Advice: Clueless and Sexless in Texas

Dear Brenda,

I’m 22 years old and I have no sex drive at all I and am afraid that my marriage is in jeopardy. I’m scared. What can I do? Is there something safe and over the counter I can take to help me because I can’t afford to go to the doctor.

-Clueless in Texas.

Dear Clueless,

While you might be clueless about why you lack a sex drive, you’re right on target about your marriage. Unless agreed upon by both parties, lack of physical intimacy in a relationship is often a deal breaker.

Are you saying you don’t have the desire for sex (libido) or are you impotent, unable to have or maintain an erection (ED, erectile dysfunction)? Are you aroused in the morning? That should help you determine what the problem is.

Loss of desire can be caused by stress, depression, anger or conflict in the relationship. You are also at the age when most men began to identify themselves sexually, are you attracted to women or are you attracted to men?

Impotency or ED can be a symptom of diabetes; hypertension (high blood pressure) obesity or low testosterone levels.

You say you don’t have the money to see a doctor, but if there is a sacrifice you can make and see a doc, you should. When you go, ask for a complete work up, your doctor should ask questions about your emotional and physical health.

As for over the counter methods, well, I’m not going to make suggestions, liability, endorsements and all that jazz. However, it only takes a quick trip around the Internet to find out what folks are taking to increase their desire.

I hope this helps.

– Brenda

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