Mama’s Monday Favorite: California Baby Bubble Bath

Cue Beach Boys Music…I wish they all could be California Babies!

California Baby Bath is our favorite source of bath time bubbles. We like it because it is gentle on the skin and is made of 100% natural and organic bubbling ingredients such as organic soapbark, wild harvested yucca and super gentle glucosides. This means no irritation of delicate skin. We LOVE that it is tear free and does not contain sulfates. Each bottle also comes with a brightly colored bubble wand!
Ready to buy your California Baby Bubble Bath? Wait, it gets better. The ingredients are made from renewable and sustainable vegan sources and are totally and extremely biodegradable. California Baby Bubble Bath is made in a FDA registered and Certified Organic facility.

We love the Tangerine, sweet orange, and chamomile scents of the “Overtired and Cranky”. This gentle on your skin bubble bath works well for cranky and overtired mommies too!

** The opinions are our own. We did not receive product or monetary compensation for this review.

– Mama