Goodbye my friend, I am letting go

Goodbye my friend, I am letting go

The time has come to say good bye. I still love and care about you but I’ve decided, “I just don’t like you anymore”. The past few years, I’ve done too much head shaking, wondering about your judgment, and wishing for the times of yesteryear. All too often, I wonder, “Why did she say that?” “Did she really mean that?” Too many times, I’ve thought, “Hum, the person I grew up with would have never said that. Did she change because of her career, or is it because of the husband who made her happy but few wanted her to marry?” I’m tired of wondering. No more guessing. I stare into the gaze of facts. Facts that whisper in my ear in times of loneliness and sorrow. Facts that say, “We aren’t the friends we used to be.”

I sometimes think about more simple times. Times when it didn’t matter what car we drove or the cost per square footage of our homes. Times when when we would take out the pillows of our parents’ couch to look for coins so we could go see a movie at the cheap theater.

I don’t like the “New You”. I haven’t liked the “New You” for the past few years.

Farewell my friend. I wish you the best.

– Mama

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