Have you been crop mobbed?

Crop Mob. I love the concept. A Crop Mob is “a group of young, landless, and wannabe farmers who come together to build and empower communities by working side by side. A Crop Mob is also a group of experienced farmers and gardeners willing to share their knowledge with their peers and the next generation of agrarians. The membership is dynamic, changing and growing with each new mob event.

Crop Mobs are not free sources of labor. Rather, it is more like an exchange of labor for the betterment of a community. Friends are created, bonds are formed, and labor is exchanged. Crop Mobbing is about community and camaraderie.

Crop Mobs are most active in North Carolina; Washington, Atlanta, Texas, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

Crop Mob. Love the name! Start a Crop Mob today. Maybe I’ll start a Crop Mob for backyard gardeners here in Pasadena.

– Mama