids jeans. I had to custom order my shirts xxs. It was getting bad.

I needed to stop but homecoming was 3 days away. I had done it. I had lost the weight I needed to. I told myself after homecoming I’ll gain 10 pounds.

4 weeks later…

The doctor is shining a light in my eyes. I’m hardly conscious. The nurse tries to find a vein in my tiny arm. My eyes close, and life seems to have come to an end. It is now my junior year of high school, I’m 100lbs and getting better. I work out everyday and eat healthy. Homecoming is 25 days away and I’m sure I’ll have a great time.

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