#LivingTo100: Caring for elderly parents

#LivingTo100: Caring for elderly parents

Dealing with Parents who ‘don’t need help’.

When it is time to take away the keys or become a caregiver to an elder parent, the parent may respond with hostility and anger. It is likely that the parent will view this as a hostile takeover. For some seniors, the loss of independence and choice is not something they want to face, so your offers of help get pushed away.

It is critical to be very strategic in getting your elder to accept help. Here are some key suggestions:

Timing and location are important.
Do not confront your elders during a family dinner or  holiday get-together. Instead, choose a quiet location where you can be alone, such as your place or their place.

Start talking about how you feel. Try, “I worry about you. Can I tell you why I worry?”

Consult with a geriatric care manager (GCM)
A geriatric care manager can give you advice and help your elder see things from an objective point of view.

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