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Habana Outpost, New York’s first solar powered restaurant

Habana Outpost is New York’s first solar powered restaurant. Habana Outpost has a green roof, rainwater collection system, and a garden. The Habana Outpost garden is a certified wildlife habitat.

Aside from being an eco-friendly eatery, Habana Outpost features an open-air market, outdoor movies, great food and drink, and a social hub for the creative and diverse local community.

Corn: Americans are full of it!

The most abundant crop in American is corn. Corn is found in 1/3 of all items in an American supermarket. Surprised? I was too.

Self Sufficiency in a small Pasadena homestead

On less than 4,000 square feet of land in an urban neighborhood in Pasadena, California, the Dervaes family grows all the food they need in their own backyard.

Opium in America

Opium Economics.

Happy meals: A sneak peak into the meat industry

Animals: They need us more than ever

If you cannot take care of your pet, please don’t abandon it. Take it to a local shelter or rescue group who can find a new home for it.

– Mama

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