Wanted: Personal stories about premature babies

We have helped a lot of babies, and we can help so many more. But we need your help. We need personal stories.

When parents and grandparents share their stories about the emotions they experienced while having a child/grandchild in the NICU, it makes people really understand how much these hats really mean.

I know what it means, and some of our supporters know what it means, but a lot of people have no idea. With personal stories, we can reach out and let people know just how important our work is. Let people know how a hand-made hat by a stranger can add happiness and a sense of hope.

Of course, your name and other identifying information will stay anonymous.

Please remember, this is for the babies.

A million thanks!!

All stories become property of MamasHealth, Inc. and can be used in MamasHealth electronic and print media.
Stories will remain anonymous.
Stories will appear at http://www.PreciousPreemieProject.com

Questions? Email us: PreciousPreemieProject@MamasHealth.com or write to us at:
Suite 2170, 281 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91101
United States of America

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