#LivingTo100: Let Nature Help You Stop Smoking

#LivingTo100: Let Nature Help You Stop Smoking

Unfortunately, once a smoking habit has been acquired, it is difficult to break. Research shows that addiction to tobacco may be harder to overcome than addiction to heroin or cocaine. This is because smoking creates both physical and psychological dependency. For some, it is easier to overcome the physical addiction that the psychological dependency. Acute physical withdrawal, while unpleasant lasts for al limited period of time, usually no more than several weeks. Long-term cravings are more likely a matter of psychological dependency and require an ongoing effort to control.

Your first step on the path to living a smoke-free life be to examine each impulse to reach for a cigarette. Is it habit? Do you smoke while drinking your morning coffee? Is smoking related to stress? Smoking is sometimes used as an excuse for taking a momentary break during times of stress and to help smooth over awkward moments. Is smoking a result of a physical craving? Some people can’t imagine engaging in specific types of activities without a cigarette in hand. Meditation is often helpful to determine the origins of the urge for a cigarette. Our favorite meditation guide is the Headspace app.

When your resolve is strong, cleanse your body of nicotine using a combination of herbal aids that help to rebalance your body chemistry. Gardenia, gotu kola, sarsaparilla, gentian, and licorice root are a few of nature’s botanical supports for your efforts. Herbal blends are available in most health food stores.

Smoking and weight gain?

Have you ever wondered why some people gain weight when they stop smoking? This happens partially because when smokers quit, they often feel hungrier. However, this feeling of hunger lasts only for a few weeks. Another cause of weight gain is an increased desire to snack or consume alcohol. Also, nonsmokers may burn slightly less calories during the day. Smoking makes the body temporarily burn calories faster. For those who do gain weight, the average gain is about 10 pounds. To help keep those 10 pounds off, take a walk instead of a cigarette.

Did you know?

Every time a person smokes, they inhale more than 4,000 different chemicals. Several of these chemicals are carcinogens.

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