Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants

Every now and then I find blurbs about $5,000 pizzas and $1,000 sundaes, though they no longer make the news like the used to, these days its all about meals that are nutritionally rich and inexpensive to make.

I come from a tradition where nothing went to waste. Stale bread was toasted and turned into bread pudding with a handful of raisins thrown in for flavor, or it was soaked in eggs mixed with cinnamon, a tablespoon of orange juice and vanilla and served as French toast at breakfast time.

Thanks to Cookin’ with Google, I still try to not let anything go to waste, especially those items in the pantry, that seem to just float from one end of the shelf to the other. Cookin’ with Google is simple. Type in the ingredients that you have on hand and Google will return recipes with the ingredients you listed.

A challenge issued on National Public Radio asked listeners to submit recipes that could feed 4 people for under $10. The recipes range from Greek Bean Soup to Mac ‘n Cheese that came in at $9 and some change, which I think I can make for under $5. For a single mom of one that means two meals for me and Tween-let. Yes, a bargain!

The real challenge is however, is to eat simple food that’s minimally processed, author Michael Pollan (In Defense of Food) says it best, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Here are some places where I try to make that happen:

  1. Neighborhood Farmer’s Markets—fresh produce and usually within walking distance!
  2. The 99 Cents Store — (believe it or not they sometimes stock organic food products too).
  3. Growing my own food—even in an apartment you can grow your own herbs or at least a tomato bush.
  4. Use my leftovers! – as ingredients for the next meal or into the freezer, or as lunch.
  5. Check the cupboards before shopping – I have not always made this a habit, until recently I found myself with four canisters of oatmeal and three bottles of laundry detergent. Yep.

– Aunt B

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