Mama plants 4735 trees on behalf of her Facebook Fans

We are on a serious mission to do everything we can to give us cleaner air and protect wildlife that depends on trees for food and shelter. Each month, we plant 1 tree on behalf of each one of our Facebook Fans. At the end of July, we had a whopping 4,735 Facebook Fans. We planted 4,735 trees with out partner Trees for the Future.

Spread the word and we will continue to plant more trees.

– Mama

California fights the Plastic Bag Monster

California is poised to be a leader on the international stage by finally ending the paper vs. plastic debate. State bill AB 1998 tackles the true root issue: Single-use, disposable bags are an unnecessary waste of natural resources and are harmful to the systems that support life on this planet. If passed, the bill would take effect on July 1, 2011.

State bill AB 1998 specifically:

  • Prohibits all supermarkets, retail pharmacies and chain convenience stores from distributing single-use plastic and paper carryout bags to their customers at point of sale.
  • Does not apply to bags that are used to carry bulk items, produce or raw meat to the checkout.
  • Requires stores to make reusable bags available for purchase instead of using single-use carryout bags.
  • Requires a report to the legislature on the effectiveness of this policy, including recommendations to further encourage the use of reusable bags by consumers and retailers, and the feasibility of expanding the policy to cover other retail establishments.

Let’s do our part to get rid of the Plastic Bag Man. Make a pledge to stop using one-use bags and Mama will send you a reusable tote bag.

Enter your email address in the comment form and we will contact you directly for your mailing address. Your email address will remain private and will not be viewable to the public.

Let’s do this together!

– Mama

Random fact about Mama

While attending a conference in Long Beach with my mom a few years ago, two women police officers tried to recruit me to the police academy.

– Mama

Mama plants 1001 trees!

We love our Facebook Fans. At the end of March, we had 1001 Facebook Fans. Today, we sent a donation to Trees for the Future to cover the cost of planting 1001 trees.

Last month, some of the trees we planted were used to create a grove of trees in Limuru, Kenya.

mama's 3.5 trees for the future

We still need your help. Our goal is to plant 10,000 trees each month. Yep. That is a lot of trees, but imagine the impact you can have on the planet just by becoming a MamasHealth Fan.

Can’t give up your Pickup truck or SUV? Still haven’t replaced your light bulbs with eco-friendly ones? I know, change is hard. That is why I’m asking you to become a Fan. You can make a difference without making a major life changing action.

Become a fan now. It is easy, fast, and best of all FREE. As an added bonus, Mama will have special giveaways for her Facebook fans. We’ll give away gift cards, exercise equipment, and much more!

– Mama

Mama helps Isabelle find a new home


Isabelle – Female, Terrier Mix

Isabelle is about a four month old twelve pound Terrier mix. Her adult weight will probably be somewhere around twenty pounds. She was an owner turn in along with her playmate Ollie. Isabelle knows basic manners and we have found her to be extremely bright. This cute as a button girl walks nicely on leash and likes other dogs. She probably would do best in an adult only home or a home where children are over twelve.

Adopt Isabelle today.

– Mama

Mama’s Monday Favorite: Collective Wellbeing Oatmeal Raspberry cleanser

collective wellbeing

The secret is out. Mama has acne. My acne isn’t too bad, but enough for me to experience a tinge of excitement when a few weeks go by without getting a pimple.

After trying every skin product on the market, I finally found Collective Wellbeing’s line of products. Collective Wellbeing works wonders. I use their Oatmeal/Raspberry Corrective Cleanser and the Honey Buff exfoliator. I use the Oatmeal/Raspberry cleanser in the morning and the Honey Buff exfoliator in the evening just before I go to bed.

These products are amazing. I love the Oatmeal/Raspberry because oats have naturally occurring compounds that soothe irritated skin. Irritated skin is one of the culprits of pimple breakouts. It also smells good too. Sometimes, after washing my face, I leave the wet towel on my face and breath in the scent left behind by the Oatmeal and raspberries.

Another reason why I like Collective Wellbeing products is because they are not tested on animals. Collective Wellbeing “will never test its products, formulations or ingredients on animals. Nor will we contract any other agency to do so.”

– Mama

**Mama’s Monday Favorite is the sole opinion of Mama. No monetary compensation was received for the feature. If you have a product that Mama might absolutely love, send Mama one of your products. If she likes it, she might list it as a Mama’s Monday Favorite.

Mama’s heart is broken

This morning, I planted some cilantro seeds and beet seeds. I played fetch with my dogs and listened to the birds sing. Little did I know, my blissful moments would soon be engulfed by sadness.

My dogs ran to the front yard and barked furiously. I followed them to see what they were barking at. I half expected to see a dog-walker strolling by or a squirrel taunting them. Squirrels are ‘a plenty’ in this part of town.

My dogs were barking at my neighbor’s dogs, a beautiful 2-year old Akita and a fearful, yet spunky 7-year old terrier mix. The neighbor’s dogs had once again escaped and were looking for new adventures. As I walked across the street to rescue the dogs for the 100th time, the terrier ran into the street and was hit by a car. I was able to save the akita and placed him out of harm’s way. The wounded terrier hobbled next to us and laid down. The terrier was in extreme pain, crying and howling as blood seeped out if her belly.

As I held the Akita and she licked my face, I talked as calmly as I could to the dying terrier. I lied and told her everything was going to be OK. I soothed her as much as I could while I watched her die.

My heart is broken. I feel so sad.

– Mama

Good eats on a thin budget

Mama is also feeling the financial crunch. I have gone back to using coupons, buying in bulk, growing my own food, swapping with neighbors, and cooking more meals at home. The video below has a lot of useful tips on how to eat well on a budget.

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