Aunt B’s Health Bits- Can I get a wash and set and a blood pressure check?

I was strolling the Internet and saw an article about barbershops that offered blood pressure checks along with a haircut. Well how much sense does that make? A lot! It is one of the few places we show up regularly. Now wouldn’t that make a nice little extra, if beauty shops and barbershops offered blood pressure checks along with a shave or hair extensions, a blow dry and curl? It just somehow makes sense and it works.

A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, tracked 17 barbershops and found that men who had their blood pressure checked when they went to get a haircut were “far more likely to see a doctor and get their blood pressure under control.” There were 17 shops that participated in the study. Eight of those shops distributed pamphlets. The other nine took things further and actually checked the blood pressure of their patrons and offered free services for those that came back with a prescription. Here’s where it gets good. At the end of the study more than half of those participating had their blood pressure under control. I would add this type of service can create stronger and more loyal customers. And customers that live longer too.

People visit the hairdresser or the barbershop every two to three weeks. Having a blood pressure screening with someone that you “visit” with that often will certainly keep the issue at the top of the list. And you will be encouraged by these same people to do something about it.

How innovative, how health conscious, what a great idea!

Source: Science Daily

– Aunt B