Heat, Thou Art My Enemy

“Ouch! That’s HOT!!” I exclaimed.

I’d attempted to unplug my cell phone the other day and in so doing, nearly scaled myself on the hot power adaptor that was plugged into the wall to provide my cell phone with power. It got me thinking: where does the heat come from?

And sure enough, it comes from the power that is being drawn from the outlet, even when my cell phone isn’t plugged in! Apparently many cell phone chargers are to blame for some unnecessary energy waste. Some even claim that in many cases, only 5 percent of the energy taken by a cell phone charger from the grid actually goes to charging up the cell phone. The rest is wasted to heat and used by and large when your cell phone is unplugged. Good grief!

A simple way to reduce this waste is to unplug the charger between uses or plug it into a power strip so that you can just flip the switch to stop the flow of energy.

But I’m thinking there must be another way—my memory isn’t very good so I need something more convenient. How about renewable energy? I can’t really afford to put solar panels on my roof right now, but I may just be able to use green energy to juice-up some of my smaller devices, right? That seems a bit more realistic.

I did a search and found a boundless selection of solar chargers for portable devices. Some that stuck out were:

  • Solar Tree
  • Hymini
  • Eneloop Universe
  • Solar Style
  • GotWind.org

All in all, the choices are becoming fairly numerous it would seem, as well as more stylish and more efficient. It’s a good time to get into mini, portable energy chargers that use the power of wind, the sun, or your own two feet.

– Lucy Goes Green