A worried mom and a daughter with bulimia

A worried mom and a daughter with bulimia

Worried Mom

I am the mother of a 18 year old bulimic daughter.  It all began when she was 14 years old.  She was hospitalized for not even being able to keep her own saliva down.  Our family thought we were going to loose her. 

Weeks went by and she was diagnosed with failure to thrive. A miracle happened, and she was finally able to keep some fluids down.  Being a RN myself, the doctors were going to send her home with a feeding tube, in which I would feed her. This did not happen, for she was able to show improvement before her discharge from the hospital. 

The doctors could not come up with a proven diagnoses, they said that she had suffered from a virus called Post Viral Gastroporesis, otherwise known as stomach paralysis. 

Since, that episode in her life, she still, to this day, has not been healed completely.  She did have her pylori’s dilated. This was done to allow food to empty directly into her stomach, but to no pervale, this was not the answer. 

My daughter has learned, that there is a certain coping mechanism that comes along with her purging.  Yes, she does binge too.  It has gotten so out of hand, our entire family suffers on a daily basis.  We have five children. Our daughter with the illness, being the eldest.  She is an excellent student and is registered to enter college this fall.  We, as her family, are fearful of this move. Since she’s had this problem, she has seemed to develop other problems along the way.

In short, she now lies all the time, and if asked, she will tell you that she believes her own lies.  She takes things that don’t belong to her and obviously denies it. She is so sloppy with hiding it, she get’s caught easily. 

She recently became involved in a long distance relationship with a boy, and is on the computer every chance she gets, waiting for him to get online.  She even got into trouble three times at work for being on line, and after all the warnings, she continues to do what she is told not to do.  She will be fired soon, unless she stops this behavior.  She doesn’t sleep much at all.  She waits for the family to go to sleep, and eats everything in sight. Including, drinking straight pickle juice, to eating jars of cheese whiz.  There is one hitch in all of this, she does not care about her weight.  She is 5’3″ tall, and usually weights between 110 and 115 pounds. 

Now, don’t think that we have not gotten help for her in the past, she was in IOP, PHP, and a hospitalization program.  She is currently in another IOP program.  She complains that she is worried about getting a body image disturbance problem, from listening to all the other patients in her group telling their stories.  I have never seen her on the scale at home, in fact, there are no batteries in it and there hasn’t been for a long time. 

In summary, our daughters case seems different from other cases. I am familiar with and cannot find anyone with a similar case.  I don’t know what to do anymore, and she seems to be getting worse with her behavior (stealing, lying, compulsive behaviors) that we are afraid to send her off to college. We believe that she will steal from her roommates and eat their food. We are afraid that she will lose her scholarship and maybe end up in jail.  If anyone can help, please post some information for us.  I know that my daughter would appreciate it too.  Thanks!  A worried mother out of answers.

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