What will you do?

What will you do?

What will you do to prevent our sea life from dying? What will you do to protect sea animals so future generations can enjoy them? How will you stand up for marine life?

Mama will donate $1 to Ocean Conservancy per each person that makes a comment on how they will stand up for marine life.

Not sure how to make a difference? An easy step is to limit your plastic bag usage. Countless plastic bags end up in our ocean and cause harm to our marine wildlife. Many marine animals and birds mistakenly ingest plastic or become entangled and choke in plastic bags that is floating around. For instance, environmentalists have pointed out that turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and invariably swallow them. It is estimated 100,000 marine mammals die each year because of plastic litter in our ocean in the North Pacific.

Let’s make a difference together!

– Mama

***In this specially made film for WCPA – Marine, world-renowned cinematographer Bob Talbot shows us that we have only one ocean and it’s in trouble. Together we can make a difference. What we do today, will determine the ocean our children inherit tomorrow.


18 Responses to “What will you do?”
  1. Dara says:

    I already do not own/drive a car. I do not use AC and it has been very hot and humid here, I conserve electricity. I use public transportation and walk most places. My use of fossil fuels is limited, I would like to use less, and would love to see others do the same, and push our government to go for renewables like solar and wind for all.

  2. Andrea says:

    I teared up watching this video- we as humans do so much damage to our beautiful earth. What will i do? I will pick up trash every time I go to the beach. Thank you for this post it reminded me of what I have to do.

  3. Monica says:

    I will continue to be a vegetarian (have been for 23 years). I will continue to find ways to reduce driving my car even though I’m in suburban sprawl (my record so far is 54 days between fill-ups, and I’m trying for a full 60 days at least). I will continue to carry my own bags with me at all times (my oldest canvas shopping bag is 15 years old). I’ll continue to find ways to reduce my electric and water usage, to avoid pointless purchases and packaging, to ignore marketing that glorifies consumerism. I’ll continue to teach my children what I’ve learned and encourage them to teach me more. And in the end, my body will become part of the earth as an Eternal Reef. (If you don’t know about Eternal Reefs, please look them up on Facebook.)

  4. I will continue to post articles on Facebook and MySpace about protecting our marine life and the oceans they call their homes. I am an Earth Warrior.

  5. Neelam Ziipporah says:

    I have been a vegetarian (including, of course, NO fish/sea-beings) since 1975….I love the ocean, and when on the beach, make a spectacle of myself by taking land-stranded starfish back to the water!
    Perhaps these contributions are small, in the scheme of things, but I hope can make at least a small, positive difference.

  6. Lectriece says:

    I’m a vegan, no eating sea life for me. I’m also an artist and avoid using any type of materials (like some inks) that use some sea creatures as a source for pigment.

  7. Ellen says:

    I will reduce (and eventually eliminate) my seafood consumption. I will create a website with facts, fun, and tips about the ocean (and swimming and mermaids). I will promote International Coastal Cleanup day on Sept 25. I will recommend that others read Seasick by Alanna Mitchell. I will hope for the best.

  8. Amy says:

    I just started eating more fish lately when I joined weight watcher’s. I really never thought about it. I will eat farm-raised fish instead of the wild fish. I feel bad I am part of the problem. I have been heartsick over the gulf oil spill and have donated money to the clean-up effort.

  9. Karen Peterson says:

    Keep buying my states special car tags for dolphins and turtles….aide in beach clean ups

  10. Steph says:

    I don’t use bottled water except for in an emergency and don’t buy anything that comes with the plastic rings around it. I also reduce my plastic bag usage. I also spend time to pick up trash on the beach when I visit.

  11. Janice says:

    I always take canvas tote bags with me to grocery store, and when I’m buying one item anywhere, I tell the clerks I don’t need a bag (thus one less plastic bag getting thrown away). I’m driving way less than I used to; I only put gas in my car about once a month these days. I’ve unplugged most things in my house that I don’t use on a regular basis. I have a/c, but don’t use it, since I prefer to have windows open to have fresh air. I recycle everything I can think of that can be recycled. Undoubtedly lots more I can do when I become aware of them.

  12. Jenna says:

    My regligious beliefs say not to eat most seafood. After seeing this, I don’t plan on eating any!

  13. Tonya says:

    We must take care of our earth and what’s on our earth.Stop being so wastefull..taking what you dont need to take and give back to our earth..ocean’s..The water is so peacefull,,,

  14. Jennifer says:

    I have loved water since the first day I learned to swim. These people don’t seem to realize that they hurt themselves in hurting our Earth. If all my dreams come true I will one day be a marine vet, focusing mainly on marine mammals, and work with other biologists who care about ending these mass killings of our aqua life.

  15. Cathy says:

    I too am a vegetarian. However, I have only been one for about 8 months. It is still not consistent all of the time, but I have greatly reduced my meat consupmtion. I used to consume meat at least twice a day on a daily basis. Now, I only eat meat a couple of times a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. My goal is to become completely vegan. I would also really like to work on making sure I actually take my cloth bags with me. I always forget when I go to the store. I don’t ever drive myself, but my husband does to work everyday. Unfortunately he has to be to work too early for public transit and he works close, but not close enough to walk or ride a bike. I try to keep all of my trips to a minimum. I get as much as I can at one store so that I don’t have to drive all over town. If I had to estimate, I would say that I drive 5-10 miles a week. That is probably overestimating. I know that when it’s not in the triple digits, I will be doing more public transit and walking. I like walking, but with two very young children, it is just to hot here. My heart almost stopped watching this, particularly the seal part. The reason that I became a vegetarian isn’t because I don’t like meat, but because of the blatant mistreatment and abuse of all animals. It saddens me that we as humans are brutually killing massive amounts of animals just to satisfy our dietary DESIRES….not needs. I am extrememly healthy, the healthiest I have been in years. To say that we need meat is proposterous. Very little of our protien actually even comes from meat. Once it is cooked, the protien and iron content is reduced drastically. This is what makes bean sprouts, nuts, beans and other sources of protien and iron so much more effective.

  16. Renee says:

    I wish I knew how to help. But, we as people, are so selfish sometimes that we don’t want to give up one thing for another. I used to think that bottled water was the way to go but now I see how the plastic as well as other toxic items ruing our ocean as well as our world. All we can do is pray that we as humans will become aware of the right thing to do to make sure that our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s future will be protected for them to enjoy!~

  17. Noel says:

    As a diver, I enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, the magnificent corals and reefs, and the various spesies of living organisms. On land I will do my very best to advise every single household to use environmentally safe household products and when I dive, I will bring mesh bags to collect rubbish that I see during my dives. Together, we will be able to stop environmental destruction.

  18. Karolina says:

    I work in the beauty industry, as much as I enjoy it not until recently did I realize what damage is being caused to the most beautiful thing of them all, our planet. I will contribute to using recycling products as well as promote environmentally friendly products to our customers. I will acknowledge our clients that going green will not only help us be healthier but it will also provide a healthier lifestyle that others should attract to. One by one we CAN make a difference.