#LivingTo100: Have Diabetes? Ask your doctor about Coenzyme Q10.

#LivingTo100: Have Diabetes? Ask your doctor about Coenzyme Q10.

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance found in all parts of the body. Its actions resemble those of vitamin E.

Coenzyme Q10 plays a critical role in the production of energy in every cell of the body. It aids circulation, stimulates the immune system, increases tissue oxygenation, and has vital anti-aging effects. Deficiencies of coenzyme Q10 have been linked to diabetes, periodontal disease, and muscular dystrophy.

Mackerel, salmon, and sardines contain the largest amounts of coenzyme Q10. It is also found in beef, peanuts, and spinach. Most people consume about 10-15 milligrams per day mainly from meat and fish. Vegetarians should be aware that their intake may be less than optimal and should consider food-based supplements.


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