Serena the Wanna-be Vegetarian: Yes, We Have No Organics

Serena the Wanna-be Vegetarian: Yes, We Have No Organics

“I just want to be like everybody else!”

Little Peta (that’s what I call my daughter) stomps into the kitchen. I’m preparing her lunch and she’s upset. So even though it’s morning and lunches have to be made (we’re on a budget, just like everyone else) and breakfast has to be poured, shaken, or blended Little Peta wants to talk.

“Why can’t we have regular lunches like everyone else? Why can’t I eat in the cafeteria? Why can’t I just have a bag of chips?

I look at my daughter who has taken to this vegetarian thing like err… a fish to water? “You wanted this,” I say as I spoon pasta salad into her thermos. “You wanted to bring vegetarian lunches, what’s the problem?”

“I want regular Cheez-its, not that organic kind and I want cookies that come in a bag, and I want to bring a Lunchable.”

I look at my now eight-year-old daughter and see the seeds of teen-dom, the ‘I just want to be like everyone else’ syndrome.

So what’s a mom to do? Do I not trust my daughter to make the right food choices? Moderation is key? Is there a slippery slope of junk food?

“Lunchables are full of sodium and meat,” I tell her. Hoping that she will change her mind.

“Not all of them.” She spins on her heels and walks out of the kitchen, and I pick up a pencil and put “Lunchable” on the grocery list.

I did say that we were “flexitarians” right?

– Serena


One Response to “Serena the Wanna-be Vegetarian: Yes, We Have No Organics”
  1. Sharen says:

    I beg you, please do not buy Lunchables just to placate your daughter. If you just read the nutritional information on the back of the package (As I’m sure you already have since you know they’re full of sodium and meat) you will know that there is nothing in that processed box of junk that will give your daughter the lift-giving nutrients her body so desperately needs. Please re-think that. There are many other vegetarian options out there.