#LivingTo100: Eat Right For Healing

#LivingTo100: Eat Right For Healing

When you have been ill or injured, eating may be the last thing on your mind. But this is exactly when your body needs the powerful healing properties of good food. After a serious illness, injury, or surgery, your pituitary gland releases growth hormone. Growth hormone boosts metabolism in an attempt to restore order and balance.

Simple steps to heal:

Eat breakfast
After sleeping, it is important to ‘break the fast’. Breakfast is your body’s early morning refueling stop. After 8-12 hours without a meal or snack, your body needs to replenish its glucose with foods. Because your brain has not stored reserves, it too, needs a fresh supply of glucose, its main energy source.

Stick to a regular meal schedule.
Plan ahead and have a week’s worth of  meals in mind. Include plan-over meals, or meals made from leftovers of another meal in your menu plan. For example, grilled chicken Caesar Salad can be a left over meal from yesterday’s sliced, left-over chicken breast.

Drink plenty of clear fluids.
Broth, miso soup, teas, and apple juice provide nutrients that are easily digested by your body. It is important to eat simple foods and not to waste energy digesting dense, heavy foods while your body heals.

Add whey protein to your meals.
A healing body needs more protein than usual. Whey is a high-quality, readily available source that your body can easily absorb. Stir whey protein powers into broth or a clear juice.

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