Where is your tribe? Making friendships after college

There are times when we all want to stand on the nearest rooftop, throw our hands to the sky, and scream with all our might! Whether it be because of a bad day at work, relationship problems, health struggles, or unexplained grrrness. We all experience it.

Sometimes, life is simply too good to be true. Everything goes as planned. You wake up with a big smile on your face, wanting to dance.

What do you do to combat the bad feelings? Experts tell us that a healthy diet with plenty of exercise helps ward off stress. When exercise is not easily fulfilled option and a healthy diet isn’t in the cards, then what? Talk with your friends.

How to find your tribe

Volunteering for a cause that captivates your soul is a great way to find friends who share your interests. The key is to volunteer consistently. Volunteering once a month does not provide enough face time to develop interest in someone or for them to develop interest in you. Volunteer as much as your time allows.

If volunteering is not an option, put more time and effort into the things you currently do. If you tout your children back and forth to swim practice 3 times a week, smile and start conversations with other parents. You might find someone interesting.

Be careful of developing friendships at work. Work relationships should be kept professional. Studies show that when coworkers’ personal lives become intertwined, objectivity suffers.

When friends are not available

When I feel less than stellar, and my friends are not available, I spend time in my garden. I grab my gardening boots, my 10-year old shovel, and I plant until my heart is content. Gardening takes me to a place of sweet serenity. There is something intensely calming about the feeling of dirt touching my hands and bare feet. I feel connected to the earth and everything else falls into place.

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