End the Trunk Shuffle: No more junk in your trunk

End the Trunk Shuffle: No more junk in your trunk

After a long day of running errands, chauffeuring people from one activity to another, picking up groceries, and so on, I was in the process of doing the trunk shuffle once again. You know what I mean: shifting the stuff that’s been sitting in your trunk perpetually for months trying to make room for the things you’re attempting to bring home. My trunk is full of all sorts of things: the windshield scraper, the reusable bags, an emergency kit, and things like that. It all takes energy and sure does have the potential to create aggravation when I’m short on time and energy and just wanting to get home. Banging my head on the hatch hood in my re-gigging efforts didn’t help any either.

Later that evening, after I got home and was emptying out the trunk, I decided to take a few minutes to clean up the mess and remove the things I don’t really need. Among the necessities that need to stay in the car (reusable bags being chief among them), here’s what I found:

  • Golf clubs for my husband who hasn’t golfed in months and likely won’t be golfing for several more given the snow around here. Umbrellas were another casualty of my cleaning frenzy—don’t need those until the seasons change again.
  • A large CD and DVD collection that was supposed to be for on-the-road tunes and entertainment but which is never used.
  • A box of miscellaneous items we were supposed to deliver to my Mom’s house several months ago but keep forgetting about.

It all went back into the house. I now have more space in my vehicle’s storage space and my mileage is the better for it. According to FuelEconomy.gov, removing 100 pounds of weight from my car can improve my fuel efficiency by as much as 2 percent. Now that’s easy money.

– Lucy Goes Green

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