Strong communities nourish the soul, walk away from your mobile phone

Everybody dance dance dance!
Everybody smile smile smile!
Everybody sing to the sound of one!

A strong, supportive community can work wonders for the psyche. Strong communities encourage us, enrich us, nourishes us, and soothes our soul during times of need.

In the United States, owners of smart phones like the iPhone glance at their phones about 70 times a day. Afraid to miss the latest Tweet or Facebook update, they are physically attached to their favorite mobile phone or tablet. Today’s American culture is no longer an open neighborhood where neighbors sit on their front porch and talk to each other. Everyone is addicted to mass media, taking very little time to engage with our neighbors, coworkers or passers by on the street. Take a look at the current dating scene. 10 years ago, dating hotspots like bars and coffee shops were filled with people eagerly willing to talk with one another. Today, go into a coffee shop and you’ll see tables occupied by people staring into their laptop computers or fixated on their phones.

Workspaces are not immune to this. A decade ago, mobile phones were not allowed at workstations, let alone office meetings. Now, it is difficult to walk through the office corridors without bumping into someone who was too busy and focused on their phone to notice you.

Take a break from your phone. Look up.

Reach out.
Lend a hand.
Extend an invitation.

You’ll be happy you did.

– Mama

We see this, but children see THIS

Children love to play. Their engaged, bright minds are constantly looking for new places to explore. New experiences to encounter. As adults who love and care for the children around us, we must do everything we can to protect them.

For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222
American Association of Poison Control Centers


Fix the Toaster and stop driving distracted

Our friend and producer Lindsay Kavet is very passionate about distracted driving.

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2000 beautiful calories

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Why can’t we be kind every day?

I applaud people who make resolutions to do “Random Acts of Kindness”, but doesn’t it make more sense to just be kind?

It is interesting to see and hear people proclaim that once a week, they will do a kind action for another person. How about doing something nice every day. Imagine the rush of feel good emotions associated with doing something nice every day. Are we too busy to do that? Or just not nice enough. Maybe we simply don’t care about others enough to include nice actions in our every day life.

What do you think?

– Mama

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