#LivingTo100: Living with an Anxious Teen

#LivingTo100: Living with an Anxious Teen

Life with an adolescent with an anxiety disorder can be extremely difficult. Tips and help to ease the difficulties:

Be empathetic

If your teen has had a difficult day and is tired and stressed out, appreciate their feelings. Talk to them and say things like, ‘You experienced a tough day today. I understand your feelings”.

Expect pushback

Sometimes teens become angry about having to do hard things. They might be irritable and take it out on a family member.

Maintain realistic expectations and make sure your teen also has realistic expectations

Teens with anxiety may constantly improve in small, gradual steps even if it doesn’t always look like they are improving. Symptom fluctuations are common. Periods of stress such as school midterms or problems with friends can increase the susceptibility to feel anxious. Don’t misinterpret a small step backward as failure or weakness.

More help: List of mental health support groups by state.

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