Mama gets a little dirty planting trees

We are on a serious mission to do everything we can to give us cleaner air and protect wildlife that depends on trees for food and shelter. So far, we have planted 18,930 with our partner Trees for the Future.

Spread the word. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and we will continue to plant more trees.

– Mama

Sweat the small stuff

Do you sweat the small stuff? Maybe you should.

What will you do?

What will you do to prevent our sea life from dying? What will you do to protect sea animals so future generations can enjoy them? How will you stand up for marine life?

Mama will donate $1 to Ocean Conservancy per each person that makes a comment on how they will stand up for marine life.

Not sure how to make a difference? An easy step is to limit your plastic bag usage. Countless plastic bags end up in our ocean and cause harm to our marine wildlife. Many marine animals and birds mistakenly ingest plastic or become entangled and choke in plastic bags that is floating around. For instance, environmentalists have pointed out that turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and invariably swallow them. It is estimated 100,000 marine mammals die each year because of plastic litter in our ocean in the North Pacific.

Let’s make a difference together!

– Mama

***In this specially made film for WCPA – Marine, world-renowned cinematographer Bob Talbot shows us that we have only one ocean and it’s in trouble. Together we can make a difference. What we do today, will determine the ocean our children inherit tomorrow.

Mama plants 1365 trees today

Each month Mama plants 1 tree for each of our Facebook fans. Help Mama protect the environment and become one of our Facebook Fans.

Mother Nature will thank you.

– Mama

Mama’s Green living tip: My declaration of independence

Are you utterly disgusted by the pictures of birds, turtles, and fish covered in oil? Are you tired of watching politicians point fingers at who is responsible for the BP oil mess? I am tired of all of this nonsense and ready to do something about it.

I, Mama, formally declare to do everything in my power to help my environment. I will do both the little things and big things to ween myself from depending on foreign oil, the auto industry, and incompetent politicians (both liberals and conservatives alike). I will do all I can to lower my carbon footprint and leave the world a better place than how I found it.

This is what I pledge to do.

  1. My next car will be a hybrid
  2. I will keep my current car as long as possible
  3. I will only wash full loads of laundry and when the weather permits, let the power of the sun dry my clothes instead of using a dryer.
  4. I will always vote and hold my politician accountable
  5. I will vote with my dollar and only buy products from companies I believe in.
  6. Reuse everything possible. If that means serving my dinner guests out of old mayonnaise jars, then so be it.
  7. Donate and give away my excess (clothes, books, video games, electronics, blankets, the old dog leash, towels, furniture, and everything else that is cluttering my home).
  8. I will grow as much of my own food as possible. Currently, I have 4 orange trees, a lemon tree, a lime tree, and a pear tree. I am also growing beets, onions, peppers, garlic, and cilantro.
  9. I will share my excess food with neighbors and friends.
  10. I will freeze some of my excess food for future meals.
  11. I will carpool whenever I can. This is huge because as much as I don’t like to admit it, I hate carpooling.
  12. I will limit my showers to 4 minutes each day.
  13. I will take inventory of my home and make it as energy efficient as possible.
  14. I will recycle after I have reused, reused, and reused.
  15. I will be more persistent about adding items to the compost bin.
  16. I will plant native flowers, trees, and shrubs to improve my local habitat.
  17. I will decorate my home with flowers from my garden instead of buying them.
  18. I will give more homemade gifts despite the urge to go the easy route and buy a giftcard.
  19. I will do my best 🙂 to only buy things that I need.

This is my list for now. I will update it as I think of more things to do.

Join me, and tell me what you will do to help make heal or environment.

– Mama

California fights the Plastic Bag Monster

California is poised to be a leader on the international stage by finally ending the paper vs. plastic debate. State bill AB 1998 tackles the true root issue: Single-use, disposable bags are an unnecessary waste of natural resources and are harmful to the systems that support life on this planet. If passed, the bill would take effect on July 1, 2011.

State bill AB 1998 specifically:

  • Prohibits all supermarkets, retail pharmacies and chain convenience stores from distributing single-use plastic and paper carryout bags to their customers at point of sale.
  • Does not apply to bags that are used to carry bulk items, produce or raw meat to the checkout.
  • Requires stores to make reusable bags available for purchase instead of using single-use carryout bags.
  • Requires a report to the legislature on the effectiveness of this policy, including recommendations to further encourage the use of reusable bags by consumers and retailers, and the feasibility of expanding the policy to cover other retail establishments.

Let’s do our part to get rid of the Plastic Bag Man. Make a pledge to stop using one-use bags and Mama will send you a reusable tote bag.

Enter your email address in the comment form and we will contact you directly for your mailing address. Your email address will remain private and will not be viewable to the public.

Let’s do this together!

– Mama

Mama plants 1001 trees!

We love our Facebook Fans. At the end of March, we had 1001 Facebook Fans. Today, we sent a donation to Trees for the Future to cover the cost of planting 1001 trees.

Last month, some of the trees we planted were used to create a grove of trees in Limuru, Kenya.

mama's 3.5 trees for the future

We still need your help. Our goal is to plant 10,000 trees each month. Yep. That is a lot of trees, but imagine the impact you can have on the planet just by becoming a MamasHealth Fan.

Can’t give up your Pickup truck or SUV? Still haven’t replaced your light bulbs with eco-friendly ones? I know, change is hard. That is why I’m asking you to become a Fan. You can make a difference without making a major life changing action.

Become a fan now. It is easy, fast, and best of all FREE. As an added bonus, Mama will have special giveaways for her Facebook fans. We’ll give away gift cards, exercise equipment, and much more!

– Mama

Have you been crop mobbed?

Crop Mob. I love the concept. A Crop Mob is “a group of young, landless, and wannabe farmers who come together to build and empower communities by working side by side. A Crop Mob is also a group of experienced farmers and gardeners willing to share their knowledge with their peers and the next generation of agrarians. The membership is dynamic, changing and growing with each new mob event.

Crop Mobs are not free sources of labor. Rather, it is more like an exchange of labor for the betterment of a community. Friends are created, bonds are formed, and labor is exchanged. Crop Mobbing is about community and camaraderie.

Crop Mobs are most active in North Carolina; Washington, Atlanta, Texas, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

Crop Mob. Love the name! Start a Crop Mob today. Maybe I’ll start a Crop Mob for backyard gardeners here in Pasadena.

– Mama

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