From Ganja Yoga to Get-It-Girl Fitness – Exercise Trends We Tried in 2010

It’s that time of the year again, when health sites roll out the resolution wagon and shake our fingers in front of your face while making declarations about the importance of healthy eating and getting your hindquarters out of 1st gear. That’s when you pull out the usual resolutions about working out and losing weight and place them inside the wagon. According to statistics, most of you will pull that resolution wagon around for about week, and then kick it to the curb, retrieving it only when a new fitness fad trends up.

I say to that, me too.

Here are some of the fitness fads from 2010. I didn’t try all of them, but boy did they seem interesting.

Ganja Yoga:Yoga and marijuana, together?” Ms. Pillay says, “it’s like putting salt on your food. It’s just a little enhancement.” So they say. Thankfully the yoga fad doesn’t seem to be going away; yoga has many great benefits for both mind and body. It morphed in interesting ways. Popular of late are Hot Yoga, Hip-Hop Yoga, Circus Yoga and Ganja Yoga. Yeah, puff puff, pass… and stretch.

Boot Camp Workouts: This workout remains a favorite amongst those that like to experience pleasure and pain of group exercise. I didn’t try this one, but a friend did and she still runs a couple of miles everyday.

Wii Fit: Okay I thought this was a good idea for the tween and I. Gamer fitness has been selling well thanks to tie-ins from popular TV shows like Biggest Loser and the very sexy Jillian Michaels. What I have to say that while Wii Tennis is fun, real tennis is better.

Dance Fitness: What I like about Zumba, Afro-Cuban and Hip Hop dance class is that it breaks you out of the “feel the burn” exercise ho hum. Perhaps made more popular by shows like DWTS or SYTYCD (Dancing With The Stars or So You Think You Can Dance) I have to say that Bristol Palin almost ruined this one for me. Watching her stomp around the dance floor as if she were born without knees was just painful.

Pole Dancing or Flirty Girl Fitness: Stripper chic has hit an all time high and I’m getting a bit tired of get-it-girl glamour and now fitness. This might be heating up the bedrooms, but strapping on 3-inch heels to workout doesn’t work for me.

Shape Ups: I got hooked into this one. Just a pair of shoes and a nice high butt is mine! Any pair of shoes and brisk walk will do the trick.

Okay, here’s what you came here for, get your hindquarters out of 1st gear and make good food choices! Live well friends and Happy New Year.

Aunt B