#Livingto100: Avoid Burnout when Caring for an Elderly Parent

#Livingto100: Avoid Burnout when Caring for an Elderly Parent

You can only care for another person as well as you care for yourself. Many caregivers of elderly parents become so focused on the patient that they disregard their own needs. If you are stressed-out, anxious, not able to eat or sleep, it is time to give yourself some extra care.

Substitute the time you spend worrying about your parent and use this time to meditate. Meditation is a proven way to stress.

Support Groups
One of the best supports for a caregiver is another caregiver, especially someone dealing with the same illness or condition. List of support groups in the U.S.

Give yourself a daily treat:
– Go for a walk outside.
– Putter in the garden.
– Read for 30 minutes undisturbed.
– Call a positive friend.
– Have coffee with a friend.
– Go window-shopping.
– Sit in the park and listen to the birds.
– Knit, scrapbook or some other type of arts and crafts.


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