Serena The Wanna-Be Vegetarian: Off The Vegetarian Wagon… Again

Serena The Wanna-Be Vegetarian: Off The Vegetarian Wagon… Again

Do vegetarians take a break? On holidays do some of you take a bite of stuffing knowing full well there’s sausage and giblets chopped up inside? Do you drizzle it with gravy? Just for one day?

Do you ALWAYS ask, “Did you make that with meat?” Do you go home after a big family dinner and chow down on a salad?

Does being a vegetarian mean that your friends change too? Do you stop hanging around the carnivores because dinners are awkward? You’re always asking how something was cooked and they’re always rolling their eyes to the ceiling and reciting a list. Never mind the crossed fingers behind their back, and the tiny white lie they might tell, just because they want you to sit down and eat.

I have to admit that this Thanksgiving we went uhm… “whole hog.” I looked at the Tofurky and meat alternatives but they just didn’t seem appealing. Then I thought about a Thanksgiving dinner with the “sides” and while that seemed easier. I just caved.

I think what keeps me from crossing over, from “drinking the vegetarian Kool-aid” is that I don’t know what to do with holidays and traditions that include meat, especially around the holidays.

That’s called being a “flexitarian” right?

Oh yeah, Little Peta, my daughter is protesting, and has been since I brought the turkey into the house.

– Serena

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