Fix the Toaster: Distracted Driving


First of all a big thank you to MamasHealth for allowing Fix The Toaster to contribute a guest post here today.

Fix The Toaster is a passion project of mine I launched in August of 2012. It is a site that is aimed at bringing discussion to the fact that so many people are dying in car crashes and a lot of these are preventable. That fact really eats me up. What bothers me even more is that is seems as if we Americans have just accepted the high amount of car crashes as a given.

I hate headlines that say “Car Loses Control!” Cars don’t lose control, we have lost control.

Car crashes are the #1 cause of death to people under 30. We worry about pools, guns, etc. But I do not see us worrying about what is actually the biggest even killing our kids right now. Us. Our irresponsible, fatalistic approach to car crashes is, well frankly, pathetic.

There is so much that we can do to lower the amount of loved ones dying in crashes and yet we simply are not doing it. It is not just teenagers. Statistics say adults are using their phones while driving even more then teens.

We all know texting while driving is dangerous.

Did you know that using your phone to talk is dangerous as well? (the equivalent of drunk driving)

Did you also know that using handfree is still dangerous?

Yep. Sorry to rain on your parade but the truth is we should just be driving when we drive. We are operating a ton of weight that has the ability to kill people quite easily. Tailgating and speeding are big factors in crashes as well.

The teen brain is wired differently. So I implore you moms and dads to STOP using your phone while driving. Just pay attention.

Pretty simple really.

We wear ribbons for causes, hold races, raise money to find cures and yet we know the cure here. Or at least a big part of it. Pay attention. Spread the word, bring up discussion with your family. Email your PTA president or your principal and ask that they email the school and implore parents NOT to use their phones while in the carpool lane or ever.

Lead by example.

There is an epidemic going on that is being accepted. It is time for change.

Safe driving everyone!


Fix the Toaster and stop driving distracted

Our friend and producer Lindsay Kavet is very passionate about distracted driving.

For more information about distracted driving, visit Fix the Toaster