Free Blackberry phone for smokers

Free Blackberry phone for smokers

Folks, I’m not kidding. The American Legacy Foundation is giving away free BlackBerry phones to smokers. The BlackBerry will provide the smokers with a 24/7 line to get support while trying to quit smoking. The free BlackBerry will give them 24/7 text support, help connect with others who are trying to quit and options to help prevent relapse.

Want a free BlackBerry? The video below will tell you how to get your free BlackBerry phone.


7 Responses to “Free Blackberry phone for smokers”
  1. Katheryn says:

    Is this some sort of joke? What is next, free house for cocaine users? Or better yet, job security for alcoholics?

  2. I think this is a good idea using technology to help people stop smoking.

    I a smoker and now currently studying at Divine Word University Papua New Guinea, I have been smoking for eight years and tried to stop smoking but did not succed but now I think this new stimuli program might help because smokers will be reminded not to smoke 24/7 through text or by other smoker.


  3. Gail says:

    Geez, enough is enough. If ya want to quit smoking, ya certainly don’t need a phone to do it. You have to want to quit. I am so tired of hearing about smoking, second hand smoke and now a new one, residual smoke. Kids are not taking their children to visit grandparents because even though there is no smoking in the house when the children are there, it is on the walls, furniture, etc. Could we move onto something else, like World Peace????????

  4. Allice says:

    whatever it takes. those of you who don’t understand the process of giving up smoking should suck it up and let those who genuinely want to stop do whatever it takes and like come on what’s phone these days but a simple vice to a means. I am on my first day of cold turkey stop smoking and it’s hell but I want so bad that I’m going to perserve. I have little support and would love just to have someone say it’s going to be okay you can do this. If it happened that it came from a free blackberry that I had been given to help, all it would mean is that someone out there in that big brutish world understands and wants me to succeed. Why should everything be judged by monitary value? If someone can find someway to make life a little better or easier for someone else then I say thank you!!!

  5. Celia says:

    What??? This is so pointless, and dumb. its just encouraging people to smoke so they can get a free phone. What about those of us that dont smoke?? we should be rewarded for not smoking. this is soooo dumb and probably a hoax as well.

  6. Joan Nyobe says:

    I think there is a program tied to the free phone that the people who are trying to quit smoking get to participate in to help them. You never look a gift horse in the mouth.


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