#LivingTo100: Adopt a Blue Zone Diet

#LivingTo100: Adopt a Blue Zone Diet

Blue zones are places in the world where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth. Several of these blue zones exist, and in each of these places people living to 90 or even 100 years is common. And they aren’t just living long either – these people are living healthy – without medication or disability.

The five blue zones are as follows:

  • The Italian island of Sardinia
  • Okinawa, Japan
  • Loma Linda, California
  • Costa Rica’s isolated Nicoya Peninsula
  • Ikaria, an isolated Greek island

In Okinawa, Japan, the cuisine is centered on fresh seafood, seaweed, soybeans, and tofu. Sweet potatoes and bitter mellon, rich sources of vitamins and minerals known to reduce risk of heart disease are served as side dishes and desserts. Antioxidant rich tumeric tea plays a strong role in their diet. Okinawans have a reduced incidence of cancer and vascular disease than found among their fellow Japanese. Want to live to 100? Incorporate healing foods into your diet.

*Lead Photo For National Geographic Feature Story On Blue Zones

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