Serena the Wanna-Be Vegetarian – Vegetarianism According to Janet Jackson Songs

Serena the Wanna-Be Vegetarian – Vegetarianism According to Janet Jackson Songs

Janet Jackson evolved from her self-named debut album in 1982 to the princess of pop whom she has become. Evolution is a process, so I figured out how I can keep myself moving toward my vegetarian goals by listening to Janet Jackson songs.

“What Have You Done For Me Lately?” – Yes meat, what have you done for me lately? Eating red meat increases a person’s chances of developing certain cancers and heart disease. Two things I never want to hear from my doctor.

“Control” – Is what I need to get through this. I’m not trying to save every animal on the planet; I’m trying to live a little longer than expected. Or in the words of Miss Jackson, “Don’t wanna rule the world, just wanna run my life.”

“The Pleasure Principle” – The hardest part for me is realizing how much of my life is centered on food. Easter ham, Thanksgiving turkey, gumbo at Christmas time made by my favorite aunt, not to mention the bbq’s, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

“Miss You Much” – I think this title says it all.

“That’s The Way Love Goes”—To have anything worth having, and that includes good health, usually means that one has to learn moderation and discipline. While I love my In ‘N Out burgers, I love my family and myself more. That’s the real way love goes.

“You Want This” – Why yes, Ms. Jackson I do. I’m willing to make the sacrifices to have health too.

“Any Time Any Place” – I’m learning that I can find a vegetarian option.

“All For You” – This is for me, it will be gift to my children and hopefully for their children too, to be conscious about what goes into their body. We only get one.

– Serena


2 Responses to “Serena the Wanna-Be Vegetarian – Vegetarianism According to Janet Jackson Songs”
  1. Sofia Clark says:

    Good information.
    I have been eating less red meat and adding more vegetable to my meals over the past few months and it’s showing. My energy level has increased and I even loss a few pounds. But to be honest here, I still like a burger at least once a month.