Serena the Wanna-Be Vegetarian – The Milk Alternative Taste Test

Serena the Wanna-Be Vegetarian – The Milk Alternative Taste Test

I took the kids with me to the grocery store (I deserve a medal!) to choose a milk alternative. In my last post we talked about whether or not cow’s milk was actually good for us. There’s been a lot of writing online about hormones, antibiotics and… eeeeew, pus, in cow’s milk. While we’ve never been big milk drinkers in our home, as we make the move from meat eaters to plant eaters, I thought this would be an easy change to make. Under my direction, the kids picked out three milk alternatives.

We decided that we would try the original varieties and not those flavored with vanilla or chocolate, and chose Soy Dream, Rice Dream and Pacific Organic Almond milk. All three varieties came in aseptic packaging, those cardboard boxes that need no refrigeration. I have to say that I liked the idea of being able to buy those cartons and keep them in the pantry

As the bacon protest continued this past Sunday morning, over pancakes and turkey sausage (we’re still eating poultry) I presented my family with a taste test. 

The Soy Dream was first.

The seven-year-old:  Spit it back out almost as fast as it went it.

The fourteen-year-old: Stuck out his tongue and said, “No way.”

The Hubby:  Gave a thumbs down and claimed the taste was something akin to what his mother kept in a can on the stove when he was a kid. I’m interpreting that as old cooking grease.

Next came Rice Dream: 

The seven-year-old: “It taste like watery rice.”

The fourteen-year-old: “Not this one either.”

The Hubby:  “It tastes like skim milk, but bitter at the end.”

And finally… Pacific Organic Almond Milk

The seven-year-old: Was set on not liking it, and actually refused to taste it at first. As it turns out, we got a smile.

The fourteen-year-old: “Mom, this one is the biz.”  For those of you that don’t speak ‘fourteen’ I understand “the biz” to mean something good.

The Hubby: Thought none of them tasted like milk, but could live with this one if the children liked it. 

So there you have our informal taste test, except for cheese, we have booted the cow out of the door. Chicken… you’re next!

– Serena


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  1. The sassy MT says:

    I’ve been looking for a milk alternative since becoming vegetarian but I had not tried almond milk. My daughter is also vegetarian but is lactose intolerant so has been drinking soy milk for years, which I never cared for. Thanks.