My name is Mama and I have an addiction

My name is Mama and I have an addiction

When it comes to food, I am totally addicted. A bad mood, or even worst, a bad day can be completely erased with the right mixture of meat, veggies, potatoes, and a colorful drink.

Friendships have been made and lost over food. I still remember the time I thanked a ‘distant-relative’ by taking her out for lunch. She did the unthinkable and ordered soup, salad, a martini, a lobster dinner (market priced) and dessert. I was a mere college sophomore and could barely feed myself, let alone pay for a seafood feast. Needless to say, she doesn’t get much love around the holidays.

Today, one of my biggest obsessions is Carrot, Apple, Beet juice from the Whole Foods Juice Bar. I know, it sounds awful. Who in their right mind would want to drink carrot, apple, beet juice? Me. It is actually quite tasty. Oh, and the health benefits are amazing. It is an energy booster, colon cleanser, and immunity booster all rolled in one.

What is your addiction?

– Mama

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