Serena the Wanna-Be Vegetarian – “A Pig’s Heart Saved Her Bacon”

Serena the Wanna-Be Vegetarian – “A Pig’s Heart Saved Her Bacon”

Being a “flexitarian” myself, I know the decision I would have made, but I wonder how some of you would respond, especially those of you who have commented on my love for eggs and cheese. My question is, “what would a vegan do? Please read on.

According to The Scottish Sun Newspaper, vegetarian teenager Robyn Cairney received a pig’s heart valve. Cairney became ill during a mile run at the gym in which she lost her breath and couldn’t stop coughing. She was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a heart valve condition that allowed blood to flow back into her heart. When the doctors told her she would have to have the valve replaced with a valve from a pig’s heart, Cairney said, “It was a bit of a shock being a vegetarian, but I realized it was a life or death choice.”

As a wanna-be vegetarian I wouldn’t think twice about accepting a pig valve, I don’t think I would blink twice if I were a full fledge vegetarian either. But I can’t help but wonder how far do we take animal rights? And for those of you who don’t eat any meat products and advocate for animal rights, would you say no to a pig’s heart valve? When it comes to life, the question becomes who’s life is more important? Doesn’t it?

What would a vegan do?

– Serena


4 Responses to “Serena the Wanna-Be Vegetarian – “A Pig’s Heart Saved Her Bacon””
  1. Robyn Cairney says:

    Hi, I’m Robyn Cairney, the Vegetarian with the pigs valve lol.
    To be honest, I wasn’t given much choice with what valve to have. With a human’s valve they are very unpredictable and could possibly only last me 2 years and I didn’t fancy going back in for open surgery at 20 years old or the mechanical valve which would mean I would be on warfarin forever which is a horrible drug to be on. Also it meant facing the possibility of never having kids which at 18 I didn’t think that is a decision I can make. Also because I am a young girl getting my monthly menopause and warfarin is a blood thinner I would be faced with possible hemorrhages and need blood transfusions. My best option was the pig’s valve. At the end of the day I don’t preach vegetarianism to people, they can make up their own mind, like I did at 11 years old. My mum is not a vegetarian her fiancé isn’t a vegetarian but I’ll still cook for them. I just didn’t like the taste of meat it freaks me out lol.
    These pigs are genetically engineered for medical use. The surgeon didn’t go down to farm and go ‘right al have that one there’. When its life and death anyone is going to pick life!! I’m 18, my life is just beginning!! lol

    show ur support <3 xxx

  2. Valerie Cates says:

    I would have chosen a pigs valve too. My will to survive overrides my ethical choices. I think that darn near anyone would make that choice unless they were choosing martyrdom or they were clinically suicidal.

  3. Carrie VanAckeren says:

    It is a choice between whose life matters more. You asked what a vegan would do. A strict vegan believes that animals are not for us to use. Not for food, not for entertainment, not for medicine. A strict vegan believes that, just as Ghandi believed in taking no animal food, even when his wife and child were ill and the doctor recommended it (according to Orwell, anyway). Like any ethical belief (I feel veganism is more akin to a religion than a diet) there are levels of commitment. Are you willing to die for your beliefs? Most people are not. I am not currently practicing my vegan diet because I “fell off the wagon” while pregnant and am currently nursing. But I would take the pig valve to save my life and I would most definitely take it for my daughter.

  4. Serena says:

    Me too Carrie, me too.