“If Only I Had Teeth Down There!”

“If Only I Had Teeth Down There!”

Call it provocative, call it medieval, whatever you call it aside from self-defense classes, self-imposed curfews and bodyguards it has to be one of the most progressive devices created to help prevent the rape of women. Invented by South African doctor Dr. Sonnet Ehlers after treating a rape victim who said, “If only I had teeth down there,” the female condom dubbed “Rapex” is being readied for distribution after 20 years of research.

“According to Dr. Ehlers “As soon as the man puts his penis in the woman’s vagina the condom catches it. The “teeth” of the condom then penetrates his skin and causes severe pain. The man will have to go to a hospital to have the condom removed,” she said. It will also collect the rapist’s DNA.”

30,000 of these condoms are being distributed in South African in various cities where the World Cup games are being played. South Africa has one of highest incidences of rape in the world.

While some think it increases a woman’s feeling of vulnerability, one could argue that women walk in the world and shape their lives around knowing their vulnerabilities. Others argue that the device is medieval, “Yes, my device may be a medieval,” Dr. Ehlers says, “but it’s for a medieval deed that has been around for decades,” she said. “I believe something’s got to be done … and this will make some men rethink before they assault a woman.”

While I don’t believe one thing will prevent rape, I do believe in having an arsenal from which to choose. What do you think?

Someone hand me my mace, my brass knuckles and my Rapex condom. It’s eleven at night and we need a loaf of bread!

– Aunt B

Update: Many of you have wrote comments about religion in response to this post. I pose the question, “Does religion make you happy?” Tell me your thoughts.

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452 Responses to ““If Only I Had Teeth Down There!””
  1. Jen says:

    My only question is this: If a woman is being attacked and possibly raped, HOW does one go about applying the condom? Without the rapist being alerted and stopping it?

  2. Aunt B says:

    Hi Jen,
    The condom is inserted like a tampon before a woman goes out on a date. It is in place, as a precaution.

  3. won't it make them mad? says:

    so, if you have this “in” and the man gets “bitten”, won’t he be just a bit mad? won’t he be more likely to actually KILL you? This device “catches DNA” but the man with it on who is potentially homicidally angry will then leave and take the DNA with him right? Do you want to walk around “always prepared” to be raped? Why not a “guillotine condom” that will just chop the dang thing off? The potential bleeding to death that occurs might actually make him run away to save his own life rather than taking the time to kill the woman…??? women don’t need to “be prepared” to be raped, men need to stop raping! period!

  4. A well deserved ouch! says:

    I was reading this post to my guy friend and he almost passed out imagining the pain. I think when men hurt down there it actually paralyzes them (so he says) and will give a woman the opportunity to run.

    Bring those teeth out women in the world! let’s show ’em!

  5. India says:

    Make this protective rapist condom even better by taking a chunk off the rapists penis so that he will suffer both physically and emotionally as his victim will! May he never get erect again!

  6. robert says:

    i think this condom is a great idea! as a male, i am disgusted at the thought of a man raping a woman. i think rape should be penalized by the death penalty. that should cut down on the amount of rapes world wide, atleast id hope it would

  7. Tanua says:

    IF women would dress right, rape would not be the problem it is today, but because women want to show their stuff, flaunt themselves, tempt the man, they want to blame only the man…Women Wake up! I know rape goes even back to the Bible days, and you just can’t stop some men from being so dirty minded and such, but our women today have caused alot of the heartache for them ownselves…The Bible teaches us to dress with modesty and I think if we would go back to obedience to the Bible and God this world would not be so wicked.

    I am a woman and our girls today do not know what modesty is…what is good for the goose is good for the gander as the old adage says. I am ALL for this, but then again, most of them are just asking to be raped when they dress so seductively…we have done it so long, now the new generation coming along now have absolutely no convictions about the way they dress. Freedom now means: Leave me alone…let me do my thing, but if I get raped doing it, I am suing…my right, my rights….sickening….so go ahead world….have fun, and quit complaining when you get kidnapped, go missing overseas, etc. look but don’t touch is such a STUPID statement!

  8. Aunt B says:

    I’m disgusted by rape too, by the sometimes too casual attitude we have toward the act. It’s a heinous crime that can have lasting psychological and physical effects. Thanks for chiming in!

  9. molly says:

    So Tanua,

    Because the Bible instilled rules on how a woman should act and dress..she deserves rape when she does not follow this fairy tale advice? So what? Children deserve rape because they dressed too sexy? Men can be dirty and assault based on what someone wears? Don’t bring your religion into why women are raped. What a disgusting thing to do…I think this female condom is a great idea…bravo for this article.

  10. Tony says:

    Some how you are right, but at the same time you can not say that she deserves to be rape. That is a very stupid statement. For women like you is that men believe they got the right to do such a thing.

  11. Geneve says:


    I wish people would leave religion and the bible aside. Religious and bible views should be kept away from debates and discussion it really doesn’t help and on the contrary it’s imposing. I have my opinion about religion and bible and out of respect to your beliefs i will keep it to myself.

    You are right when you say that there are women that flaunt themselves and dress too “attractive” however this is not excuse for any person to attack and violate someones body. Just because “it’s out there showing” doesn’t give a person the right to touch.

    Just because someone places a gun before you doesn’t mean you are going to pick it up and start shooting.

  12. ThirdPotato says:

    I think Tanua is a dude in disguise commenting to cover up in his defense. XDDDDDD
    All joking aside, I don’t think religion has as much to do with Tauna’s point, as does the dress code. While yes, -some- women dress skanky and get drunk with a stranger wonder why they woke up in some dude’s apartment, I don’t think that goes for everyone. Even if that statement WAS true of 100% of women in rape cases, this product is perfect for such an individual. XD

  13. Aunt B says:

    Really Tanua? She we stone adulterers too? Be gone with your antiquated ideas and idiotic pronouncements silly woman.

    * Aunt B waves her magic Internet wand *

  14. rey says:


    To put it politely, your an idiot. You obviously know very little about the psychology behind rape. Rape is a violent act that has less to do with being sexual and more so a display of power. Granted there are incidents of drunken rape that would be characterized as a sexual act, but that’s not the norm. The vast majority of rapes do not occur because a man is overcome by the passing of a scantily clad voluptuous women and must have his way with her on the side of some ally. If this was the case, you wouldn’t have infants, toddlers and elderly women raped. Congratulations on being able to read the bible, maybe try some other text next time around so you’re not so ignorant. On this topic in particular I would recommend books by an FBI profiler, I personally found it enlightening. No one ‘deserves’ to be violated. Since Christ defends prostitutes in the bible, I think even he would agree.

    I think this protective condom is awesome! I would imagine after a man gets bit by one of these he might think twice before he raped again.

  15. Derp says:

    Oh my god, I nearly shat myself when I read the comment, “but it’s for a medieval deed that has been around for decades.” WHAT THE F*&# KIND OF CONTRADICTION IS THAT? Is someone who makes such a completely stupid comment really to be trusted when it comes to a matter as serious as rape? How in the name of holy god can a ‘medieval’ deed only be around for ‘decades’? Somehow rape didn’t exist before this century? Or medieval times happened in this century? DOES THIS WOMAN EVEN KNOW WHAT A DECADE IS?

    Oh my god, I think I need to count to ten.

    Granted, I’m not entirely sure that this doctor is a woman, but she sounds like one of those uber feminists whose sole thought pattern consists of, “UGH! MAN BAD, WOMAN GOOD!” I think it’s a terrible idea, it only generates paranoia of an event that’s likely to only occur once in a person’s life, if at ALL. Should we REALLY be sticking something in our cooch every day for a random event that’s so unlikely that it’s impractical? I for one would have more psychological problems just from wearing the damned thing every day than I’d have just from getting raped once.

    Furthermore, this device is just sexist. You don’t think that men can be raped, too? Are you going to come out with Teeth for Bunghole for the men out there who are paranoid of being raped? No? Well, do you know why that is? Because no one gives a s#!& about preventing the rape of men. Those big bad meanies can take care of themselves! And it’s just SO uncommon!

    NO IT ISN’T! The only reason people don’t realize that men can be targets of rape is because most of the cases go unreported. And believe it or not, it DOES happen outside of prisons. But hey, they’re MEN, so what do WE care?! Us WOMEN have protection now, so WHO GIVES A F&%$

  16. Peaceable says:

    In regards to Tanua’s post:

    First I’d like to point out that Tanua did not specifically say that women who flaunt what they have “deserve” to be raped. I believe Tanua was speaking out frustration.

    Now while I understand that there is psychology behind rape, I also take into consideration the fact that males are attracted to females, & if they see something they want they may believe they can have it no matter the cost, thus rape occurs. Therefore, while I am not saying that dressing provocatively is “just asking to be raped,” I do believe that dressing modestly is a strong protection against getting raped. Of course, there’s the psychological aspect of it that one may be raped regardless of physical attractiveness, however, if a woman doesn’t want to constantly worry about being raped, isn’t it better to play it safe than sorry, by dressing modestly? I mean, if 2 women were walking down the sidewalk and a rapist is trying to choose one, who would he most likely choose if one is wearing skimpy clothing and the other is fully covered, not showing cleavage or wearing a mini skirt, etc? Modesty in dress is a protection, and our heavenly father knows this, which is why the guideline is in the Bible. The Bible is not archaic; it’s filled with practical advice that will do nothing but help us through life & protect us if we actually use it & put the guidelines into practice.

  17. Lizzie says:

    Rape is not about attraction or even sex, it’s usually about power and dominance, very often performed by a perpetrator who feels he has neither.
    Women do not “ask for it” and the responsibility should not be put on a woman if she is raped.
    What about the elderly woman who gets raped walking to the grocery store? Is she asking for it?
    Men and children get raped too. Very often men are too embarrassed to come forward about it.
    I think the ideology behind Tanua’s theory squarely puts the responsibility on the victim’s shoulders.
    How right is that?

  18. Amanda Jones says:


    Tanua are you for real?
    I love it that you can post something like that and not comment bk to any ones replys.

    I am a 23 year old girl who likes to go out and dress what i would call nice but what Peaceable and tanuA call Provocatively so does that mean that i deserve to be raped? just becuase i have a dress on with a bit of cleavage showing.

    So how do you explain Tanua all the rapes that have occured in the older generation unless these rapists find flanalette night dresses provocative!

    so in which case any where you go and anything you wear some men would find you dressing provocotivly.

    so therefore ladies lets not ever leave our house incase we give the opposite sex the wrong message……and get raped!!!!

    p.s Tanua i think ur a MAN !


  19. Peaches says:

    Tanua is a rapist in disguise and that is why he feels women deserve it. Seriously, you need psycological help. The bible is has incest in it. Does that make it right. No one deserves to be raped, regardless of how they dress.

  20. ashley says:

    I agree that both statements are correct. Rape is about power and sometimes it’s about just wanting some quick action..(in my opinion, women who dress more revealing appear to be easier..not saying they are, just pointing out an observation).

    I was raped by my stepfather for which the longest time I thought he was my real father. It happed from the ages of 11-16. He wouldn’t let me wear tight clothes, makeup, have bf’s, hang out with my friends at their houses..he was power tripping and acting like my boyfriend. I also had a baby sister at the time of this and my mom who lived there. People like this are mental.They know what they’re doing and the consequences but for some reason they do it anyways. I did not ask for this to happen to me. I didn’t put myself out there to be raped. There is no excuse about raping someone…like stated, you know the consequence and you know what you’re doing.

    I’m not sure about the new Condom idea.. it’s a good idea but then I have to agree with the person above stating that the rapist is going to be mad and possibly kill that person… it happens a lot.. people who have been murdered have also been raped like 70% of the time.

  21. CW says:

    I do not think that just because a woman, or a man for that matter, dresses in a provocative way does it mean that they deserve or increase their chances of rape. Rape occurs for many different reasons in many different situations. A majority of times it is a crime of opportunity and the target is in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’.

    I unfortunately have been in that situation. Thank heavens my screams were heard and the guy was scared enough to run off. This occurred on a Christian college campus to me, a daughter of a preacher, by a guy I recognize that I had taken a psychology class with previously. I was not dressed provocatively, I was merely walking back to my dorm after eating dinner, the same thing I did every day, that day I just happened to be alone instead of with my roommate who was sick. I was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time. I wish I had had Rapex at the time, but more than likely I would not have had it in because I felt SAFE.

    I think that there are things that can increase ones opportunity of being in a situation that opens up the potential for an opportunistic rape to occur. Anything that can be done to reduce these opportunities is a good thing, such as being aware of you surroundings, taking self defense classes, not going places by yourself that have higher potential of being dangerous, etc. However, there is not any one thing that can totally protect us from danger from a rapist. Unfortunately there are bad people in the world – period – all that we can do is learn the best ways to protect ourselves, speak up when something bad happens, champion for punishment and psychological help for rapist, raise our boys to be respectful of their own bodies and the bodies of others, etc.

    One thing I have learned since I have had a child of my own is that you can not -control- another person’s actions. If it were possible I would never have my 3 year old throw a tantrum in the grocery store! If I could control his actions this wouldn’t happen….however, all I can do is teach him what is and is not acceptable! I use to look at other mom’s in horror and wonder why they couldn’t or wouldn’t -control- their child….I think that is a problem we have in our society. It is common for us to believe that if we control of another person will make us powerful (some rapist’s reason to commit rape), or that controlling a person’s life will reform them (the penal corrections system). Unfortunately both approaches don’t work. I don’t know what the answers are but I do know that without a total worldwide “relearning” of how we humans view power, sex, control, and another person’s right to freedom, sexuality, and personal space, the issue of rape will not go away. It has and always be a part of life as a human being. All we can do is prepare, be aware, create deterrents, stiffer punishments, teach the next generation appropriate behavior, vote with our pocket books (what we watch, listen to, wear, read), vote for political changes that will help the situation, and pray for change.

    Even with my personal experience I don’t walk around the world afraid, nor do I ignore potential dangers that exist around me. I am more aware then most people are, and it took several years of therapy to deal with my feelings of loss of power, loss of control on the world around me, and feeling like I did something wrong that made this event happen to me. However, I do think that any new tool in the arsenal that is available to help prevent a rape from happening is a great thing. If the Rapex condom prevents one assault from happening and takes one rapist off the streets it has done the job it was designed to do.

  22. fifigirl says:

    Tauna: Rape is about power, control and anger, not sex. How a woman dresses has nothing to do with it. 80 year old ladies get raped in their own homes. Children get raped ,and women who dress modestly get raped as often as women who dress more seductively. Men are not brutes who are controlled by lust.
    Normal men do not rape women.

  23. CrackyMc says:

    Seriously…. The bible… Really??? Thats your argument? What a pile! U wanna stand on some long shot misunderstood bullshit to spout your high and mighty egocentric opinion that in your mind secretly makes u feel better about being a damn rapist then why dont you try “The Bobit” instead of the bible. Hypocrites and Cowards stand behind the bible and use it to justify their weakness so in their mind they can self soothe their own guilt with the socially acceptable way of appearing penatant.

  24. Dasota Hai says:

    I just found this page open on my GF computer and, as a man, I feel this is a fantastic device as long as it is used properly!

    also, it is quite medieval–reminds me of a chastity belt.
    in a bad area where rape is common this device should prove useful.

  25. Anonymous says:

    If we are going to bring God and the Bible into this, let’s represent Him well! As a Christian, rape isn’t a modesty issue, it’s a sin issue that has gone on since the beginning of time. I personally know someone very close to me that has been raped as a child and it had nothing to do with lack of modesty, it had to do with a crazy man who couldn’t control his hormones! If she had the teeth condom, I’m sure that would have changed the way things happened. I’m not an advocate of walking around in fear all the time by wearing this device but I do think that if a woman is by herself and is in an environment where this would be necessary, then wear the thing! That’s all I have to say.

  26. snowcrash says:

    Neil Stephenson in his book snowcrash came up with an excellent twist on this invention. Include a dose of some fast acting knockout drug in the device. Now the woman is safe from violence from the frustrated attacker and the probability of detaining the criminal is greatly increased.
    People who speak about sex and sexuality (including modesty) on the subject of rape don’t actually understand the subject matter. Rape is not sex, rape is violence. The only thing (if possible) that makes rape different from other forms of violence is the method.

  27. C.lewis says:

    Tauna!!! WHAT THE F*^$???!!!! my friend got raped when she was just getting some milk from the store two blocks down from her house. she was wearing JEANS and a T-SHIRT does that mean she “deserved” it?? NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE deserves to get raped!!! what the f%$# is wrong with you?
    yes some women dress like a slut but still does that give the man the right?? H#^^ NO!!!! a nun could get raped you never know!!! there are some sick people out there and women NEED to protect themselves!!! SO THAT MEANS WOMEN GET THE “BITING” CONDOM!!!! I say H#&* YES FOR IT!!!! they should have it world wide!!!!!

  28. Mellowmango says:

    Dont bring religion into this, rapists are dirty people who want to show there ‘power’ over others, and it does sound sort of medieval, whoever does rae has sick sick minds, especially to rape older women and children.

  29. Sarg223 says:

    Molly, you shouldn’t disrespect someone’s religion you immature brat, people like you ruin this world. Kids these days are too snobby and slutty, just look at the way they sit on sites like facebook, a website with the sole purpose of getting someone to broadcast their lives like theyre some kind of hero, can you say EGO?

  30. Commonsense says:

    Sarg 223, I don’t see Molly dispespecting someone’s religions all she says is not to bring religion into discussions and I agree. you can’t be imposing your opinions based on religions. not everyone is religious in this world.

  31. Rob says:

    I think its a GREAT IDEA….. Medieval, well yes it is but so is a rapist and they deserve that and more.! I say hand out the little snappers like candy…

  32. julie says:

    Tauna !! I am amazed that in this day and age someone has such archaic and naive views on women being raped. Your comments are offensive to women who have been through the trauma of rape, and also offensive to men, indicating that they cant help themselves once they’ve seen a bit of flesh. You obviously dont understand why some men commit rape. It is not the sex act itself, but the control over the woman that the rapist wants. Any person who has been raped deserves to be shown empathy, and given support to be able to cope with the psychological aftermath that rape leaves. To be told that it is their own fault is criminal. No woman ( or man, or child ) EVER, EVER asks for it, you ignorant bigoted woman. I think your comment is so offensive it should be removed.
    I am also asking myself how a “Christian” person could be making such disgusting statements. Surely God would not have these views. My God does not judge, does not punish and would not condone violence to others based on the clothes they wear.

    PS How spineless you are, making such offensive comments and not having the decency to reply to any follow-ups.

  33. Justin says:

    This device will be used incorrectly. There will be stories where women decide that their significant other is cheating on them and they use this to “teach them a lesson”. There will be stories of women who were raped before this existed, or men hating feminists, luring men into sex with this thing just to get back at “evil men”. It probably won’t be widespread but it will happen and it makes me sick to think about it. Just like people who get AIDS and then have sex indiscriminately trying to infect as many people as they can.

  34. Justin says:

    And my wife just brought this point up: what happens when a young woman wears this out to a club, meets a guy that she actually wants to have sex with but because of alcohol consumption, the heat of the moment, whatever forgets to take her Rapex out? Somehow a “whoops, I’m sorry.” doesn’t cover the damage done. There will be lawsuits over this thing.

  35. CrackyMc says:

    Does this just freak anyone else out or is it just me?
    Rape is not just about power, it is about a persons violent emotional and sexual need to dominate through the most private and personal way possible. Rape goes far beyond power and control. People who rape molest and even fantasize about this are monsters that need to be put down like rabid animals they are.
    They are defective mutations of humanity and need to be shot. Saying they are mentally ill is an insult to mental illness. Rapist dont need help they need to die. No woman should have to be forced to face the prospect of rape to the point that she readiea herself as a victim each time she walks out the door.

  36. Eva says:

    I think adding another safety feature to help women prevent getting raped is a brilliant idea. The controversy of who the blame falls on with regards to rape is absurd. Forced sexual intercourse is 100% male doing. I agree that men who rape kids and women should be killed. Women are the key to our civilization and taking that power, dignity, respect, and womanhood out of her is enough to give someone the death penalty. And although rape is not the victims fault we as women should take precautions in avoiding certain situations and people. Even though we can not protect ourselves 100%, women should always be cautious and conscious about the potential of this wicked act. In addition, It is crucial to educate our children about rape and about what they can do to avoid risky or dangerous situations, especially when drugs or alcohol is involved.
    P.S. Children dress the way they do today because it is a LEARNED behavior and parents eventually let them get away with it. Modesty can be taught.. it takes patients, consistent encouragement, and setting a prime example!

  37. Kayla says:

    To all the people critisizing this…how about )))))YOU(((( wake up. This happens more often than your mind can grasp and it happens around )))you((( more than you will ever know. I was raped 3 times before the age of 12 and then raped multiple occasions by my step father when i was a teen…..

    …OOOO what i would have done to get a hold of one of these when my father raped me …..f– his…i wish this device cut it off.

    …And actually if you hurt their penis while they have sex (they really do freeze)..(anytime you get is worth it)

    I did not dress slutty..I actually wore old handy downs…Who knew the baby sitters husband would be so sneaky…

    As a teenager i wasn’t in a whore outfit either…I was mainly in sweats and tee shirt around the house when my father did what he did when i was 15……….

    At 15 i was mature probably from what i had already experienced………..I bet ya a million bucks if i had this i would have worn it and anticipated my father getting his s— lacerated ….

    …….I hope this comes out …i bet you will buy one………..you know why?

    I know that i would like to have one stored in the house just in case…….and my teenage daughter would know about it…………guess what i bet my daughter will not be the one with a story like mine……will your kid?

  38. Kayla says:

    P.S. This device is specifically for people who want to go out and not worry about rape…………..

    IF you DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT THEN ))))why are you even writing on this page(((.

    WHY are people writing on this page just to say how much they disagree…

    I in specific just found the rapex interesting because it relates to me and i feel like “hey why not invent it….maybe it could help someone one day……the person who buys it…or maybe the person who finds it in someones house.”

  39. Kayla says:

    I bet after men start finding out about smart women are getting about protecting themselves from it……………they will think twice about raping and..maybe …just maybe there will be a tiny drop in rape incidents.

  40. anonymous says:


    the Bible, honestly! Bush tried to impose his 17th century Bible B.S. on us for 8yrs. look where that got us. its the 21st century and your teaching your kids how to live in the 17th, u might think that ur doing them a favor but really ur probably causing them more damage. Making a person grow up feeling guilty about their sexuality causes lots of problems throughout life. Do u tell her to wear longer skirts because she’ll get raped if she doesn’t, how horrible would it be to be raised like that. if ur children are smart they’ll rebel, but sounds like u probably have them in a private school where they teach religion, not truth. and people wonder why there are so many idiots walking around! the bible states that certain “sins” will cause u to go to “hell” but what happened to the people that committed these “sins” before the Bible was ever written?! surely Jesus wouldn’t have approached someone in heaven and told them that they belong in hell because they “committed suicide” no, that would be a “sin” wouldn’t it. I’m not trying to disrespect anyone’s religion like that, I actually admire non-hipocritic people that strongly believe and stand behind their ways! but when someone like u takes such a positive thing and uses it to excuse evil, then it’s fair game. You’re sick, get help, a life, a newspaper! try watching bbc world news instead of fox news!

  41. guest! says:

    good post CW! sorry such a horrible thing happened to you!

    on a different note, rape isn’t as common in men but it occurs quite frequently. Men usually don’t report it because it’s extremely embarrassing for them. How would Tauna excuse that since men can’t really dress “slutty”. Oh yeah, they’re going to hell anyways for being gay, right! ugh will you ever reply to defend your beliefs?! coward!

    I wonder if that device would work for the anus because if these rapist have any type of brain, they’ll probably just go for that instead. and this device might be sold illegally to people who are into s&m or that hanging by hooks crap hmm.

  42. Lonnie says:

    For one thing, this condom is a great Idea. I am male.

    Another, There was a comment about how a man trying to choose a victim might choose the sluttier dressed one. I do not believe this is a true. A man actively looking to rape a woman is going to be looking for someone he can feel in control of. He would choose the woman that is fully dressed because raping her is taking more power from her.

    I believe the Rapex is going to cause a small drop in the rape incidents in this world if it is fully released. I think men will think twice before sticking their stuff places where it doesn’t belong. But all of you people disagreeing with it need to stay out of the conversation. This is not about religion, this is not about who is at fault. This is just about preventing it from happening. Just like Birth Control is just about preventing a baby before you want one.

    It is a choice a woman can make to help protect herself. It is up to the woman to choose.

    Yes, Rape is medieval, its archaic but so is murder. Both rape and murder and most other evil deeds ever committed on earth have been around since the beginning of man. These are things we never going to be rid of until the end of man. And instead of pointing fingers and laying blame and accusations, Focus on helping to prevent it.

  43. Human Being says:

    Regardless of the reasons why people rape, whose fault it is, what they were wearing or thinking or doing; the fact is, it still happens. Until there is an effective means to stopping it, potential victims need protection. You shouldn’t stop protecting yourself just because you aren’t dressed provocatively or because you “feel safe”. You should always be aware of your surroundings, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!!! It’s just common sense. Someone mentioned that about 70% of murder victims were raped. How many of those victims do you suppose were wearing the Rapex? I’m going to guess not many. The truth is that if they kill, it’s probably because they don’t want to get caught. I don’t think this product will increase the chances of murder. If anything, it wll help reduce them. Kicking, biting, and scratching might also make them mad but does that mean you should just lie there and take it? No. FIGHT BACK WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!!! This will help do that.

    It sounds like you have never been raped and that you have never worn a Rapex. If you have than I apologize but if not, don’t presume that wearing one every day is more traumatic than being raped. How could you POSSIBLY know that?!

    I think that you have a right to your opinion and if your method works for you, that’s fine but you shouldn’t judge other people because they choose a different belief. A true Christian would accept others as they are and love them unconditionally as they would be taught growing up. You believe that a person who dresses to show themselves is a sinner. I believe that they are just confident in who they are and choose that method to show it. You shouldn’t have to hide behind a frock on the off chance that a man who sees you MIGHT get horny and not be able to control himself. If that does happen, it’s the guy who has some sort of self-control issue, not you.

    I’m not saying that it wouldn’t happen. It very well could. People always say that you should always be responsible for your own birth control. Don’t trust the other person to take care of it. The same could be said about your personal safety. If you are about to have sex with someone and you don’t know them well enough to trust that they aren’t going to “bite” you, a little foreplay will go a long way. (If you didn’t understand what I meant by that, I’m saying you should feel for one before you put your penis in potential danger). Or you could get to know someone before you have sex with them. People wih AIDS aren’t always the only one at fault when they give it to you. You should always protect yourself these days.

  44. Babyfacemagee says:

    This whole idea is just stupid…and dangerous for the woman. If a guy is deranged enough to try and rape you and he encounters one of these ‘condoms with teeth’, don’t you think this is going to throw him in a rage and the first thing he’ll do is kill you. I think it’s juts a matter of time before we hear about a girl murdered because a guy got this thing stuck on his d*ck. If it were me, and I had to make a choice between being raped…or murdered…I’d rather get raped, and be alive to have the cops find the scumbag after. This is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. The end result won’t be good…even if the intention of the inventor is.

  45. Doc says:

    1. How long before this device is being questioned for misuse? When the first guy shows up in hospital with this thing on claiming that he entered into consensual sex with a crazy woman who ‘assaulted’ him, that will be the end of this thing.

    2. Presumably a woman can take this thing back out when she gets home from buying a loaf of bread at 10pm? Does this require a password, key, multi-tasking or can any old rapist look up instructions on how to remove it before leaving to hang out by the late night bakery?

    3. For info – whilst dis-membering or castrating sex offenders may sound like the simple way to put an end to their devious pastime. The reality is that trials of this have tended to result in sex offenders substituting their own member with various implements – if you’re ‘lucky’ a cucumber, if you’re not ……………. (fill in the blank for yourself).

    Sleep well.

  46. kathy russell says:

    the women in africa are probably not going around dressing like the women here do. it is a very poor country, their more worried about survival and having enough to eat and how to keep themselves and their children alive. even the older women are being raped. it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with dressing provocatively.

  47. Yandi says:

    Some of the comments here just left me saying “WOW” and asking “are you serious?”.

    Kathy Russel there are 53 countries in Africa & in some of those countries women dress as provocative as they do in your country. I am from South Africa & I have seen many women walking around dressed like prostitutes in the daytime because its what they see on TV and therefore think its fashionable and acceptable. That said, rape has got nothing to do with how one is dressed. As a lot of people have said before, its a psychological issue for the man and its a power trip.

    Tauna oh WOW…I have no words for your idiotic statement…and I am christian.

    On the matter at hand. I believe these condoms were invented with women that are vulnerable to rape in mind. Its not to say, all women must now walk around with this device inside of them all the time. But if one is going to be in a place where she is likely to get raped, then perhaps having one on might help. I do however have issues about the man’s reaction to the pain this will cause, i.e. he might get more violent.

  48. valerie says:

    Tanua, YOUR INSANE; it has been proven time and time again that women are not more likely to be raped if they dress provocatively. In fact, in AFRICA which has the highest incidence of rape in the world, women are much more conservative then here. Women who have been covered head to toe have been raped. Rape has been around for thousands of years, and it continues. Why, i don’t know, but it has nothing to do with the way women dress. One reason rape seems to happen in much higher quantities recently is that women are reporting it. For centuries if a woman reported being raped, she was shunned, thrown out of her home, and treated like a sinner, there are still some who face this problem, THEN they have to face HYPOCRITES like you who tell them its their own fault! YOU IDIOT. If you were ever raped or nearly raped, then you might have an idea of what women face. To be told they asked for it is insane and absurd.
    Another reason rape may happen more often is because women are more independent, meaning rapists have more chances to do it.
    I’m not sure if I would wear a device like this, but for some women it may be a great idea, especially if you live in an area where rape is rampant (such as africa)
    I’m glad someone is taking an approach to try and make men think twice about doing it. Cause those men will never know what woman might be wearing it. However, finding a way to prevent it getting far enough for this to happen is better. because if it gets far enough for this to work, the woman has already been raped.
    TEACH our men, boys, and women too what rape is, and what rape does. make harsher punishment, and make it more of a priority for law enforcement. I do not know if there is a way to totally stop rape, but at least this is a start.

  49. yolanda says:

    could you rebuild this system as a female condom ?
    I would not waire the “teeths”, i can imagine someone would be VERY obset
    when he get’s bitten. Prevent to get raped is better i think…
    On the other hand, a a female condom would be of better use…

  50. Stacey says:

    Rape is a crime of power and control. It has nothing to do with men being “turned on” by clothing. Does the idiot that posted the vile comment realize this? I doubt it. Do the country a favor and go stick your head in a gas oven, we have too many idiots walking around as it is. I say let’s execute dumbasses and we can start with Tauna.

  51. meagan says:

    Someone wrote that women should dress right and then rape wouldn’t happen. This is an appalling statement. Some people are just sick, some people use it as a form of combat in war, and what about the people that rape children. Rape still happens where women wear burkas. Women are not the evil ones. I do agree that some women could dress less provacitively but what about the children whom are assaulted. I think this condom would be especially useful in places where rape is used as a weapon. In the absense of an army, rape and murder of women and children is used.

  52. HeartofShadows says:

    Why don’t women just carry Tazers and knives to protect themselves is beyond me.

    Women in this day and age seek equality and independence but they can’t teach themselves how to learn how to use a simple stun gun or even a knife.

    Heck they could get a gun(America hasn’t took that from us yet).

  53. Lexi says:

    This is a great idea. While I wish women didn’t have to ‘ be prepared ‘ for rape, it happens and we all know it. It has nothing to do with lack of modesty, it’s about anger, power and dominance, usually from someone who has been abused themselves at one point. However, this does NOT excuse rapists. These people are sick, evil and deserve all the pain that’s coming to them.

  54. HeartofShadows says:

    Thing is does anybody see this being abused?
    In Japan and America Women Blackmail guys with you raped me cases all the time in order to goad them into blackmail.

    But even so I see this as being do different than guns and I would say women should be able to wear this if they so desire(although guns and stun guns would be great alternates.

    Freedom comes with great consequence but its still freedom despite the risks.

  55. Chelsea says:

    I think Tanua is right, I don’t think that women should be raped, but, they are flaunting what they have and really in the back of their mind they really want that attention from men. But, are not willing to live with the consequences of thier actions. If women would dress modestly, it would cut down on the rapes happening but, not completely get rid of it because there are still men out there who think that if they want it they can have it. Sick and perverted men, will never go away. I like the idea of the condom because then we will be able to catch alot of the rapists that are out there. Maybe then alot of the women that get raped will come forward because there is a chance that this man will have to go to the hospital to get that removed. What I think is the worst thing is when these women that get raped and come forward and then they are basically raped again by the system because the police don’t believe them because there is no physical evidence to prove they are raped. They need to be more sympathetic towards these women, and women need to stop crying rape when they had consenual sex with a man because that is why no one believes the others that actually were. Those are my thoughts if they don’t make sense then oh well.

  56. Honeychild says:

    where can you buy a dozen?

  57. Gabby says:

    I think this device is very interesting. Like most of you, I am worried about the amount of rape crimes that happen around the world and I have my opinion on why it happens. But with that aside, when the rape does happen, that person is in shock, right? I was molested and raped when I was 5. I had no idea of what was going on… just that it hurt like hell. This device is obviously for older, cautious individuals. I’m sorry but I think its funny picturing a woman wearing it in in both holes. Because you can’t read a rapist mind. You don’t know if he will butt rape you. And plus you don’t know where it can happen, like most of the commenters have put it, often times it happens in the “safest” areas without being reported… because the individual was threatened like I was. I don’t think a woman can be too cautious. I guess everyone should have one if they’re really going to use it for the purpose it is made and no other reason. It should make the rapist think twice. In my opinion, I think all those rapist that go after kids should die. It sucks that it has come down to this. Imagine having to walk around with 2 of these condoms on? 1 in the vagina and the other in the anus? Power to you Doctor for making a difference.

  58. Rayleen says:

    Bravo! At least someone is thinking. If this device helps one male think twice then it has done it’s job. (can’t call him a man because I don’t believe rapist are men, they are cowarly little males who get pleasure from causing fear and pain) I don’t think this will make a male more likely to assault after getting “bitten” because he will be too busy trying to get the thing off to stop the pain. Hopefully he will try to remove the condom himself because then he won’t be able to use IT again because of the damage the condom will cause.

    I can’t believe there are still people who still think women “deserve” to get raped because of what they wear or don’t wear. First – rape has nothing what so ever to do with sex, it is done to have control over the person. Second – NO person has the right to put their hands on someone else – PERIOD.

  59. Gabby says:

    What can be done about women that are rapist? Remember that Rev.’s daughter that raped a girl with objects and then slaughtered her? What do you suppose can be done to them? I’ve also heard that forced sex happens in gay couples…

  60. Ktia says:

    This might seem like a stupid question but couldn’t a smart rapist just stick something else in there first to see if the victim is wearing one? And are you sure its safe for the woman? Seems to me she could get hurt if shes, say, drunk or caught in a romantic moment and wants it out quick. It sounds like a good idea and I would love to see rapists have their genitals mutilated but as someone else stated, there are other weapons that can be used and I would feel much better having one of those in my hands to take him down before he touches me rather than be beaten and stripped, perhaps even killed before he realizes I have a trap inside me. And I’m sure it won’t be long before rapists become educated on removing them.

    As for the other posts, I’m sick of women dressing like whores but I don’t believe that is the reason they are raped. Seriously though… don’t you women realize that decent men will never give a trashy looking girl a chance? I know we all want to look sexy because we are constantly reminded that a lot of men are shallow and they can’t seem to keep themselves from staring at the boobs that are all over T.V. or on the streets but that doesn’t mean they want to date a woman who lets it all hang out for everyone to see.

    If you want to attract the right kind of men dress classy not trashy. Don’t pierce and tattoo yourself to death and wear clothes that look like you might as well have gone out in your birthday suit. Guys see that and think they are going to catch something. Unless they are also covered with tattoos and piercings and are only interested in slutty women and in that case… do you really want to be with a guy like that? The guy thats supposed to father your children and love and support you all your life? From experience I can tell you, guys that like trashy looking women will not stick around.

    I know that has nothing to do with rape but it had to be said anyway.

  61. Hillary says:

    This is a stupid idea. The responsibility of preventing rape rests on the male. There is no excuse, NONE, for rape. I don’t care if she’s wearing a tent or a piece of dental floss, MEN and ONLY MEN, are responsible for conducting themselves appropriately. Women should be able to dress however they choose.

    Go look up a couple of National Geographics from the last forty years. I’m sure you’ll find quite a few native tribes from the Amazon to Africa where the women wore little more than a grass skirt. They had no problem, because they were CULTURALLY ACCEPTED. Their partial nakedness was not an issue. They were respected in their communities — because it’s NOT ABOUT HOW YOU DRESS. It never WAS. It’s about MEN using rape and attack as a form of power control. The “skimpy clothing” issue is just an excuse. Hey, men have been going around shirtless for quite a long while. Are they “loose” men? Should they worry about what kind of “message” they’re sending by dressing that way? No.

    If they don’t have to worry, why should we?

    Enough is enough. Let’s put this bull***t argument to rest once and for all.

  62. Guest2010 says:

    Tanua, you have lost your damn mind! No offense, but I understand what you mean but you are a little wrong. No, I’m not christian, catholic etc. I’m from the middle east! I wear a sheet that covers MOST of my body!!! And guess what? I STILL GOT RAPED!!! By a complete stranger!!! I did nothing wrong either, just went to get water and BAM!!! I got raped and ended up pregnant at 15… No, they never caught the a$$ in time either! I was the one getting disowned, and beaten by my father. Because it’s a disgrace that I lost my virginity and I’m no longer pure. I even had to leave my home because people would mingle some rude phrases. So here I am, with 2 kids (from being raped) in a small apartment, at 17, getting paid very little, and all by myself. No family, lover, friends… So if I were you Tauna, I’d keep the thoughts and words to yourself since you and all those other people that never been raped. You don’t know the pain raped people go through. Lives are ruined because some sicko has serious mental problems and can’t keep the snake in the cage! I think that condom is a super idea!

  63. Anna says:

    I think this is a great invention! If you don’t think it is, don’t buy it!

    If it keeps just one woman from being raped, all the research and criticism is worth it!!!

    Tauna: I see your point that our society has increased the sexualization of woman and girls through clothing. However I TOTALLY disagree that dress warrants rape. Rape is not an act of sex it is an act of violence. Rape has its highest prevalence in cultures that tolerate violence and that de-value women . . . What about all the women in Burkahs who get raped? What about children?

    If your theory that lack of clothing brings upon rape then you would assume most rapes occur at beaches or swimming pools or in the summer. The fact is that most rapes occur in people’s homes by others they trust or know. . . . Stop perpetuating the rape myth that women are responsible.

  64. sandra says:

    the violent crime of rape has NOTHING to do w/the way a woman dresses. How ignorant do you have to be to blame rape on the woman?????? Do some research before you make STUPID comments like that!!

  65. carla says:

    South Africa has one of the highest incidences of rape in the world – these condoms should be given out free IMO- maybe in all 2nd & 3rd world countries!!!!!

  66. CP says:

    I cannot even believe that so few of the women on this website have not taken Tauna’s cyberhead! You all realize that rape is not a crime of sex, but rather, of power and control, right? The act of raping a woman is not to feed intense sexual desire. It is to replace feelings of low self esteem and low self value. To debase a woman in the most vile of ways gives these men a feeling and rush of superiority that they cannot find during the act of consensual sexual intercourse. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the way a woman dresses or how attractive she is.

    If that were the case, it would beg the question as to why 80 year old grandmother types are raped and beaten every single day in countries throughout the world. I don’t recall the last time I have seen my grandmother Evelyn in a pair of daisy dukes and a halter top with a plunging neckline…yet she was brutally assaulted in an attempted rape a few years back. Thankfully, the perpetrator was caught before the heinous deed was completed….but an old woman in a housecoat with gray hair is hardly provocative, Tauna.

    What a ridiculous and trite woman you are. Go thump your bible elsewhere and leave the tough stuff to us big grown ups.

  67. dave james wilson says:

    women have been dressing in the way they wanted since the ’60’s its the men that need to realise that just because women want to show they are beautiful that men DO NOT have any right to take advantage of their strength to satisfy lust RESPECT THE LADIES i say the idea of this sort of condom should give the pain where its needed if only men would look to appreciate rather the look to lust there wouldnt be any need for condoms like this

  68. SamRae says:

    I personally wouldn’t wear one of these for several reasons. First, I choose not feel like a victim. I know that rape happens everywhere and can occur at any time. Believe me, I don’t take my safety for granted. But if before I left my home every evening I had to insert this into my vagina, I would already feel invaded. That’s just me though. It may make other women feel safer and impower them. To those women I say “go for it!” Because that’s the whole point right? We should be able to choose how best to protect ourselves. I know that I’m more physically prepared to defend myself than some other women. I also have had the luxury of growing up in a society that endorses female strength in all forms. If this makes life a little less scary for those who choose them, we should back them up. All the other arguements on here are missing the point. It shouldn’t matter how a woman is dressed, or if she has tattoos ( really, people still care about that?) We should be building each other up. Not tearing each other down. That’s true feminism. I for one look forward to a time when woman start working for each other again, instead of against.

  69. Booie says:

    I think this is a great idea. Unfortunately, it blocks out obviously the infants, and toddlers. Whom in which get molested and raped while wearing a diaper!!!!
    Rape happens so often, to so many ages, races, sizes, and genders. It doesn’t matter what you wear. An elderly woman could be wearing a moo-moo with runs up her stockings and orange lipstick on her teeth and get raped.

    I have been in the situation, and let me tell you something. I was in sweat pants, a long sleeved shirt and a jacket. HOW MODEST!!!!!!!

  70. Simply me says:

    Unfortunately, this type of device is necessary in places where men believe that having sex with a virgin will cure them from AIDS.
    Furthermore, pooey on all of you that say a woman “wants it.” Women have 0 (ZERO) blame in rape. ZERO. It is astonishing that society still doesn’t get it. There is NEVER a reason to do anything to someone else’s body when they say NO.
    I’ve heard of nuns being raped, 80 year old women being raped, baby girls, etc. It’s all about power.
    What really disgusts me is that women can’t even be united regarding rape – that’s shameful! We are our own worst enemy.
    I do agree that some may abuse it & perhaps there will be lawsuits. But in some places it’s necessary, yes, just to walk to the store to get some bread. To females that live in those areas, I say – Right On, Sister!

  71. raj says:

    as per my opinion the rapist should given the death punishment.

  72. Just passing through says:

    I strongly do believe that everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions on this issue and I have gained a great deal of insight by reading each and every individual comment. I want to say thank you to every single one of you who took the time to post a comment, especially those of you who were comfortable enough to share your own personal stories of rape, it broke my heart to read about your experiences, I commend you on your bravery and willingness to share. I am going to walk away with a great deal of knowledge on the subject of rape, religion, and the female condom Rapex itself.

  73. courtney says:

    I think this is a wonderful, and thoughtful idea. I think that not only will it help stop some rapes, but it might also help women who might have already experience this tradegy feel safer going out at night or even in the morning going to work. To be able to go out with the girls and have fun and not be scare and look behind your shoulder every 2 seconds, though i not saying dont watch your back or walk down a dark alley because your covered. Im not sexist but we woman need to show a little power and teach these b@#$$%ds no means muther freaking no!!!!!!

  74. metro card says:


    My father started raping me when I was 11 years old …are you implying that I dressed like a whore when I was that young and deserved to be raped?? Those stupid statements are a slap in the face when people say things like that. Babies and toddlers get raped, are you trying to say that they dress too revealing?? If I’m not mistaken, their parents dress them. Little kids don’t asked to get raped, they just do. People rape people because they are just plain out and simple, f**ked up in the head. Religion has nothing to do with anything in this subject. If someone has lust enough to rape, they will rape.

    Opinions are like a**holes, everyones got one, right?
    But some of your are just plain out stupid.

  75. Alan says:

    Its great to see new innovations to stop rpaists from attacking vlunerable women. But in the same time I was wondering what will happen if the rapist is smart enough to check the woman vagina and see if she already has this new condom in place, will he be able to remove it with his hand ? or it is going to be locked with a secret combination ?


  76. Jenn says:

    Belief: Women get raped because it is their fault in some way.

    Fact: Women get raped because rapist have something wrong with them.

    Fact: If this device allows a woman to be empowered-go for it!

    Archaic belief systems imposing unwanted beliefs on society have no place in an intellectually advanced, reasoning society. I was molested as a child. I did not do anything that would have caused it. I took up martial arts as an 11 year old and continue to practice today. As a fifth-degree black belt I teach children, men and women how to defend themselves. Empowerment is vital to self defense. I would recommend a woman use this if she feels the need. In my experience, a male with his genitals aching will be momentarily distracted enough for the woman to make a break for it. He won’t be chasing her down because he will be more concerned with dealing with the pain.

    Thank you!

  77. Southern Gal says:

    I’d like to know : ” HAVE ANY OF THESE OPINIONATED PEOPLE ” , that states what a woman / girl wears verses doesn’t wear or, the manner in which one acts or doesn’t act promotes RAPE, EVER SURVIVED A RAPE, ? And then had to live with the psychological and physical scars that are forever burned into the mind and Soul of the victim ???
    The rape occurs over and over in the victims mind, {even with professional help}, and spills into Every relationship she has, or has had…the anguish is ALWAYS buried in the subconscious. The FEAR is ALWAYS there, it doesn’t matter how long ago the rape took place. She has lost more than anyone can possibly understand / comprehend !
    Yes, I was a victim of a brutal rape at the age of 15. That act of violence against me changed my whole being. I was your average kid, nothing special about me, I wasn’t wearing provocative clothing, I wasn’t doing anything to entice such horrific terror ….. I was sitting in a car with girlfriends, like we did every weekend in the summer because that’s all there was to do in our rural little town, watching everyone go up and down ” main street “. I was literally pulled out of the car and dragged away. That ” evil creature ” showed NO MERCY, he didn’t care about me, he didn’t even know me ! I was raped and beaten, not to forget being drug form the car to behind a building, before my friends could get anyone to stop and help. Finally after what seem an eternity in hell, help came, but it was too late. Damage done, rapist gone …. I COULDN’T TELL anyone anything that would be helpful to find this evil man, it happened so quickly.. I didn’t see a face, I didn’t recognize the voice, nothing about him was familiar ….I was paralyzed with fear.. I couldn’t eat, sleep, go out of the house, I WAS DEAD INSIDE…. In 1974 rape wasn’t a casual subject to be discussed. The only people that knew what had happened, were the friends I was with, my big Brother and two of his friends. I had never seen such anger and frustration in my big brother EVER. ! He and his friends cleaned me up { I was bloody, my clothes were torn, I was a real mess…} and took me to our Grandmother’s. No one ever told my parents, my brother never spoke of the incident, nor did anyone else that had witnessed the after math …. I can remember it as if it had happened only yesterday….
    I went through ALL the emotions, guilt, shame, you name it, I experienced it. I did not date in High School, If I went anywhere at all, I insisted someone { usually family } BE WITH ME…. I LOST TRUST IN EVERYONE BUT FAMILY……I lost my dignity, my self worth, any sense of self confidence, I WAS FOREVER CHANGED. At 16 my Dad took me to the sheriff’s department, got a pistol permit for me, and taught me to shoot. His reasoning was ” you need to know how to use a gun”…somehow I had a feeling he knew………
    I’ve been married four times, all four ended in divorce …. #1 husband called me the “Ice Queen” , I was a cold hearted B****, I hated sex…..#2 husband said that I was too independent, and I must be having affairs, because there was no sex in that marriage…# 3 husband was a drunk….still no sex, and now #4 husband, the one I finally told about the rape, the one I mistakenly thought I truly loved. The one man I trusted, betrayed Me and My Trust, decided he get all the sex he wanted from a real woman……come to find out he’d been doing that anyway…..MY POINT BEING, THE RAPE AFFECTED ME IN WAYS I NEVER REALIZED…..Believe me, I had been through marriage counseling, personal counseling, and many, many visits with my pastor….not once did I face the root of my problem…..I was still in denial some thirty years later…
    I am a nurse, {for over 25 years} it wasn’t until I attended a seminar, ” Collecting Evidence and Treating the Rape Victim “, that I profoundly realized what my mind had done to protect me, had all but destroyed me…… What I learned that day has set me free ! { I still carry a gun and mace }
    Rape is not a crime of sex, but rather, of power and control…….it’s about anger, power and dominance, usually from someone who has been abused themselves. Someone who has no respect for themselves, or anyone………If this condom will ” take a BITE out of the rapist ” then it should be used by those who want to use it…….Go for what you feel will help protect You !!!

  78. Edith says:

    I am only sorry I was not aware of this device 5 or 6 years ago. I would most certainly have purchased it, when I found myself in a terrifying year long stalking situation while living in Sligo, Southern Ireland. It only ended because I fled the country, after a very serious arson attack which was nothing short of attempted murder.

    I might add, I did not ask to be threatened with rape, by the way I dressed or acted. I never had a romantic relationship with the deluded mentally deranged fool who stalked me, and committed many crimes against me, all of which he got away with, despite their being ample evidence to prosecute.

    I did not have the physical strength to fight this person off when he physically attacked me, nor was I protected by the legal or judical system. Therefore, I know I would not have had the stength to fight him off, if he had carried out his threat to rape me.

    As for the many comments on your site by others suggesting its a womans fault if they get raped, or making biblical quotes !!!!!! Have they ever been raped or lived under the threat of being raped. I doubt it very much.


  79. In SA says:

    I am a victim of rape myself… All I can say is that this product is great…the public with education, marketing and time will hope that rape crime stats drop because of this product as they are hoping rapists out there will not want to take the chance as they will never know which woman is or is not wearing one. Hopefully this product can be marketed on Radio, TV, Magazines wherever it can be and the funding available to do so…There is a serious concern and that is it may make children easy prey for rapists – children are now more likely to be raped (sure it is not good for any woman to be raped) but children will become easier, softer targets as they are less likely to wear one. This is a serious concern and needs to be looked at. Only time will tell

  80. Inquisitive says:

    I’m just wondering, how will there be any proof that the woman was ever raped if the man takes the condom with him? I think this is a wonderful idea, but I also believe it will be used inapropriately. Also, in the country where this condom was invented, there is a ridiculously high amount of ELDERLY women being raped because some men are under the impression that sex with an old lady will take some bad juju off of them. It is a superstitious belief not even a psychological yearning for power/dominance.
    I have to say, some of the comments that have been made here, are utterly appalling. When I was 14, I was raped. I was wearing sneakers, jeans, and a tshirt. My jeans weren’t even tight. What does your religion say about that? Speaking of religion, maybe you should start believing in God and stop believing in a book, a man-written book…not even dictated by the Most High. SMDH @ u and u know who u are.
    Sidenote: even if I had known that man was going to rape me that day, I would NOT have worn that condom. Me, personally, if I were hateful enough to rape somebody, then you best believe I would kill them if they damage my weapon. I could very well see that horrible man jabbing his knife straight into my neck with that initial sting of pain surging through his penis.

  81. darc says:

    i say if a woman wants it , it should be available just like defense classes or mace…I always try to remember the most vulnerable points on a body–eyes, throat and genitals!!!..unless they have no pain receptors a poke in the eyes, punch in the throat and a knee in the groin all in one quick motion will likely put him/her down for a minutes or two as u run for safety. as with any advice this is one tool that could save someone but as a society we all should work together on this worldwide problem…(men and woman)

  82. Yusuf S says:

    Im a South African male. Rape occurs here frequently. The condom is a great idea but Im afraid of the consequences. For a while these rapist would be caught by this invention but it wont be long before rapist first check for it before they rape. Im afraid that the woman using this would suffer a worse fate and rape would not only be more violent but deadly. I live in fear for my wife and 13 month old daughter. Yes, the condom is a great idea for now. What about long term? Are these condoms gonna be distributed free into rape hotspots? Research needs to be done on how to prevent the psycological reasons for rape. Known rapist should be pharmaceutically castrated. Men rape but there are women who rape to. Its a mental disease thats turned into a pandemic and we are to blind to see its effects. We need a long term plan. The condom is great but its only a short term idea

  83. BARBARA says:


  84. Marie says:

    Obviously information about this device is available to women and men alike …

    Most women who have been raped can tell you that the man did not just immediately shove his d*** in her, but first shoved a finger or two up there. He’s going to feel this device and be extremely angry.
    I worked at a rape crisis center for a few years, and the story that I just relayed was repeated 9 times out of 10. I am also a victim of multiple rape attacks between 16 and 20.

    Even in third world countries men will be made aware of this product.

    I see no advantage to this product what-so-ever.

    It also is not geared toward young girls & boys … the one’s that I feel need the most protection.

  85. Justin says:

    I’m all for preventing rape, but this is not the way to do it. As others have said, the device is likely to enrage rapists when detected by fingers which usually happens before penile penetration. If you’re going to invest in a personal protection device, invest in one that will provide protection before the very last: a handgun or Taser. A handgun/Taser will protect you against not only rape, but mugging, etc. also. Perhaps Taser should come out with one of these that would fry the rapist’s bacon.

  86. cc says:

    OMG! This is truley a great idea. It needs work though. First off I think these condoms should only be given out by doctors and they should have serial numbers. If ur so called rapist did run an get away to an emergency room they would b able to track him to his victim. Secondly these rapist are not super human androids. I strongly believe of somthing bit or embedded itself 2 ur most sensitive parts u would probably pass out from the pain. I mean lets be serious now, if claws dug into my vagina I would faint an b immobilized indefinately. This would serve as an awesome deterrant. Lastly if u dumbasses are worried abt the rapist checking first then hay dont support rapex. I feel if a rapest has time to b that thorough an u just lay there n take it then u really have no value 4 ur life. If i am being raped an the guy is inspecting my vagina im gouging his eyes out. There is no fucking 4 play in rape. Fight 4 ur life. Assume he is tryimg to kill u. I highly doubt a rappist would visually inspect his victim 4 this device. I mean come on ppl. Bottom line is this rape is wrong. I see the potential 5 misues here an i sure they will b addressed. I am also sure tht the creators of rapex will also address the rapist who will be so called clever enough 2 stick his grimey fingers up thier victims vagina or anus. Thank god for QA and PM.

  87. Anon says:

    I think Rapex condom is a great idea!

    Anything that helps to defend a person against such a horrific ordeal and give them some real power against their attacker!

    Rape is a disgusting and horrific way of someone trying to take control and pleasure by means of force, if the victim can inflict pain to this awful and horrific person and put a stop to any unwanted pregnancies or sexual infections then what is the problem with wearing it each day as a precaution?! I’d sooner that than live with the alternative.

    I too believe that even the threat that a person may be wearing one of these condoms is enough to deter most attackers.

    And i’d like to add that even if young girls are flaunting pictures or themselves on facebook or walking down the street wearing nothing but nipple tassels and crotchless knickers, that does not give anyone the right to rape them!!!

    And i am a Christian!

  88. OldMaid says:

    Quick question: Does anyone know if a virgin can wear one of these? Not only am I an old maid — o.k., extremely old for being a virgin in the US — but I’m ….er, small but long/deep, so I need to know if they come in different sizes. Granted, I’d rather die trying to fight him off vs. ever having him get close enough to rape me, but having this as a last resort would give me peace of mind when dating.

    Finally, as a devoute Christian, thanks to all of those who told Tanua off while my blood boiled. Obviously, she’s clueless as to all of the muslim women wearing hijab (only face and hands showing) who are routinely groped and molested in public (Middle East) and sometimes raped.

  89. Faye says:

    Tauna and Chelsea, I’m appalled to know that people still hold these antiquated, sexist views. To imply that a woman’s attire somehow plays a part in her rape is absolutely ridiculous.

    As many others here have said, rape is an act of violence…a brutal act where someone takes pleasure in the subordination and degradation of another.

    Seems to me that by judging women in an attempt to control their personal choice in clothing and style, we’re merely adding to their burden.

    Rape is a crime enacted out of a need for control….a desire for power……judging women based on their clothing choices and then placing blame upon them when raped is also a form of abuse towards women.

    In areas where rape is a very real threat, anything that provides a woman with the smallest sense of personal choice and empowerment is a good thing.

    I imagine that many women who have been living in dire fear now have a small reason to feel empowered.

  90. Kwazy Wabbit says:

    This condom is a bad idea, although well-intentioned. Yeah, the pain will make the rapist stop sexually assaulting someone, but will it stop him from killing her then and there? He’s going to be suffering and the person he thinks caused his suffering is right in front of him. Or say she does manage to get away. Now he’s going to be in the hospital, maybe in prison, and all the while thinking about you and what he’s going to do to you once he finds you again. I got no problem with giving rapists what they deserve, but this is just putting gasoline on the fire. Stick with pepper sprays, kicks to the groin, or a good solid bite on whatever–and I mean “whatever!”–gets close to your mouth.

  91. M i a says:


  92. Jen says:

    To Faye:

    “Tauna and Chelsea, I’m appalled to know that people still hold these antiquated, sexist views. To imply that a woman’s attire somehow plays a part in her rape is absolutely ridiculous.”

    Actually honey, its not that far off the mark.

    No, a woman does not deserve rape. Is she a victim? Yes. Should rapists be held accountable? Yes, of course.

    Are people who get attacked by sharks victims? Yes. But they also should have known the risks involved when they got in the water. You are not going to read about some idiot getting eaten while in the water holding a bleeding fish and go” poor guy, man what an asshole shark!” Compare this to a situation in which a lady goes into a seedy bar with less than stellar individuals, wearing a bikini top and hot pants. Is it her right to wear that outfit? Yes.

    But to expect the beast to cast aside his nature out of respect for you is not realistic or very bright, is it? NO, RAPE IS NOT JUST ABOUT SEX. I get that, really. Its about power. He would be pissed off enough to take you down, right after you refuse him when, in his sick little mind, you teased him with your wardrobe selection in the first place. See what I’m getting at?

    Kids, we have to be smarter than this. Sharks will never change their stripes and neither will certain elements of men. Don’t do anything stupid to put yourself into these situations in the first place.

    Smart, Strong Capable and Responsible Feminist, or foolish, whiney little poser. Pick one, you can’t have it both ways.

    And to get back on topic, I have no problem with these condoms. They serve their purpose, and its good to have options. And I think its a good option to have if you live in a hostile environment such as places in S. Africa, where it sounds like you could get attacked just being in a supermarket. While it may anger a rapist and not deterr him completely, one can say the same about mace. But it doesnt mean a woman shouldnt carry mace because it might not work. Hell, could even say the same about birth control. And I seriously doubt a man could just ignore that kind of agony.

  93. Emma says:

    Aunt B, I am a man and I like this invention. I don’t have time for irrelivant comments about whether Tauna is right or not. People making comments should focus on the points that will move everyone forward instead of engaging in back and forths on who said what right or wrong.
    Pls take special note of what the 2nd comment says: That it may make the rapist homicidal, to see that his penis has been damaged by his victim’s condom. This is very likely. My suggestion is that the inventors go one step further to find a way to inplant in the condom (maybe in the teeth), a substance that once it mixes with the rapist’s blood, makes him unconscious in a matter of moments. That way, the woman would have defeated him and can then either run away, or have him arrested. Of course, if more than one rapist is involved, the rest may still kill her, but in many cases, only one rapist is involved. Pls pass this on to the inventors for consideration. Thank you.

  94. shug says:

    Hi everyone I’m a male and I think this lil dew hickey is a bit strange and large. If the rapist just looks down he could see the darn thing stuck in the vagina. Not a good idea…….

  95. shug says:

    I think women should practice more self defense. And also just keep a nice lil pistol with some mace thats all u need.. This is from a males point of view…… that lil dew hickey looks like it hurts the women just walking around with it on. 🙂

  96. Ryan says:

    I believe its a very good Idea but I’d be scared of some of the crazy women out there using this in the wrong way like lying about a rape and causing the dude pain and torment along with his DNA and along with the DNA thing many false rapes will be reported and men getting sued for cash so…. yeah what shug says practice more self-defense mace and a conceal and carry permit

  97. euliet says:

    To Tanua,

    Happy other posts have brought you up to speed with rape… didn’t know that there were people who still think the way you do. Rape is not sex, rape is about power, domination, control and violence. It is the rapist who has the problem not the person he is raping. That is why old women covered up, babies and even women who live in countries with modest dress code get raped.

    You yourself said that rape was in the bible and I dont think those women were walking half naked so how could you now argue that it is women’s fault why they are raped. Religion really hinder critical thinking… take your head out of the bible sometimes and read other things… read the research on rape and direct your disgust in the right place …at the rapist.

    I think this device is a good invention, it gives women some about of empowerment over their own bodies.

  98. Izzy says:

    I think this is a great idea. I was raped at the young age of 14, and once again when I was 16. And the experiences have scarred me beyond anything else I have experienced. I understand that the rapex would not work for everyone or in all situations which I think some commenters do need to understand. For instance, in regards to the B*****d who took my virginity away from me at 14 (while I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt mind you), was after power. And as I had never had a sexual experience before, and was in a public place, I never would have even imagined the need to wear one.
    When I was 16 however, I seriously wish that I had one of these things on hand. I would have worn one as a precaution when going into the particular situation (being a friends house whom I didn’t trust her brother who had come home from the holidays at all). My friends brother cornered me and gagged me. The rapex would have given me the chance to escape and seek help.

    For those who are claiming that this is a medieval device and that women should carry guns or tazers instead; listen up.
    In Australia, tazers are illegal amongst the general public. Guns are only able to be obtained with a license and are restricted in almost all venues. Knives can be concealed, but if you are caught by police as having a concealed weapon you can be charged. About the only thing that a woman can do is carry pepper spray, and even that is very hard to get hold of.
    The rapex is not a medieval device, no more than rape is a medieval act. Rape has been around since mans evolution, and can even be observed within the animal kingdom. The main defference however, is the fact that most rape these days is accompanied by some form of STI, including in a small percentage HIV. I believe that when entering a high risk situation, if wearing a rapex could prevent the rape from occuring or giving the victim a chance to escape it is well worth it. The prospect of getting HIV from being raped is a real possibility, and if you did get HIV, a large portion of your life is over. You can’t have kids, you can never have unprotected sex (a shame if you are in a marriage), your life is shortened, organ transplants (if needed) generally don’t occur as they place people who dont have HIV ahead of you, you cant donate blood or your organs if you die, and the list goes on…

    Rapex is a wonderful idea, and if used properly within the right situations, it could save alot of trauma that has had to be endured

  99. Rachel says:

    You are disgustingly ignorant.
    For a start, they are talking about a country and an area where rape is used as a military tactic, to demoralize the husbands of these women, and to stop the women from reproducing. (They mutilate them afterwards.) These women most certainly do not dress provocatively, and the men committing these acts will take anyone with a vagina, often entire villages left defenseless while the men are at war, or even just out farming for the day.
    For seconds, no woman, man or child ever DESERVES to be raped. While dressing less like a prostitute is a very good idea, it does not condone unwanted sexual advances. Also, not everyone has the same standard of dress, for example most christian women are not dressing modestly in the eyes of a muslim because we do not cover our hair.
    Try to actually live like Jesus for a change; compassionate, loving, kind, and HUNG OUT WITH PROSTITUTES AS SOME OF HIS BEST FRIENDS.

    The Rapex is a wonderful idea for when a woman knows she is going into a dangerous situation. It would be silly to wear it all the time, but Izzy is a good example of why it has been invented.

  100. my two cents says:

    I think this thing is sweet. M disappointed that, once again, religion is being brought up. Sorry but religion has nothing to do with sick people and a womans right to protect herself. Its that simple. A piece of mind can be a powerful thing.

  101. Haven't we strayed off the topic a little? says:

    Has this forum become about beating a seriously uninformed and closed-minded individual (or 2) up?
    Leave them be – for goodness sake. Let them stew in their own little world – so far removed from reality.

    I love this concept – where can i buy one!?? Or 3, considering i have 2 daughters.

  102. anu says:

    To tanua

    It is nothing to do with dressing up. U say that rape occurs coz women dress themselves scantily. what about the poor women of India. They wear salwar kurta and sarees. Then why rape occurs? can u explain this? why small children( below 10 years) are being raped. you dont know anything about this whole world and u r here to post ur comment. an honest suggestion : think before u post. may be u r an old lady who’s words are not taken by ur children seriously.poor lady n frustrated too!

  103. anu says:

    i would like to say that this condom is a great thing to teach bad men a lesson.

  104. CHRIS says:


  105. E says:

    Tanua though I agree women should not dress like whores and try in the very least to cover themselves up i don’t believe that it is the sole cause of rape. I just finished reading a story about a man who raped girls from a private christian academy in Pennsylvania. His last attempt got him jailed but he didn’t actually penetrate her, he tortured her for hours on end until she succame to the effects of the cold and the trauma. Obviously power has something to do with it. I am also a Christian and contrary to what some ignorant people on here are saying WE ARE NOT IDIOTS WHO HIDE BEHIND THE BIBLE TO PLAY OFF OUR WEAKNESSES. that is probably the most ignorant comment on here.. but back to the point – this idea might work and it might not. Let’s not forget that there are sick minded females out there who might use this device on a cheating husband or because they’re mad at the world and james just happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. If there were harsher punishments for rape, if we raised our sons in a better light, if women dressed more modest, if people traveled in pairs rather than alone, if we raised our daughters to be alert and aware are all options we could take along with many others. I don’t think we should resort to such a device to protect ourselves. My 2 cents anyway…

  106. Whatever says:

    This thing looks like it would be really visible. Couldn’t someone just check with their finger to feel it before sticking male parts inside? It seems this would only work initially when people aren’t to familiar with it’s existence.

  107. kshizzle says:

    So what u are saying tauna is that if your daughter was raped for some un-godly reason, she asked for it byt what she was wearing or how she acted? Get a life and have some respect. You are probably a “holy bible thumpin” chester!–I say this because seriously look at all the religious people who are really nothing but child molesters and rapists. The God i know and love would never support your opinion in thsi matter.

  108. Erin says:

    I don’t know if this condom is such a good idea. If it helps a woman, great, but I feel that for too long women have had to be responsible for protecting themselves when we need to make men responsible for their actions. There are a lot of men who don’t rape, but there are a lot who cat call or grab women at bars, on the street, etc. This, to me, shows the kind of culture we live in – a culture where women are not seen as the possessors of their own body. Also, for this condom to work, the man would still have to penetrate the woman, which is still rape. This condom effectively stops a rape in progress but it does not stop it from happening. So, I don’t know.

  109. Lisa says:

    This devise was invented in Africa. A place with mostly third world countries vying for survival with other countries that border them. Political and civil war have been ramped between these countries for years. Part of the guerrilla warfare tactics is rape for power. Many of the cultures are deeply religious and raping a woman ‘dirties’ her for life. Other cultural practices that are controversial in their own arena make rape particularly revolting because if a woman is raped, she is no long of value to her husband and family. Its a very different culture than most people of the world can understand. These women really have no where to turn. Rapes are not prosecuted. Political or war rapes will happen in mass. Soldiers will move in groups and assault groups of women, young and old. The victims are often marked or scarred so that just by looking at her, everyone in her village will know she has been assaulted. Often they are cast out, shunned by their society. This is meant to destroy the morale of the village thereby making the village easy to defeat. Racial and tribal discrimination happens all over the place. That is an entirely different category of rapes.

    These devices are probably not the last defense, or the defining chapter of our societies. But in those countries in those conditions, I tell you what, If I were a girl living in Congo, or a Tutsi female with a fear of being slashed; I can see and understand how this device would be appealing. I would still be raped, and I would probably still wear the scars but hopefully I would have bought enough time to get away and run, that my scars would remain on the inside and unseen by other villagers. I would be permitted to keep my children and my husband because without them, my life would have little value.

  110. Catalina says:

    When word gets out that women are using this thing, there will be increased incidents of ANAL RAPE. :-/

  111. catherine says:

    great i dea if it works, but what’s to stop the rapist checking for it before he rapes?

  112. Anonymous says:


    I’m a strict Catholic and I dress very modestly… and I’ve been raped. How dare you blame the women for such a horrible crime. Read about what’s going on in The Congo before you spout your opinions on rape. Just because you are lucky enough to have been sheltered from something so horrible does not mean it’s because of the way you dress.

    My mother was raped as a child… by her father. Do you think she provoked him by dressing immodestly at the age of 4?! Another friend of mine was raped by her uncle, father, and almost every male relative she had. She was as young as 3 when the sexual abuse started. Very often the woman is not guilty of any temptation or immodesty, and even if she is… no one deserves to be raped.

  113. pixee says:

    This is a ridiculously stupid invention (for all the reasons previously stated), it isn’t going to prevent anything, and I agree with all the people who say self defense is the best way to prevent rape. I was sexually abused by a relative when I was a teenager and I don’t believe this device would ever have prevented that. If I had known martial arts or carried a knife,maybe I could have stopped such a thing from happening. Parents, you need to teach your children (male and female) not to let themselves be victims.I’ve grown up (I’m now 26), and I haven’t let what happened when I was younger ruin my life. I have a great marriage and a great sexual relationship with my husband. Teach your kids to stand up for themselves, and, more importantly, respect themselves. And some mace and kick boxing lessons are a good call, too. There are some sick individuals out there (and not all of them are pierced and tattooed, Dahmer looked like your average Joe). But the paranoia and fear mongering have gone on long enough. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim, even if something terrible does happen to you, it only helps to empower the person who wants to victimize you.
    P.S. I really have a problem with message boards like this, because people these days have terrible spelling and grammar (off the subject, I know, but its a weird thing that bugs me). Are people really so lazy that they can’t be bothered to check their spelling before sending something out to be potentially read by millions of others?

  114. Abby says:

    I think its an amazing idea, so what if a few lawsuits come up, how many hundreds of emotional an physical life will be saved, forget the trauma what about aids, and other detrimental disease?

  115. nesbitt says:

    Even as a guy, I think this is a good idea. If anyone ever tried to rape my girl I would be tempted to take justice into my own hands. Rape is one of the worst followed-up and most under-punished crimes, even in 1st world/westernised countries. It takes a much more warped mind than even murder. I think doing permanent damage to the rapist’s c*ck is a minor justice for committing such a despicable act. It is also a good way to capture DNA and increase the chances of the rapist being caught.

    I think its stupid to defend rapists….honestly, these aren’t your mates were talking about, but sick and twisted individuals.

    As for accidental injuries, honestly most guys dont just ram it straight in there without a warning, so the whole ‘revenge on the cheating husband’ argument is irrelevant.

    Also, being a guy, I know if my c*ck was suddenly trapped inside a multi bladed cheese grater attached to a thrashing woman, I wouldnt exactly have the composure to do anything, never mind killing her.

  116. Harriett says:

    Oh..and also…this is unusable …I would think…by 4 year olds…and could virgins use this without damaging their hymens?

  117. Jenna says:

    If u think about it this device would most likely b used by women who are adults seeing as how most children wouldnt (i hope) b walking around with them on….wouldnt that mean that children ages 7 or watever still b in danger of rape. Idk but it sounds like to me that only adult women would benefit from this……?

  118. Ali-chan says:

    I think think that this is a great idea for women. I also agaree with Lonnie in the beginning of these comments. Rape has nothing to do with modesty. Men who rape look for control and in so doin g look for certain types of women. when you look at a peron you can get a sense about them. certian women give off that shy timidness, so along with that rapists can see that and know who to target. so dress has nothing to do with what a rapists sees as someone they can take control of. If so then children wouldn’t get raped. Also another thing don’t say children dress slutty-like and provocatively. Maybe some girls do but what about the boys are you sayig the boys dress slutty? Didn’t think so. Besides children wouldn’t be that way if their parents actually chose their clothing and learned what the word ‘No’ means. Also the whole comment I read about ‘what if a women who wants to have sex is wearing on and forgets’ that’s stupid. If she wants to have sex she wouldn’t be wearing one in the first place. duh. and if she is then she’s a moron for going out and planning to have sex while wearing one. As for females who think the are so high and mighty and want to get back at the so called ‘evil male’ there are better ways to do it then have his penis ‘bitten’ any one with commen sense would know that.

    Anyways this is just my opinion. it truely is a great idea. It’s a great way to protect those who don’t want to get raped. especially those prone to it like in South Africa. I say congrats and well doen to the doctor who made this. women will thank you and remember you always for this protection.


  119. Wolfeh says:

    I love how religion gets drug into this… *sigh*
    No one EVER divers to get raped, I actually smiled at the idea, I was molested at 12, and I’m 16….
    Anyone that rapes, let along molests, anyone… should be send to death pinilty, underage or not!

    Some rapists are Christian too… the guy that molested me went to Church every Sunday and Wednesday, and wore a cross neckless that he never took off.

  120. TEE EEFIZZI says:

    i like to say that this condom thing is good but dont you think that rapist can insert something else into the woman virginal before insertind its penis something like finger, candle, corn or joy stick to bring out the rapex condom out and then rape the woman then kill the woman. what i know is that it will be better to have a well secured equipment around the area to see the after events , so that the rapist can be caught and send to prison. cause if rapist come back again the rapist will take another method to rape their victim and the woman will suffer more or been kill.

  121. Dibe says:

    This device is a great. It is not the perfect solution against rape, but it is one more thing that potencially can give better chances to the woman in the case she is attacked. In addition, this it open the doors to the development of new devices in the future, maybe more easy to use, more efficient and so on.

    I can’t understand how some people see this idea as negative. Rape is a reality all over the world, it is a crime, it is extremely abusive, not humane, but it happens. It would be very naive to think that we can solve this problem only with male education or law enforcement.

    Everything that is done that can enpower women against rape should be viewed as a progress.

  122. La Moi says:

    I haven`t read all of the comments, but I had to comment after reading about 20 of the comments after Tanua`s post with my opinion.

    I agree that rape tends to be about power, control, domination, and the like. I think that when a woman dresses promiscuously, she is trying to make herself attractive. I think that if a woman needs to flaunt her body in order to feel confident, then I think that she underestimates the beauty and strength of her soul since she feels that to be something she can appreciate she has to dress in that way. When your consciousness revolves in that way, that woman is not truly happy and lacks confidence. If you have all the happiness and peace in the world, your aim does not become to decorate the body unnecessarily.

    Therefore, I think that when a woman dresses promiscuously, she makes herself vulnerable because she shows that she is not confident inwardly and will be easy to dominate. I think that men with their mind deranged enough to decide to commit rape so that they can feel powerful will chose someone who they can more easily overpower. It is the same case as when the bully does not `pick on someone his own size“ — they choose the young child who they can easily dominate.

    …on the condom.
    I think it is a good idea if a woman is scared and if it will give her peace to wear it, then that is important. As someone had stated though, if it creates restlessness in that person to always wear it, then it is not a good idea if their mind revolves around fear. This is your life, whatever happens, you should have peace. Life will happen as it does, at least have peace. Peace is internal.

    I am not sure how many women get raped of those who would wear it, so, it`s important that their decision of whether to wear it or not be based on what gives them a peaceful state of mind. Then, if it so happens that they are raped, then I think it is difficult to say what will happen next — if they get killed or not from rage of the rapist. At least maybe if a man encountered this, it would be in the news and it would generate fear in those who commit rape so that they could possibly stop.

  123. Shane says:

    I have always felt that the only punishment for a man who rapes a woman should be castration. Now with this new device being able to capture the rapists’ sperm, this would be the perfect combination plan. However, if this device gets too highly publicized it might be counterproductive. So I would not go advertising to anyone about this device and if you feel at all vulnerable because you need to go into not such great neighborhoods, walk around at night, or even go out unescorted at night, even exiting your car at night to go to a store, then I think you would want to be preventative. No one likes to think this measure would be necessary, but an ounce of prevention will give you more courage and strength should anything untoward happen to you. Wearing this gives you leverage and the time to escape because a mans first instinct will have to be to divert his hands, scream, and be completely distracted, and the women’s job then becomes easier as she uses this time to instantly escape.
    I am a female, by the way, and any man who dares to rape a woman should be prepared for the consequence of castration. I cannot understand why these measures have not been put into effect long before now, but I am sure a surgical procedure could be performed to keep the rapist alive, but also make him suffer his consequence for the rest of his life. Don’t worry, after the first few 100 or so castrations, you can be sure there will be very few rapes. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. Imagine the aftermath as a woman if you have been victimized by a rape. Imagine the terror that a woman has to live with and try to recover from and these rapists get out of jail. OK if you don’t agree then the ONLY alternative should be a life sentence with no chance of parole. Then these rapists can experience what is like to be raped. Who could let a rapist go except some bleeding heart male society? If I seem adamant about this, it is long overdue. We should not tolerate this is any fashion and should advocate for much more severe punishment. As one boyfriend stated, he might take measure into his own hands if such a thing happened to his girlfriend. While admirable on one hand, it is against the “law” on another hand, and if we all do what we can to advocate for harsher punishment for this horrific crime, then no one will have to take measures into his/her own hands because the law should be just. If men were consistently raped, for sure this law would change. Well, what are we going to do?

  124. Carley-Jayne says:

    Some of these comments are quiet disturbing. Women are to blame for rape because of how they dress? What about kids? Do THEY dress to seductively? And what is the comment about angering the rapist, a condom is there to PROTECT you, yeah he probably would turn round & kill you, better then suffering every day for the next couple of years until you eventually die of AIDS or HIV. Not to mention your family back at home living with the illness you have caught too. Your husband who has to hold your hand through every day of your life left knowing your going to die. I would rather die by protecting myself then by letting a disgusting man take away my confidence and respect. What about your human rights? You think it’s okay for a man to rape you then? Just because your afraid of protecting yourselves? Pathetic. Some women really need to rethink these situations! It’s not exactly FUN getting raped you know…It’s not okay! Oh AND yes it’s designed for adult women, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOUNG KIDS DOING OUT BY THEMSELVES ANYWAY!!?? look after your kids properly like a parent should, and rape wouldn’t be a problem!

  125. v says:

    Can anyone tell me what is the dr. referring to when he says, “medieval deed”. Seems kind of contradictory.

  126. Harold says:

    im not one to normally post a comment to something i read but this caught my attention. i think this is a great idea, im a guy and think rape is horrible and not everyone woman knows how to defend themselfs. some are even to embarrassed to go learn how so like stated, they should “have a arsenal to defend themselves.” i completely disagree with needing to go all biblical to stop anything, mankind is made to be diverse and even if everything were to become religious it would just become a religious war. also, i dont feel that rape is based souly on appereance, i read somewhere once that some rape occurs just because the rapist wants to feel dominant over another human being and has no sexual lust whatsoever. women shouldnt have to change the way they dress, approach men, or think because of rape. that’s like saying they should all were vails and what not like they do in eastern countries (where they are paligimist). in the end its always the womens choice and i think giving them one more option as a line of defense is great. lastly, as far as the guy pulling out with this condom still attached you must not read the part where they said they would need to have it removed meaning a doctor (assuming they cant get it off themselves which i believe is the issue) has to remove it, clearly makes recognition that this is a rapex condom and hence forth this person is a rapist, report it to the authorities without letting said person leave and they have his dna on file. as far as the rapist killing the victim, well people we arent super heroes and this is a average humans attempt to prevent a horrible crime and i for one THINK ITS A GREAT IDEA. i hear complaints about downfalls and backfires……well then create something better!

  127. Black Devil says:

    For Tanua & Peaceable & Chelsea
    I don’t think modest wearing of cloth is affected on rape situation as of now since the birth of man there are rape cases found even when there are no cloths to wear. Even in animal kingdom we found will to explore strength or power by this act. If Tanua & Chelsea are correct then question is why Muslim womens and nuns are prey of these rapist & Priests? why under aged little girls or over aged women are also prey of these monsters? Aren’t they wore modest wearing or what about tribal & low cast ladies who always raped by upper cast men or face gang rape.
    If 2 women were walking down the sidewalk and a rapist is trying to choose one, who would he most likely choose if one is wearing skimpy clothing and the other is fully covered, not showing cleavage or wearing a mini skirt, etc.
    For this i would like to say that, its depend upon rapist psychology to whom he want to rape or just uncover the fully covered as he can see everything who is showing cleavage with mini skirt but he will be fantasies about a lady who is wearing fully covered modest cloth. Might be he will uncover her for being fully covered isn’t it so bottom of the line is its not depend what you wear but its psychology of criminal or rapist whatever u say to do crime. By the way Tanua u r still left from eyes of these predators. Be care-full they don’t brought religion in their dirty minds, they just do whatever they want. They don’t bother if u wear nice cloths or skimpy clothing they just did it to satisfy their urge. That is the only reason they wont think about infant lady girl or any effects they just do it blindly to satisfy themselves. If law is not with u then u have to carry weapons like this condom to teach lesson these rapist. Don’t worry if u r killed by these bloody monsters because at least u can die with satisfaction u didn’t come under influence or under pressure of these rapist. It is your moral victory by avoiding self rape & teach lesson to someone who tried to rape you and others who will know the incident. Aunt B carry on being man i am waiting for your safety lock for women.

  128. christina says:

    I would like to respond to the “women ” who thinks flaunting your body can cause rape I’d like to see you working in a hospitial when an 80 yr old scared women comes in and has to say she was raped . Also to the little 4 yr old girl i have to explain to why her 7 yr old friend molested her ( and was a girl mind u) I personally think rape is a act done out of a power play if u think its done becouse of some teen in a mini skirt flaunting her assest your crazy.

  129. Ronald says:

    I cannot say Rape occurs SOLELY out of power hunger – Some of it is the inability to control ones urges, as with a father or uncle molesting / raping a younger family member, – Some of it is also out of revenge, I know of an instance where one female was assaulted in her home, and afterward the rapist forced her to shower herself, and was later caught because he uttered to her ‘you should’ve just said yes’, and she remembered that earlier in the week this guy was hounding her for a date.

    Rape is complicated, but the punishment should not be.

    Death, Chemical or Physical Castration. Imprisonment is too good for them.

    I am 192839120890% in agreement with Rapex, and ANYTHING that protects our Queens, in a world where some of our Kings have gone mad. I agree with someone I read further up, Rapists don’t need help, they need to die.

    And I’m a male, living in a 3rd world country, dealing with Rape everyday, from my own sisters, to friends, family members, significant others. The only issue here, is that in places with small tight communities, people hardly report rape! Only the violent assaults are reported – What about the family members? SO many people ABUSE their trust and rape our women.

    Death to them all. Religion or no Religion.

  130. Kay says:

    This in in response to Tanua from July 14, 2010 [“IF women would dress right, rape would not be the problem it is today”] What an idiotic statement to say from anyone! Dress has NOTHING to do with rape. Even a whore that dresses improper does not deserve to be raped. Maybe if I change the scene Tanua MIGHT understand. If I were stupid enough to leave my billfold open on the counter at work or in a restaurant does that give you the right to steal from me … because I flaunted my billfold in front of your face? I’m 65 and have dressed conservatively all my life. But I’ve know of babies, toddlers, teens, elderly women, even nuns, that have been raped and they were not dressed inappropriately.

  131. Abby says:

    Tauna, How could you blame a woman for being raped? How about in the middle east? A woman would cover her whole body, and some women STILL get raped there. So, if a woman dresses up nice and puts a little make-up on, she is telling a man to rape her?
    What about the children that get raped? Do THEY dress seductively?!
    About the device, I think it’s a good way to decrease rape crimes that happen.

  132. Morgz says:

    i was wearing a hoodie and jeans, with a light amount of makeup on, and my hair down, and I was drugged and raped when I was 17, by two boys I went to high school with. Was I asking to be raped? NO! I had a vitamin water, and one of the two boys plopped some drugs in it, and I was helpless. It was the most horriffic thing that has ever happened to me. I wouldn’t want to walk around with teeth down there, but it is a great idea for people who are very worried about that happening to them. I would do anything to have prevented it from happening to me, or anyone else.

  133. Shygirl says:

    Hi I’m a 25 year old woman who has been reading all the different comments on this page and I have to say to some of the other comments, there are some very heartless people out there! I am one of these people who have been molested, raped, and assulted through almost my entire life! It started when I was just two years old! So to the people who are saying it is the persons fault, Was that my fault? Was it my fault between two years and up? Was it my fault when I was )))))))))))8(((((((((((((years old? Was it my fault when I was raped by the people who were the ones that were supposed to be the one protecting me? Was it my fault that when I told no one would listen so it happend over and over again? Was it my fault that at the age of 11, 12, 13, and 14, I was raped over and over by different people….including foster dad’s…brothers……uncles……etc… because I finaly had enough and ran away and was put into foster care? Was it my fault that at the ages of 11, 12, 13, and 14 that on different ocasions I had a gun, or knife being pointed somewhere on my body, to do sexual acts to these monsters? Was it my fault that after I tried to do everything to protect myself from it happening again that at the age of 15 right before I was married I was asaulted and gang raped by people who were supposed to be my friends? Was it my fault that after I was married, I started working….I took every precaution there was to stay safe….that I went to the ladies bathroom at work and was ambushed by a male employee? You tell me….from the time that I was two…untill a few years ago….was all that my fault? Even though I tried to get away…. Even though I alerted my mother……even though I alerted the authorities? There is no reason for anyone to be raped!!!!! I think that only people who have had this done to them, or who have had someone close to them that this has happened to….only they would understand the full picture of what rape does to you….physically….mentally…..socially……and spiritually!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t know what we have to live with on a day to day basis!!!!!!!!!! How dare you to say that it’s the victims fault!!!!!!!! Absolutly discusting!!!!!!!!!! Anyways my opinion on this is….On one hand I like the idea, I wish that I would have had one of these in all the times that this stuff happened to me, even if it would have meant that they would have been angry……the thing that they do……..the violence…..the mind games…..is much worse than death….or any other thing that they would try doing to you!!!!!!!!! To have to live with the pain of knowing that this happened to you….that it could happen again….that life isn’t complete because of it……that you feel a peice of you has died off with each rape, molestation, assult…etc……To not be able to have your children hug you at times because as children they sometimes touch accidentally areas, that sets you off……to not be able to give yourself fully to your spouse……because the memories flood back if he touches you the way that the monter did!!!!! I am one of the lucky woman who have been able to get over all of this…..to live my life without living in fear….wondering if everyman is going to pounce on you and make you do something that you don’t want to do……I still have the feelings inside me from all of the stuff that has happened, but I live life, I have moved on and have been able to find joy, love and peace with my family, but there was a time when I was first married that I had all these things happening that explained a moment ago, but because of the support and love from my husband, we have been able to move on from all of it and find happiness, but there are so many out there who have not….and the people saying that it was their fault aren’t helping!!!!!! Anyways on one hand I think it is an awsome device!!!!!!!!!!!! I would use it!!!!!!!!!!!! And I know many others who would use it as well!!!!!!!!!! On the other hand I think it could create a problem with the pervert angering so badly that their adreniline gets going that they can’t feel the device after and hurting, or killing their victim!!! I go with the ladies who are saying that there should be a guilatine condom made, that way they wouldn’t be able to do it again!!!!! I mean most of these monsters get off with a slap on the hands, or they just simply don’t get caught and they are walking free!!!! I know that with the molestation and rape that happened to me within my home….after it was done….I was made to take a shower while the sicko watched and made sure that I scrubbed every part of my body, including the inside, I wasn’t supposed to have children because of the damage done to my insides, but Thanks be to my Lord and Savior, he had mercy on me and gave me more children than I thought possible!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways I think that things should be very carefuly looked at….everything from each angle…..is this going to be the best thing to give to people when their life could be in danger…..is there a way to make it so that there will not be any danger once the monters penis is caught!!!!!!!!!!! I think all angles need to be looked at before these are distributed!!!!!!!! Thanks for alowing me to put my input on everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Shygirl says:

    This is to kshizzle and all the others who keep saying things about God and the Bible and Christians, I am a Christian woman, if you read my statement from above you can know the things I went through! It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, Budihst, or whatever religion or belief you have! There are rapists all over the world, with different back grounds, different races, it doesn’t matter if they are rich or that they are poor!!! The fact is, is that there are sickos in every walk of life so this whole thing about ” You are probably a “holy bible thumpin” chester!–I say this because seriously look at all the religious people who are really nothing but child molesters and rapists.” This is a bunch of horible, hateful things to say and as you said, “The God i know and love would never support your opinion in thsi matter.” (I pasted and copied the things that you wrote from your comment) Would he support your opinion on the matter of calling his children melesters and rapists? Would he support your hatred and the anger that you have within? Think before you say (Write) something…..The God I know and love wouldn’t support the hipocracy of the statements that you have said!!!!!! He would want us to spread his love, and peace!!!!! Just thought I should add that!!!! I don’t think it’s right to blame anyone just because of their race or whatever……I think that the only onse that need to be blamed are the people who are doing this most inhumane act!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave God and Christians out of this unless you have Biblical scriptures to back it up…. and unless you are not being a hipocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Maya says:

    1-This is on of the STUPIDEST things i have heard in my life. And i heard pretty stupid stuff. I am a Christian, i studied religion and i have never ever read anywhere that women (or men) get raped because they dress provocatively or DESERVE to be raped because of it.

    2-I don’t think that somebody sick enough to rape a human being would notice or care about clothing. I dress good and i never had any problem like this. Actually my problem with guys like this was way before i started dressing this way. A bunch of my friends dress provocatively, and i am sure as hell that they are NOT asking to be raped nor DESERVE to be. They are nice people who just wanna have fun. Rape does not cross their mind more than it does yours.

    3- Nobody, not even the worst person on the planet deserves to get raped. If your child or somebody you care about gets raped…well i don’t think you would sit around saying: HA! You deserve it. Maybe next time you’ll learn how to dress and you won’t get raped. And you definitely will be encouraging them to sue whoever did this and if you’re not, then you’re just a sad excuse for a human being. I grew up with people who accepted me and would do anything to protect me or help me. This doesn’t prevent rape but then if you get raped, then you won’t be afraid from the people around you.

    I just wish, if you read these messages, to do something to change because there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you.

    Now back to the condom thing, personnally, i think it would do more harm then good:

    -People will find a way to misuse it and it will create a hell of a lot of problems

    -The whole act of rape is really disturbing and even if the victim hurt the rapist, she won’t get better it just risks him hurting her more.

    – I think that if i had to wear this condom everyday, it would remind me about the fact that i might get raped and i would feel even less safe about it.

    BUT i know how rape can ruin somebody’s life(I was molested by a guy when i was 8 and it really affected me) so if that condom stops ONE person from getting raped than it’s really worth it.

  136. Krrish says:

    This condom by dr ehler can prevent forced sexual intercourse,no doubt.but how can it prevent feeling up a woman,which isn’t of a much less incidence.and what about children?they can’t put in a condom for fear of being raped when they are still a virgin.even for a self conscious lady,imagine the plight of wearing a condom whenever she goes out.

  137. britt says:

    Also, just carry a knife or pepper spray. I went out and bought a keychain bottle for $10. Gives me a LOT more confidence. Spay it in the eyes AND neck/chest area. This “condom” seems just silly to me. Many reasons why I would never use it.

  138. TKay says:

    2 months on and I seriously hope you have been reading all these comments, maybe open up your eyes and views and realise that the comment you posted created much offence and brought much pain. It was so wrong to bring in religion and the way women dress.
    Brings alot of insult to me as I live and come from a third world country where we claim to be a strong Christian country. Most of us females do not dress provocatively, not that flaunting your assets is an issue as it has always been part of our culture and traditional attire.
    Yet the level of rape, crime, corruption and even AIDS in my country is the highest in the pacific region. And for us girls, women, children and babies living here, Do we ask for rape by the way we dress? NO, but it happens and is still happening, whether we dress conservatively or put on some “barely ther clothing”…..RAPE STILL HAPPENS, even to a few expatriate women working here and some of them missionaries…… And the pain is much worse especially when it happens to our young girls even babies, their innocence robbed from them…..
    And with the topic of this Rapex condom, seriously a fantastic invention and if we had it here…there would be no second thoughts on women wearing one. Because knowing where I live, everybit of protection counts.

  139. Nina says:

    Good! Let the dirty buggers get their little appendages clawed. I don’t think the first response will be mad–I think it will be OUCH! Shock and get that little thing out of there–giving a women time to run and
    I am sure it would hurt like heck-especially when they try to pull it off and they cannot–the first thought on those filthy things mind will be to try and get it off in the worst way–not attack the women they are trying to rape -so if men won’t be decent to women–then you got to use deterrents and what is available.
    Rape is a horrific crime against women. It isn’t ever taken as seriously as it should be in my opinion and all speed to Dr. Elhers and her invention.

  140. Corinne says:

    Tauna: a true religious person would never be so judgemental…who are you to cast the first stone? I was brought up Christian and I am so ashamed that you would claim to believe in the Bible. Christians are supposed to lead by example and instead of talking about the issue at hand you have turned this whole forum into a discussion on bible thumping and religion because of your uneducated and biggoted statement. A woman that dresses with less is not hurting you, they have nothing to do with you yet you feel the need to condemn them for this. Jealousy is a sin too, which is the only thing I can conclude from your statment because why would a good and decent person say that anybody deserves to be brutalized and degraded for wearing less clothing? Perhaps you should look at yourself as a person and try to correct everything that is obviously wrong with you before claiming to know what God wants and then preaching your disgusting beliefs to people…and I do mean YOUR beliefs, because I guarantee they are not God’s beliefs.

  141. kristi says:

    Women are often raped anally. How would this really prevent rape?

  142. kristi says:

    Many rapes are forcible anal sex.

  143. Pang says:

    Rape in RSA is not caused by the women dressing codes, but purely a lack of respect. Anything that may protect a woman is good in RSA. Traditional groups believe to rape a woman makes them powerful, cleanse them, cure them from sexual deseases and place fear in woman. The police does not treat Rape seriously in RSA, they are also part of it, the President has more then 4 x wife’s, so has many other Black cultural persons have more then one wife. Our children & women are not safe at anytime of the day. The punishment for a rapist is very mild and almost like getting free out of jail.

  144. Amber says:

    While Tanua does make some well… blunt accusations I think she makes a few points.

    I personally dont know about my vagina having teeth lol. BUT I do believe tht if you dress like a hussy you should expect sexual deviancy. That DOES NOT mean you deserve to be raped. Nobody does. And as far as the comment on Do Children deserve to be raped because they dress like a hussy. NO! But their parents deserve to be SLAPPED for allowing it. Just because you are a hussy doesn’t mean you should be raped. But you should expect a reaction. As far as he bible goes, I think its crap. So all due respect, no one deserves to be raped, but knowing there are people out there who are messed up and like to do things like that perhaps less cleavage and a self defense class. I dont think it needs to go as far as Vaginal teeth.

    Oh and BTW.. What if its the MAN that is being raped? Because that happens to ladies.

  145. still a problem says:

    While I think this is a very helpful product in catching the rapist and possibly stop them from doing it again, the problem I have is if a man has gone far enough with his ‘plan’ to be inside a woman to have this thing take hold of them, the woman has already been raped. I mean, rape isn’t just the actual act of the intercourse, or penetration, its the whole situation.

    What I’m saying is, women that have one of these are still going to have the traumatic experience of being raped. I’m not saying it wouldn’t do any good- like I said, I think it would help catch a whole lot of rapists, but I agree with some people here who have said other means of self defense would be a better idea- so you could put an end to his ‘plan’ before it really got started.

    But it wouldn’t hurt to have this in as a second line of defense. Unfortunately, some people who are very adept at protecting themselves will still get raped.

    To all who have had to suffer this type of trial, my heart goes out to you. May you find the peace and solace you need.

    And even though it’s already been said a thousand times, no one deserves to be sexually assulted. Regardless of who they are, what they wear, where they are, etc. And the victim is never, NEVER to blame, or even partially to blame. Never.

  146. sam says:

    my gosh! leave Tauna alone! She mentions the word ‘bible’ and you guys are eating her alive. she never said women deserve rape for the way they dress. her point is fair, “if youre not in business dont advertise” I find most of the comments against tauna to be far more judgmental, disrespectful, ignorant and imposing than what she said. She obviously hit a sore nerve with the readers here. Get over it!
    Everyone has a religion. yes you do. you have a system of beliefs and principles and a way of answering life’s most important questions. even atheism is a religion. it is impossible to speak an opinion without basing it on such a system of belief aka “bringing religion into the discussion”. At least Tauna was clear on where her opinions are based, unlike most of the posters tearing her apart by insults and ridicule.

  147. Tracy says:

    I am a survivor of a brutal rape, while married with 4 young children. I was not at all dressed provacatively, but yet I was raped by 4 brothers and a cousin of the brothers. It devastated me…I would have loved to have had this on especially because it would have deterred the other 4 from following along with the first attacker.

    Tauna I pray for you that you are never a victim. Your ignorant view is contrary to the teachings of the bible and the commandments. Remember that God frowns upon our judgements…many women are also raped by their partners and husbands every day because these men consider women their property. What is your reasoning behind this particular rape? Surely it is not based on the marital dress code…the only logical explanation is that it is an act of violence unrelated to the way a woman dresses…

    For all of you that still believe that a man or woman deserves this ultimate act of violence based on the way someone dresses or acts, you are obviously misguided and abusive yourself. Let’s hope that you get psychological help for yourself.

  148. Sureshot1973 says:

    I am 36 some of you know me from other post. I was raped! I am married now but if I were dating and had a way to get this HELL yeah I would use it. Given I was raped when much to young to even know what a tampon was……but if I were a teenager or even now YES

  149. gina says:

    “30,000 of these condoms are being distributed in South Africa”, im america an all over the world this is a common thing that happens all over the world. however in south africa this sort of things happens alot and the men get away with it more because of there laws are not as strick. punshment is not even harsh or none at all..so with this invention it is a great idea for women to protect themselves since the government does not..

    also, if a man got his stuck in this i doubt they will be able to kill anyone while thier thing is cought! it will allow the girl to run free while he is in this escrustioning pain! the only concern is if she is being raped by multiple men it could cause more problems for her to get away..one down others to fight off.

  150. Judy says:

    The comments are interesting. It is good that so many are talking about the issue of rape.
    The more we communicate the more we learn.
    There are many things written in the books of all religions that are good and are for enlightment and for becoming better persons. Use these things to learn more and to improve yourselves and society.
    But as with all things, these words that are meant for good, can and sadly are misused to produce evil.
    We must each strive against this.
    Violence is never right, it is never the victim’s fault, it is always a sin.
    Whether you believe in God, or a higher power, or you don’t; is irrelevent to this fact.

  151. chrisi says:

    I don’t know if this contraption would help or make matters worse. I don’t know if rape instances would be reduced or murder rates inscreased. What I do know is this: there are rapes that occur because the rapist needs to feel powerful; there are rapes that occur because someone is needing to feel “loved” but does not know the proper ways to obtain it; there are rapes that occur because someone is drunk or drugged and/or misread signals; there are rapes that occur because the victim has presented him/herself in a manner that suggested it’s what he/she wants (it does happen); there are rapes that occur because someone feels entitled and sometimes their society supports that feeling. There are rapes that occur as an after thought or an opportunity. There is RAPE. None excusable. None ok. None that should not be prevented by whatever means available to the victim. There ARE victims that can be “blamed” in essence. Do they deserve it – NO! Does the way one dresses have any bearing on whether one gets raped or whether they deserve such – NO! I see no reason this item should not be available to those who choose to use it.

    Marie: 16 – 20 rape instances? maybe you should consider a new wardrobe…… (said with dripping sarcasm) Honestly, I am appalled by that number but not shocked by any means and I am truly sorry to use your situation as a way to make my own statement regarding how ridiculous the idea is that clothing ALONE has any bearing on rape or assault crimes. I hope you are able to heal and move forward in life! My disdain is by no means directed at you but at those who actually might suggest you somehow deserved to be raped so many times, (for ANY reason!) my heart aches for you!

  152. Barb says:

    I just now ran across this site and I have to say what Im more discusted about than the fact of the need for something like this is Taunas ignorant statement I AM A RAPE SURVIVOR! Not that its any of your business but I was wearing a pair of loose fitting jogging pants and a baggy tshirt and standing in my drive way fixing to leave for work at a carpet mill in Tennessee I would love to know how I deservered to be raped! You are an idiot and seriously close minded. I know that girls these days are dressing and acting carelessly but that gives no man the right to lay his hands or anyother body part on a woman. And please tell me how the senior citizen woman that are raped deserve it or better yet the children. You need to stay in what ever cave you came from and keep your fingers crossed you dont ever cross the path of a sick-o that rapes just because the wind blew!

  153. smellme says:

    first of all we have to stop the rape and its attempts. secondly if it is help full against rape so why we are avoiding this reality that rape cases are in our society . so these kind of products if cant help so keep it up.

  154. Raelopez says:

    SO I have read most of the comments here and everyone seemed to fail to mention one thing. Even if a woman is wearing this device, in order for the man to feel it, he has to penetrate the woman that may be all the damage needed to scar a woman for life. He will be in pain and hurting, but even though the rape doesnt continue and he goes running, she will still have the memory or being penetrated by a man against her will. Isnt that enough to ruin some women? I think it would be enough to permanently scar me. Just a side thought to add.

  155. OMG says:

    OMG, so sorry I read this one. People, please reread the article before you comment!! It is being marketed in an area of SOUTH AFRICA where there are apparently high incidents of rape.

    I won’t even comment to the rest …….some of these comments are just plain ridiculous

  156. Murph says:

    I have no problem with this being used on a rapist. But what about the occasional crazy woman who uses it during consensual sex to punish her boyfriend or husband for something? What then? Do we sew her up?

  157. Aileen says:

    I think this a great idea! As a rape victim myself I know how devastating rape is.it’s something that stays with you forever.I think it’s awfully sad that women have to take measures like this but hey if it works then all the better 🙂 (ps on the nite I was raped I was not dressed in appropriately,and even if I had of been that does not give anyone the right to violate me!!!!)

  158. Megan J says:

    You are an idiot. For a woman to say something so ridiculous is absolutley insane to me. You are part of the problem. You are part of the reason men think they can blame their victims. You are disgusting and should really re-read your Bible because no God I learn about would ever twist around rape to be the woman’s fault. You are a fool and I feel sorry for your daughters. Hopefully they have more of a brain than you. I also have more faith in men that most of them are not just savage animals that can’t resist jumping a female that walks by in a short skirt.

  159. Angry says:

    I guess they did not like what i wrote so i am changing it to this….. TAUNAS comment made me so angry but after i thought about it i realised that mayb she DOES NOT HAVE A LIFE AND NEEDS TO GET ONE….. has anyone noticed that she has not recomment on anything…Taunas u r a complete and utter moran there r other words i would like to use but nobody would want to c that jsut leave it to ur imangation. and i really hope that one day it happens to u Taunas i know that is harsh but then u will know what all the people on here that has bin raped abused feels like…. NOBODY knows what it is like till it has bin done to THEM…does not matter what age the point is it does happen…now a days it is more noticed where back in the 70″S it was all hush hush and telling ur parents was a no no…but i can honestly tell u my sister and i were victums and the worst thing about it was we told our mother and the wife of the man that done it got a whipping with the belt and we were allowed to make fun of him…BUT then the worst thing that our OWN mother could do was send us back to the same house where the son decided he would also have a go…so tell me TAUNAS how was that my fault we were sleeping and had to wake up to when he done this to us….. i wanna know so if u got the guts to reply to any of these then do it other wise keep ur stupid unwanted comments to ur self cause lady man or what ever the hell u r
    …………………..YOU HAVE NO IDEA …………….
    oh i pity ur daughters cause if it ever happened to them it will b there OWN fault

  160. 2DamnStrong says:

    As one of many of the women in my family to have been raped it kills me to see Tauna say something like that. Basically she is implying that because you dress “appreciately” for what God gave her, then she deserves to get raped?
    Thats incorrect, you do have young ladies that dont feel confident in themselves an dso guys have raped them simply becuase they dont look like they can protect htemselves. And it kills me but i have to conclude, that you are Idiotic.
    When i got raped, i was wearing SpongeBod pajama pants and a sweatshirt……
    You call that revealing.??
    As a matter of fact, it was on New Year’s day…….
    SOOO i just wanted to say that your entirely incorrect and if i ever knew you or knew who you were and saw you, i’d probably beat you up.(:

  161. alabama says:

    Tuana – that is a naive way to think. Rape has occurred throughout the history of mankind. Even in Puritan times as well as the Victorian age. It rarely has anything to do with the clothing a woman wears but is typically about control. To blame women for being raped is not only insulting and belittling to those who have been raped – it is ignorant of the issue.

    Let me remind you of some present day situations concerning rape – Afghanistan – this is a known that women are raped – we are consistently seeing stories about wives that are raped and brutalized, small children sold into those marriages – I’ve seen the garb there for women as we all have so please explain how that is considered provocative in any way? Africa – the main method for the spread of AIDS there is guess what – rape. For you to suggest that women bring it on themselves is about the most unintelligent, dis-compassionate, and small minded blog posts I’ve seen. Shame on you.

  162. alabama says:

    Anon – You should learn about the bible before you go around preaching it – you obviously have no knowledge of it whatsoever – also there are plenty of private schools that are not religious.

    What is it with people who stay uniformed but think their ignorance matters? That their insults (yes you did disrespect religion and you did it with intent out of your own misunderstanding and assumptions, typical liberal who cannot make an intelligent post so they reveal themselves through hatred, insults, disrespect, and ignorance). Of course the true insult is that someone so arrogant as to believe there is nothing above them is among us and contributing that hatred to our society. How silly to believe that a piece of clothing will cause decent men (as you implied as if men had no control over themselves at all) to become savages.

    Really two sides of the spectrum and both completely sad.

  163. Sad Angel says:

    God’s name should not even come out of your mouth.I am so offended and shocked from what you said.
    My sister and I were molested and raped at age 5 and 6. We would be sleeping minding our own business, we were little girls and our innosense got taken away from us without our choice. We told our mom about the molestation when it first happened but she refused to believe us and beat us. With that being said it continued and eventually lead to rape. So how would that be our fault. I don’t care what you think but nobody men, women or children deserves that to happen to them. Nobody deserves to live with that wound that will never heal.
    You had said that the bible teaches us to “dress with modesty” and that if we obey the world won’t be so wicked? So how do you explain women that mind their own business do cover up and such but still get raped?
    Is it their fault as well? No it’s not it doesn’t even make sense! Has it occured to you that there are sick dimented F*%ks out there that it don’t matter to them if you’re young old skinny fat whatever they will still get what they want. I didn’t deserve to get raped or molested. I’ve learned to deal with it a little better but it’s people like you that disgust me even more and make me feel like shit all over again. I truly do hope it never happens to you or any of your kids if you have any. I promise you, you will regret ever posting such idiocity.

  164. Sad Angel says:

    To get back into the original topic here. I would like to say that I love this idea. “Rapex” condom,
    I’m glad someone thought about this. This is awesome! 🙂 Is that going to be distributed in South Africa only?

  165. Black man says:

    This is good for humanity. How soon will it enter Nigeria? We need it here especially on campus and at home. It will catch millions of devil robbers and rapist here.

  166. Mr. Me says:

    I feel bad for any man who has a vindictive psycho girlfriend. I could just imagine some woman using this to get back at her man for some reason. Leading him on like he’s going to get lucky only to have that waiting for him. but aside from that I think it’s a great idea. Also I think rape should be a capitol offense.

  167. Someone else says:

    I don’t get what some people are saying about rape not being about sex, but is all mostly about the control. It’s seeking control through sex, well okay. But another thing, have you ever thought that an opportunity for control actually turns them on? I mean if you think about a rapist’s instantaneous reaction towards a potential victim, I’m sure it’s more like SEX primarily because arousal propels them to engage in what the rapist also knows is a risky act. Having sex can be like a reward for successfully violating someone, and by being successful it boosts their ego too, giving them a sense of control. So it could be the rapist is all about sex, cos who wouldn’t want to win a “trophy” right? But also there’s the sense of control that comes after winning that “trophy”, in a way it helps legitimise the need and hence the trouble of getting the “trophy”, but they’re really not there to get control largely, they want the instant gratification first but the ego boost after is what keeps them hooked or ADDICTED, so yeah, if we’re talking repeat sex offender, they will say its the control that motivates them, yet they’re really trying to explain why they can’t stop. They think their addiction defines them, and they can forget that there might actually be something wrong with their brain in the way they perceive things, especially with regards to sex and the triggers for their uncontrollable urges. If you prefer the psychoanalytic approach I see how one could blame it on control solely, if one is looking at the rapist background as well. However, I prefer to have a predominantly physiological approach, only because it leads to a less conjectural way of getting to a resolution (its just faster.) So ha… On to the anti-rape condoms, it sounds like what they’re trying to do is take away the sex reward, so I think it can work with this cold scientific approach since it practically will try to wean rapists off to the addiction, it’s just that, it will be a hassle, so pepper spray or a gun is fine for me really. I’ll just make sure I’m not at dodgy places at dodgy times and it does help to dress modestly because if you attract attention, that can also go against you if there happens to be a rapist who prefers their victims bootylicious. Yeah some people might think it doesn’t matter to dress modestly cos apparently even grandmas get raped but guess what? Rapists only go after them not because they have sexy modest clothes that deliciously cover their assets, it’s because they’re physically weak and thus easier to rape. Sexual attraction is also a powerful motivator for the choosy sexual predator logically speaking, yet I’d say it’s not the only signal that acts upon them, but I at least will be willing to dress modestly, but not like a grandma though! (and I’m not going to insert an insensitive joke here.)

  168. Poor Men says:

    really……? I see her wearing this and seducing me, just to get back at me. Eish

  169. Kimberly says:

    This is an awesome idea, especially for women in Africa since they are faced with the threat of rape and violence far more frequently than women in many other places around the world.

    And just for the record, the Bible is not silent when it comes to WHO God holds responsible for rape and molestation. It is a criminal act and is considered detestable by God. The victim is not held accountable for being victimized.
    Rape, incest, and kidnapping all carried the death penalty in ancient Israel.
    In fact, Leviticus chapter 18 devotes an entire chapter to addressing every form of incest, molestation, rape, bestiality, etc, in an effort to protect vunerable members of society.

    But there is more than one motivation for rape. Because although psychologists & researchers have discovered that almost all serial rapists have an addiction to pornography and violent sexual fantasies, that does not account for the large number of rapes committed by inmates, prison wardens, and armed soldiers out of sheer hatred and vengence, (especially when race, nationality, or political rivalry is involved).

    Overpowering another human through rape, has been a weapon used by soldiers for centuries, to demoralize and terrorize civilians. And this has continued to occur in many African countries to an *alarming degree*

    For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses (who are Christians) dress modestly, and live by the Bible’s high moral standards, yet in Malawi in the 1960’s and 70’s, they were singled out and subjected to some of the most terrible rape and brutality imaginable on account of their religious beliefs. Women, children, and even pregant women close to giving birth, were gang raped by groups of soldiers for political reasons,…in order to humiliate and intimidate them & their families because they refused to compromise their faith by joining or supporting a corrupt political party. The same thing happened to Jehovah’s Witnesses in other African countries, in Cuba, in Nazi Germany, and other places around the world where there has been civil and political unrest.

    Rape is a crime of much larger proportions, since it goes far beyond the scope of an “individual” rapist who desires to dominate a victim through violence and sexual aggression. “Rape mentality” exists on a far bigger scale, when race, religion, or patriotic nationalism erupts into a hateful spirit of mob-violence where such brutality is committed against entire groups of people.

  170. Thirtysomething says:

    To Tanua…”go ahead world have fun, and quit complaining when you get kidnapped, go missing overseas, etc. look but don’t touch is such a STUPID statement”

    Really? You have got to be _____ kidding me. How dare you use christianity to defend what you obviously do not understand. The womans fault? Not hardly. Be modest…SHUT UP! This is the year 2010. Most teens and girls in their twenties dress the way they do because it is cute, stylish, and gives them confidence. I do think that at a certain age us women need to start dressing down. That does NOT mean that anyone,{ woman, man, child, elderly} deserves to be raped. And obviously you haven’t read the partsof the Bible that tell us that we are to have SELF CONTROL!
    Forgive me for saying this…What the hell does kidnapping and going missing have to do with the topic at hand? I really wish you would reply. I am sure there are others who are anticipating your ever clever response.*note the sarcasm* You disgust me.

  171. anonymous says:

    I’m sick of people saying that just because a woman shows off a bit of leg or cleavage then she’s automatically gagging for it and “asking” to get raped. Talk about blaming the victim and letting off the rapist! Just because a woman shows off a bit of flesh doesn’t mean it’s her own fault if she gets raped. Why do people assume that if a girl wears anything that shows a bit of her body then she wants male attention and sex? Maybe she’s just making an effort to look nice for herself not for a man. Maybe she’s just body confident, nothing wrong with being attractive doesn’t mean you deserve to be harrassed. I think some women(backstabbers to their own gender) who bang on about how girls like this bring it on themselves by what they wear are just jealous and bitter of pretty women who get more male attention than them even if it is unwanted, even if it isn’t encouraged in any shape or form. No way should you ever take the abuser’s side over the victims. It just lets the rapist off the hook and encourages sexist behaviour of some men. You get this sort of thing with men in nightclubs as well they think it’s their right to walk up to a strange woman in a night club and grope her breasts, bum etc. But if she challenges him or slaps him in the face in retaliation, it’s her that’s in the wrong. What makes it worse is that some other women will have a go at you about it “he was only having a bit of fun!” and make out you were overreacting. Again that encourages men to behave even worse. But then again, according to some people she was asking for that as well because she was wearing a short skirt! No one has the right to touch another stranger without permission, especially not in private areas and these types of men who think they can get away with it are scum. People may think this is a minor thing but if they are arrogant enough to think they can get away with that what will they try and do to a woman next? Ambush her in a secluded area and rape her? Will he move onto that next and think he can get away with that as well? Some men still seem to think that it’s a woman’s duty to do whatever he wants, satisfy him and provide him with sex. I think rapists try to target anyone they think is vulnerable and weaker than them, someone who won’t put up much of a fight, someone who won’t give them any trouble. Whenever I have to walk home at night along a street, I’ve never had a problem because the streets have always been disserted. But I always try to look as confident as possible, I keep my head up, look straight ahead and walk at a brisk pace, I don’t dawdle, I don’t stop off anywhere. I wear comfortable shoes so I’m not hobbling slowly in painful high heels. I see boots as being good fighting shoes as well. I’d be able to kick in them and not loose my balance and fall over in them. I think once he’s managed to drag you into a secluded place and is on top of you pinning you to the ground your stuffed because he’ll be heavier than you and you won’t be able to move or push him off you. I think the best thing to do is to try and fight to the bitter end and make as much noise as possible if you can. But sometimes I know you can freeze or delay if you’re scared or taken by surprise.

  172. GERALD says:


  173. Lilah says:

    Can you also place them in the rectum?

  174. AlSnow says:

    Quotes from Tanau

    “IF women would dress right,” put on a dress and zip it up….

    “rape would not be the problem it is today,” ….how exactly? rape is a result of sexual frustration, anger, and a need to feel supeior. these things exist regardless of whether women cover up every bit of skin considered ‘bad’ by the prudish.

    “but because women want to show their stuff, flaunt themselves, tempt the man,” tempt! so that maybe they get asked out and treated to a meal or an otherwise nice night out and build a relationship or maybe just have a ‘bit of fun’ then and there. theres nothing wrong with that.

    “they want to blame only the man…Women Wake up!” the problem comes in when attacks happen. attacks(rapes) are the fault of the attacker.

    “I know rape goes even back to the Bible days,” yeah and a few hundred million years before that.

    “and you just can’t stop some men from being so dirty minded and such,” why would you? its not a bad thing as long its not expressed in harmful ways – or at least not with unwilling participants.

    “but our women today have caused alot of the heartache for them ownselves” I’ll go one further; the entirety of society is to blame in one way or another.

    “…The Bible teaches us to dress with modesty” the bible says a lot of things, mostly bad and/or plain stupid.

    “and I think if we would go back to obedience to the Bible and God this world would not be so wicked.” and i beleive that if you had read the bible you would know how stupid that statement is. thats assuming you’re not indoctrinated to be dogmatic.

    “I am a woman and our girls today do not know what modesty is…” or they do and they just have a different perspective to you….

    “what is good for the goose is good for the gander as the old adage says.” where does this fit in among all your ravings?

    “I am ALL for this, but then again, most of them are just asking to be raped when they dress so seductively…” I did respond to this before but i think it bares repeating: they want to be noticed, not to be attacked!

    “we have done it so long, now the new generation coming along now have absolutely no convictions about the way they dress.” they do, they’re just not the same as yours.

    “Freedom now means: Leave me alone…let me do my thing, but if I get raped doing it, I am suing…my right,” yes, that is it. let everyone do what they want unless that thing is with an unwilling participant. crazy as it may seem, thats basically the basis for freedom.

    “my rights….sickening….” that someone could have a different opinion? yes, I’m sure you’re shaking in your plimsols.

    “so go ahead world….have fun, and quit complaining when you get kidnapped, go missing overseas, etc.” i feel the religious morality just radiating from this segment of your post….

    “look but don’t touch is such a STUPID statement!” really? so because someone looks nice it give one the reason to touch them? how does that make sense?! surely if they dressed to be touched they would cover themselves in many different materials of varying textures to make themselves feel more interesting!

    in closing i would like to completely obliterate your foundation premise in a fun way 😀

    have you ever opened a present, such as a christmas or birthday present. (quite frankly you seem like a horrible person so i may be pissing on the wrong bush here) aaanywho, does the surprise of not knowing whats under the wrapping add excitement to getting the present? or do you think that having a few holes in the wrapping paper might get more out of you? because in my experience, as a man who’s had sex(always consentualy, i might add), men are like kids on christmas morning; the unwrapping is often the most exciting part!
    soooo contrary to your beleif it may be that rapists prefer a woman to be wrapped up tight and be surprised by the goodies he finds!

  175. Montoya says:

    I’m more FOR this than AGAINST this lol.

  176. Pookie says:

    I think it good for women that has to go out alone. And rape don’t always have anything to dj with what a person wear, what about the people that’s in there bed sleeping and get woke up by some crazy man that rape her?? She’s doing nothing wrong nor would she go tk sleep with a condom, but Great idea maybe it will be less rapist doing what they do. Me get raped also what should they do?

  177. lushel1984 says:

    I have to say this is a great idea kind of at least the chance of catching the disgusting person who would rape another human is wonderful. It is horrible that we have to take measures like this to protect our selves but fact is we have to. I’m also floored that some one would actually blame a woman for getting raped. Rape has nothing to do with sex, arousal, passion. rape is a horrible thing that people don’t ever deserve if a man is going to rape a woman more often than not it has nothing to do with passion and everything to do with dominance and control of another Person no one deserves to be raped even if a person is walking a round nude doesn’t give that an attacker the right to violate another person maybe woman do wear revealing clothes and makeup and other things that some religions believe to be wrong. The act of rape, murder, assault and other CRIMES like that aren’t an act of god its an evil act plain and simple even if a woman leads a man on and changes her mind and says NO stop she has that right its her body and no one has the right to violate it with out her permission no matter what NO means NO before or during it doesn’t matter its her choice. No one should make that choice for her or him its not just woman who get raped men do too but most of the cases where a male gets attacked wont be reported. Its people that tell a woman/man that its there fault to be attacked wrong place wrong time wrong clothes things like that are the reasons why no one wants to come out and tell there story. I hope that people who are attacked have help getting though a horrible act like that. I feel sorry for the people who actually think that people deserve to be raped. Very naive world they live in. It can happen to anyone everyone anytime any place. I feel pain for anyone who has been attacked in any way.

  178. Jonny Bryant says:

    What an interesting contraption. I must admit I am impressed. I do wonder how men will use it though. Rape is a rather unreported crime, due to the shame and humiliation it brings. Some places, don’t even have a legal definition for a man being raped. But it happens. Maybe he can stuff it in his buttocks if he is in prison, but what about when he gets raped by a woman?

  179. Dillon says:

    wow, I wish people were more intelligent. This goes way back to what Tanua was saying, and really although she may be religious, what she was saying has nothing to do with religion. First off, Tanua was not saying it’s ok for girls that dress inappropriately to be raped. She was saying, “DUH! Don’t be surprised if you get raped if you’re going to dress like that.” No, it’s wrong to rape a girl under any circumstances, but at the same time it’s wrong to tempt a man into doing it. People rape for different reasons and some will rape no matter how you dress, but why tempt them? As a man, if someone puts a gun on the table, I will have no desire to pick it up and shoot. But if an attractive girl is flaunting what she has, that is something that is tempting and difficult to ignore for most men. I can’t stress enough that NOBODY deserves to be raped. But Tanua was just saying if you willingly climb into a lion’s cage, don’t be surprised if you get eaten. And I couldn’t agree more with her. I wish people were smarter so they could understand how stupid they are.

  180. Dillon says:

    p.s. – this device is somewhat pointless and seems impractical for several different reasons. More important, if a girl knows enough to put it in, a rapist might know enough to check for it and take it out. And if he isn’t thinking about it because he has other things on his mind, he won’t be the only one to be hurt. He’s already in a hyper state of aggression. As nauseating as the thought of being raped is, living through it is always what’s most important (if not for the rape-victim, at least for her family). A much better anti-rape device are any of the following:

    going out with a group or guy
    choosing not to go down the dark alley
    just taking as many precautions as you can as to never be in a situation where you could be raped

    I know it can be a nuisance not to be able to do whatever you want whenever you want, but that’s life, no matter what the gender or age. Wouldn’t you agree?

  181. Deb says:

    Can I just please find out more about how to get these?
    Is anyone selling them maybe on Ebay from the countries where they are distributed?

  182. Elizabeth says:


    That’s ridiculous. And stop forcing yourself upon us.
    That’s almost religion-gang-rape, forcing your religion upon multiple people, where it’s not wanted.
    Also, the idea of the bible is to encourage people to be good and kind. In my opinion, The Devil and Heaven were also invented to encourage people to be good, just like when talking to little kids. A smack on the bum for being naughty or a hug for being good.

    Anyway, I think this is a great idea. I’d so buy these. I’d be sort of proud to own one of these. I’m so cool I carry my most dangerous weapons… “down there”. ;P
    I also think it’s good that a man designed these, because if a woman designed them, it may not be accepted, because it could be considered “revenge” for rape all over the world. Having a man think of this is likely to get these things accepted and sold very quickly.

  183. brooklyn30 says:

    sam how can u defend her bullshit…. People have the right to b upset by her post Especially the ladies who have gotten raped…. i pray for u both

  184. Peter says:

    I have spent some time reading many of the comments here.Thank you to each one of you for your expression of thought,opinion and belief.
    Firstly let it be freely known that I am a middle aged male who happens to be a christian.I hope that doesnt biase too much my ‘opinion’,nor the readers reaction.One thing that is apparent is that rape strikes a very raw nerve within us all,irrespective of how we express this.It is unfortunate that most often when we hear of or speak of ‘rape’,we immediately define it as a sexual violation.however this is only one of many violations that occur within this most evil of crimes.At 12yrs one of my precious daughters was kidnapped and raped over a period of days,before being rescued.
    My heart goes out to those who have been victims of this crime,there is no easy path to complete healing.It strikes at the very core of relationship,love,trust,safety and secureness.When any of these are broken by either stranger or a ‘loved one’,it destroys!
    Ma y I suggest that it is so easy to stray from the agenda and get caught up in personal attack.Opinions whether perceived as valid or otherwise,should never be a license for us to react to one another is such a way,but we do,myself included.
    We strive for an answer or something to give the upper hand to the intended victim!
    It is appalling that we have to market such an ‘apparatus’.to assist our precious woman folk to feel confident and safe.Is there any better an option?how do we protect our children where rape is being increasingly revealed?
    ‘Woman have tried moderate dress sense, whistles,sprays,weapons of choice,legal or illegal,with varying degrees of success or failure.Because the fault doesn’t lie with the woman,but the evil intent in the heart of the perpetrator
    I hope that the use of these doesn’t give: 1. a false sense of security 2.ability to misuse and willfully injure
    3.create greater rage and therefore more grevous injury or death of the victim. 4.infect the user with perpetrator fluids spilt. 4.create legal precedent whereby the victim is open to harsh penalty and be even more difficult to prove ‘an innocent victim’. the list can be easily added to.
    In closing my ’10 cents worth of opinion’,due to ‘religion’ being tossed about like an unwelcome vacuum salesperson;The idea of the Bible is to reveal God the creator to man,and the state of man to us(lost in sin),we are unable to find a solution to our state of moral decline,we get smarter but still no answer.God is the answer but we reject Him under a myriad of reasons….thanks once again to all who have touched my heart in some way or stimulated my thought and understanding(or lack of)…live in hope

  185. Jo says:

    Tauna, I used to think as you did. Please do not blame the victim, a person has the right to wear what they like without fear of being violated. Rape is someone crossing the boundary of another without their permission. It is not the woman’s fault just for wearing a certain kind of clothes, men have got willpower and the ability to choose their actions, just as women have. Please do not assume that men are incapable of controlling themselves and that it is up to the woman to adjust.

    As for this new device, I welcome it, especially in areas where rape is a common occurrence. Hopefully it will give women another option of something to protect herself, and peace of mind if the chance of rape is quite high.

  186. snot nose says:

    First thing …please forgive any spelling errors in my comment …..
    I have read the comments above and see both the plus side and the negitive sides to this,
    rape in its self is a horrible act . This condom thing is more for women than children …even if their was a child size one that would be a horrific thought to insert this into a child …I dont even like thinking about that…but I can understand any woman wanting to protect herself . So to each their own. wear it ,,dont wear it whatever.
    We all teach out kids about good touch bad touch, but its not always that easy, yes watching you children closely is a must..but alot of child rapes are done by people we think are trustworthy with our children, so what can really be done? I’m not saying its a hopeless cause dont get me wrong…but you can be the most protective parent and someone you thought you could trust can harm your child , I just don’t know if there is any real device to prevent rape’s from happenining. there is always going to be a way around a device .
    CON: this divice will only stop rape once the rape has already started .. Pro: might make someone think twice if they had been caught in the trap before. Con : if they have been caught in trap before they will check for device . more rapeists might be more inclined to rape children instead.
    My thoughts are.. when we teach children about good touch and bad touch why not spend a little extra time and explain to them what rape is and how to protect themselves and explain that rape is wrong it is a thing that a weak, insecure BAD person does to try to feel power over someone and explain that it takes a horrible person to force any type of unwanted touch to another person , It does not show power it shows weakness and pure evilness to do something so horrible to another person.
    I dont know anything will ever stop rape from happening 🙁 but each thing we do may help, be aware, learn self defence , talk to your kids not just the girls, boys too , Keeping your child safe and educating them is worth alittle uncomfortable conversation , don’t you think.
    there is no way I can touch on every part of the other comments on here
    But over all I think it is Great that this Dr is thinking and trying to help stop rape !
    But by the time this traps someone alot of the damage is already done.
    When I was little I was molested by my uncle , I was not raped physically but was molested, mentally it was awful , who was going to belive that a US Marshall would do something like that ,,,who was going to belive me, I wasn’t strong powerful I wasn’t a war hero veteren like him ..I was a snot nosed little girl.. I did Not deserve that neither did my sister.

  187. Martha says:

    On July 14, 2010 Tuauna said:
    “IF women would dress right, rape would not be the problem it is today, but because women want to show their stuff, flaunt themselves, tempt the man, they want to blame only the man…Women Wake up! I know rape goes even back to the Bible days, and you just can’t stop some men from being so dirty minded and such, but our women today have caused alot of the heartache for them ownselves…The Bible teaches us to dress with modesty and I think if we would go back to obedience to the Bible and God this world would not be so wicked….so don’t touch is such a STUPID statement!”

    I say: Newsflash, Tuana and others with their opinion, the main goal behind rape is NOT sexual pleasure! I repeat, sexual pleasure is a side effect and not the main reason men rape women. RAPE IS ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL. It is about one person, usually a sick person with low self esteem, who wants to feel powerful, and who takes control over a person he considers to be weak and easy to attack.

    While I would not advise any of my female friends or clients to walk around at night by themselves, especially scantily clad, it is because there are dangerous people out there. But I DO NOT CARE IF A WOMAN IS WEARING A MINISKIRT AND A REALLY SKIMPY TUBE TOP IN A PUBLIC BAR, that does not mean she wants (or has asked) to be touched. I would think her dress was unwise (because of all the creeps out there), but it is still her right in this country.

    I think the rape condom is a wonderful invention, and I plan to buy one. I myself try to be very cautious and avoid situations where I might be in danger, but you cannot always control your situation. Someone could break in your home, attack you while you’re getting in your car (it even happens in well-lit public gas stations and other areas!!), or while you’re leaving work in the evening. I WANT THESE TEETH, and I would support any of my clients buying them. I wish I could buy it for them!

    Licensed Social Worker (MSW)
    B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology

  188. Cem says:

    For a moment I’m going to step away from all the causes of rape and adress my main issues with the ‘rapex’.

    ** A man may become so enraged at the pain he will strike out with more fore than before.
    ** Women might become to relaxed wearing it. No need to be paranoid, but always take in your surroundings! Rape isn’t the only bad thing that can happen to you.
    ** The potential for abuse. Surely there must be crazy women out there who purposely seduce a man just to hurt him in this manner? Like most self-defence items it can easily be used as a weapon, moreso since it is literally hidden from sight.
    ** Speaking from experience, it’s not just the penetration that can be traumatic during a rape. Most of it is the knowledge that someone could force themselves onto you. And the rapex doesn’t prevent that. They may only be able to enter you once but they’ve still ‘won’.

    Overall I can see why the idea is certainly an appealing one – but I think it’s a terrible device that does little to prevent the problem and has a massive margin for abuse.

  189. Huh says:

    To Tauna and others of the same sort of stance

    I have known women who were raed not looking sexy at all. One even had a very long wool skirt with a heavy winter coat on.

    But that is beside the point. Rape is mostly violence and a sense of dominance over the woman, but some are sex. Which one is date rape?

    Is it right that a man feels a woman owes him sex after he takes her to dinner?
    Is it right that a man feels if the woman is drunk all is ok?
    Is it right that a man says no doesn’t mean no if she first said yes or felt she led him on?
    Is it right for a man to get an erection and think the woman is asking for it because she dressed provocative or not?
    For many years women have asked men to judge them by faces and brains not body, when dressed in winter apparrel and in now way looking sexy and still getting raped, are men now looking at our faces?
    Is it right for a man to have sex with a woman because she is streaking? Or she is doing a Lady Godiva?
    Is a hooker looking to be raped?

    We all know that the answers are no. A women who is scantily clothed or unclothed is no more looking for rape that one in a winter coast with longjohns on, but it does happen.

    We need to figure out the nature of these attacks and how to stop men from carrying them out on whatever gender or age the want to. Do I have an answer for it? No. Is this condom the answer? no. My reason for no is that 1. as someone else said the guy takes his dna with him. This would make police work harder.
    2. I am sure the guy would notice it before he is “captured”, anyone knowing about such devices will check before committing the act and take it out.
    Good luck to all

  190. Bexy says:

    Guys, leave tauna and chealsea alone it dosent make you badas to trash someone else for their opinion. Srsly, get over it what they say isnt the law and if you dont like it ignore it, just because nobody knows who you are on here dosent make it okay to talk down on somebody who probably isnt going to veiw these comments anymore. You all are all adults and you think its cute and okay to do all this? Im 15 and im more mature then you. Thats sad. This forum is to express opinion and i came on this link because i was curious and its sad to see women in their 20s telling other women off. If what tauna said is from the bible then its OKAY! Shes not a devil worshiper or a terrorist! Leave her bee its her thought on the matter! (trash this post if you want. Ha, i wont be worried to check this again)

    And by the way i think this rape condom is genious!!!! <3

  191. JohnnieNYC13 says:

    Tauna is either a man (rapist) or the mother of a rapist. Even IF rape was triggered by what a women was wearing that in no9 way excuses the act or makes it any more acceptable. Rapists are criminals of the worst order and to try to put any of the blame for their actions on the victim is ludicrous and extremely unfair. People such as Tauna only make the situation worse by making it easier for rapists to rationalize their sick behavior.

    As for poor little 15 year old Bexy? You really need to grow up girl if you are going to be using the Internet. You say “This forum is to express opinion and i came on this link because i was curious and its sad to see women in their 20s telling other women off.” Well why should 1 person’s opinion count more than others? Why should educated, intelligent people not comment when they see someone posting a POV based on ignorance? These forums are about an open and free dialogue on whatever the topic is. If you are going to post stupidity publicly you should have the courage to hear what others think of it and perhaps if you have an open mind one might even learn from their mistakes. and obviously the Internet does allow people to remain anonymous while posting but it really isn’t at all about that. I am posting anonymously because that is how this forum is set up. I’ve no concern about my privacy with regards to the views I am expressing here as I would tell you the same thing to your face if we were all having this discussion face to face.

    Bexy, you say “if you dont like it ignore it.” I say if you don’t like it stand up for what you believe is right and true. What if the world had ignored Hitler because they didn’t like what he was saying? What if we just ignored ignorant comments on the Internet just because someone else posted them? I say if you post your opinion on the Internet you should be aware that others will read it and react to it. If you are not confident in your beliefs and ready to defend them perhaps you shouldn’t post that opinion rather than expecting others to not comment on it. The Internet is no place for the thin skinned the free exchange of ideas is only valuable when we have the freedom to comment when we see someone posting stupid comments that cause more harm than good such as Tauna’s comments about a woman’s way of dressing making a man’s rape of that woman somehow understandable and less terrible.

    Finally…”If what Tauna said is from the bible then its OKAY!” Really? So everything said in the bible is okay? Really? Grow up girl.

  192. vina says:

    Wonderful, but I feel you are all missing something… Why is it assumed that the rapists will not learn of this device and simply check for it before raping?

  193. bj says:

    None of you are paying attention.

    This device was designed for the helpless women in Africa who are constantly raped, horrifically raped, repeatedly raped by any man stronger than she is. First, do your due diligence and learn about the problem and then thank the good doctor for her invention.

    Some of the rape in this country could be prevented by women being mindful of where they are and who they are with. Getting drunk doesn’t help.

    Rape is an act of violence as mentioned above, and those men are bound to get someone now or later. It’s a sad testimony to our society.

    But let the vulnerable women of Africa have some defense against the perpetrators of this most vile act.

  194. grandma says:

    Notice the product is made and distributed in south Africa!!!???!!?

    Africa has an INSANELY high rate of HIV and AIDS and it’s largely because of rape. Women have no rights there. Men do what they want.
    I think every woman in Africa should wear one of these every day. Would stop them from having to have a rapist’s baby then watch it die of AIDS.
    There are also places in the US that have high rape rates. But I think this product wasn’t made for US citizens.

    And as far as the moronic statement about which woman a rapist would choose to rape- one modestly dressed or one provocatively dressed…..
    Since rapists have mommy issues aka small man complex and don’t like independent strong women they’d probably be more likely to go after the modestly dressed woman.

  195. NotTheCenterOfTheWorldLady says:

    tanua, u r so mistaken about ur interpretation of the bible and modesty. u need to rethink wat you said because you igns a lot of people and could seem to care less. god is loving and kind, not judgemental and careless.he gave us all free will ams it is not thw womans fault if the man rapes her. its his decision amd modesty had nothing to do with it, he chose to sin, not the other way around.

  196. bezza says:

    first of all i think rape is the worst think one human being could ever do to another it is a evil attack on every part of the victum not just a sexual attack it affects every part of the person and if i am a man and feel this way how does the femalevictem feel asits well known us men harldy understand anything about a womens feelings, but all tis talk of religion, religeon has no affect on these matters now just like it never did in the past these acts are being done by other so called human beings. and yes the is the fact nomatter ´how small of a connection it has that some women especialy in modern sociaty do dress and act in a way that incourage the male imagination and a lot of the time these women dress and act in a certain way purposefully to gain said attention this is however minute a influence still now excuse for carrying out this disgustingact but taking into account the amount of rapes that occurr and the amount of so called fake rapes where a female says a man raped her just to descredite or damage the man or even those instences where a women has gone to bed with a man drunk and woken with no recolection of concent assumes rape , something must be done to stop this but we must all cosider that it is not just the males of our race who can be evil and sick but the females as well we are flawed as a race and as i have said i find the act of rape disgusting and i feel that any man wo does this should have the abiltity to said act again removed I,E chopping his man hood off , what is stop females using it as a weapon it is a unfortunate fact that many females fake rape or decide after concent that they want to hurt the male a claim rape when it is not true wich i find just as sick to lie about such a thing as is causes problems for true victems, hypetheticaly speaking what is to stop a women deciding she whants to hurt her ex boyfriend or just any man by using this rapeex and then seducing him the male unknowingly concents and has then a nasty surprise not only has the male been sexualy assaulted but all evedence also points to him being a rapest because why would the female leave this condom in if she concented so no only has an inecent man been sexualy assualted but it is very likely that is future will be destroyed after all what prove would he have that he didnt rape her.
    i know that this statement wil be met with mixed responces but however it maybe it is a fact that yes a man who is capable of rape should not be ranked as a human being there are also sick and evil females we are flawed as a race it just seems a little over the top if you would consider the teachings of selfdefence you are taught to harm others but are guided as to only use it in self defence if your teacher feels that you would use it in any other way than self defence he would nolonger teach you
    and yes the comparison is weak but they are know saying that they are ginving out weapons desigend to sexualy assualt a man and they are doing it over the counter without control methods and as a previously stated i feel if a man rapes a women and his penis is permananlty damaged over ever cut off and given to a german shepard dog as breakfust it would serve him write and pohaps discourage futer rapes but whats to stop the tyde turning and those women out there that want to hurt men using this to truely destroy them after all if you where handing out something that is designed to hurt someone the physcopaths are generaly first in the que or not.

    sorry if i offended any one but i can guarantee you can all see my point

  197. maryann says:

    wow such anger from one man..and such terror from others.Ive been where some of you speak.It wasnt my fault it took years to get over this.I even knew a policeman at the time.id welcome the condom.Most men really dont think,wear one ill bet or take action for their consequences.Man up.You wont get caught in one if its consensual. Sure the rapist might catch on but ive got an ex chief of police in the family who will tell you that in the end this guy is gonna be one sorry god fearing man once caught. i am sorry to say i feel nothing but pity for the man who used his sex as a weapon against me.He said “Pay backs a bitch” now you tell me if i was wrong to worry about safety.I think we need to do all we can as women to protect our selves.”Corinthians..Love is gentle and kind..”e

  198. David Hayes says:

    What I see as the problem for the device is that it doesn’t prevent the rape. The woman still gets assaulted physically and then, at least for a moment, penetrated. So it is punishment, not prevention. And, like others have said, the victim can again be questioned as if they were the aggressor – assaulting a man after consenting to sex. It’s back to he said, she said. I can imagine women getting arrested and sentenced for using it. Also, a man could probably check for the condom it becomes widely used and remove it just as easily as the wearer would. My conclusion is that it is nice for a person to have options … but I hope there are better options available or will be soon.

    I have kept quiet for years about this. Before I start, let me say that I don’t blame the victims for being raped. Any victim could probably do more to protect him or herself if they want to lock themselves in a cell and arm themselves to the teeth. It’s not fair that people can’t walk around and expect to be safe … but life isn’t fair. I wish it was, but it isn’t. The thing I have a hard time believing is that all rapists are the same. That’s like saying all white people or black people are the same. That’s like saying anyone that steals has the same motive – that it can’t be hunger or greed or desperation or a feeling of entitlement. To say that rape is ONLY about power and control boggles my mind. I will accept that that might be true in a lot of cases or in most cases but I can’t believe it is true in ALL cases. People cite that babies and elderly women are raped so it doesn’t have to do with a female being attractive. Ignoring babies for the moment, elderly women and obese women and anorexic women and all kinds of women have consensual sex. Someone else is having sex with them. That means that someone either finds them attractive and/or loves them or settles for having sex with them because they are willing. Some men will have sex with any woman that is willing to have sex with them just because they like how sex feels. People who like how taking drugs feels will steal drugs or steal money to pay for them if they can not afford to pay for the drugs. Some people who want things don’t respect other people’s property or care what they have to do to get what they want. They don’t care about the law or respect people saying “no.” They want what they want no matter what. Some want what they want but are concerned about consequences for their actions. These people look for opportunities to get what they want with the least chance of getting caught. Women alone in secluded places. Women that will be afraid to talk. Women in sweat pants because sweat pants are easy to pull down. Women who live alone. So, back to babies. Other than the case of people raping babies in Africa because they believe sex with a virgin will cure HIV (is that also “power and control” or just valuing their own life over the pain they cause the child?), a baby may be a way for someone who wants to have his penis in a vagina of someone who can’t tell anybody about what happened. If it was only about power and control, wouldn’t taking the baby’s pacifier or blanket or favorite toy away serve the same purpose? In the case of someone finding a woman passed out from drinking, I see that more a chance of someone taking what he wants rather than having power and control over a conscious woman. In the case of date rape drugs where the woman never even realizes that the rape occurred, how is that about power and control? People desire sex without rape. Why can’t rape be about desire for sex with the sociopathic lack of caring about the woman’s consent? In essence, “I want to see what having sex with you is like and you won’t let me but I don’t care and I’m taking what I want.” Are there any cases at all of men who would never rape if they always had the money available to hire a prostitute and a selection of prostitutes available to hire, but would rape women if they didn’t have the money or a willing woman available? Are there any cases where someone desires a particular woman so much that he will resort to rape if that is the only way to have her? And I’m talking DESIRE not love. Are there any young men that have seen so much sex on TV and movies and are so curious about sex and don’t have the sense or control to wait to find a willing partner. I just find it ridiculous that, in every case BUT sex, people can accept (not condone) that a person without scruples will take something he DESIRES without the legal right to do so. If a man takes sex without the consent of the other party, suddenly and magically it CAN’T be the sexual stimulation that he’s after – only power and control. Maybe I’m just incredibly stupid, but the “rape isn’t EVER about sexual desire” never seemed plausible to me. Is it that, if rape is sometimes caused by desire sometimes, then that makes stupid people hold a woman responsible because a man wants to have sex with her? Why is it that, if you aren’t talking about rape, then people can say that the only criteria men have for having sex with a woman is that she have a pulse. The joke is that women find consensual sex with a woman desirable simply because she is alive – even if her hygiene is bad or whatever. But as soon as the sex isn’t consensual, the man’s motive can’t be sexual desire.

    All I’m saying is this: If you don’t know what causes a disease, it makes it harder to defend against it. And if political correctness demands that no one can consider sexual desire or stimulation as a possible cause of rape, then the consequence will be that we will never be able to adequately protect against it.

  199. ron says:

    I am not a woman and do not pretend to know what a woman goes through under this predicament. I do know, that whatever a woman decides to wear, or wherever she goes, should not make her a target for rape.
    I consider Myself a southern gentleman, still opening doors, insist on picking up the tab, and must walk the lady to her car or door.
    My statement, above was to qualify My feelings, why do more women not carry guns ? ” No one ever raped a thirty eight !! “

  200. MoDestD says:

    one night after work I took my friend Larry home. Yet, before I dropped him off, I ran in to a bar to grab one quick drink. He didn’t mind waiting for me. He was under-age. Once inside, this strange guy kept hanging all over me and winking at his fraternity buddy. I knew what he was out to do. So I played along. The guy insisted that I give him a ride home. I said sure. You should have seen the disappointment on his face when he saw my friend Larry in the front seat as we approached my car. Obviously, he would not have looked so disappointed if he had not planned on more than a ride home. Screw these terrible men. I was molested as a kid by two family members. Defend yourselves women and men how ever you can. Because women do raping too. More than anything be smart about who you associate with. That will eliminate much of the odds against you.

  201. Frank says:

    I think that this invention is absolutley perfect!!!!!!!! I would love to see rapist agonizing in pain as they go into the hospital to get this removed. The rapist would be caught by police and charged with their felony and the woman would be safe…This is a great idea that protects women from violent sexual predators… Great Job Dr. Sonnet Ehlers I think she deserves the nobel peace prize!!!!!!

  202. Molanda2010 says:

    Hey Tanua,

    Are you stupid or dumb? This is a new world and a new generation; women should be able to dress how ever they feel and have the right not to be taken advantage of. You talk like you’re perfect; how can you be a good woman and wish something so horrible on a fellow female. You should be ashamed of yourself; how dare you let the bible come from you lips. You are not a woman of God because a woman of God would have the same love for thier fellow man as they would for themselves. You are a ignorant woman and you’re probablly just mad because you can’t fit anything provocative. Goodness your husband must be really board with you.

  203. Eugene says:

    Sadly, I can see a rapist filing charges and winning…

  204. PSO says:

    Wow…this whole string has somehow become a lets beat up Tanua topic. Yes his/her views are garbage…got it. Let’s refocus this string on this condom. I could not imagine walking around with that inserted. A piece of mind is one thing but what about infections or discomfort from the device?

  205. Keith says:

    This is the Facts , The condom is a good approach toward preventing rapes. The fact of the matter is men who rape women are not properly penalized therefore it is an ongoing act. I think they should set an Anvil on the Courtyard Grass have the news cameras ready, take a man who has been convicted of rape , lay his genitals out on the anvil and take a 20 lb sledge hammer and bash them on national television . After 2 or 3 of those Rape would cease to exist. Now Raping a child thats different , I think the man should be givin into the custody of the parents of the child and what happens after that is all legal. I have to boys and if a man ever decided to touch one of them OOPS That would be a big mistake. Have you ever seen kiss the girls. Well I am Samuel Jackson. Now as of the Religious aspect. I love Jesus with all my heart. I think that woman do dress a little to dazzling these days which makes them and us sinners. We as men have trouble not looking at these beautiful women ( Which the bible says thats our eyes committing adulturey ) and woman should take more pride in themselves. You dont have to dress with only 95 % of your body showing. If you want a real true man that will love you be yourself and dont let looks be your everything. When I met my wife she was wearing a baggy full sweat suit buying a soda from a store near home. We married 4 weeks later have 2 boys and come to find out she had been a bikini model most of her life , ( before God came into the picture) . Anyway bash them balls that will stop the raping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. cindy says:

    Rape is an act fueled by a desire for power, not sex. Clothing does not increase or decrease a persons chance of being raped.
    Rape is often a crime of opportunity. By contrast, there are things people can do to decrease their chance of becoming a victim.
    As for the condom, I think it may entice an increase in the amount of, or intensity of violence being administered when the person who is already power tripping suddenly has the tables turned in such a painful and violent manner. It may even perpetuate the so called knee jerk reaction when a person is running on adrenaline.
    As for deterring rape itself. I disagree that this will work. Once the word is out, (that the condom exists, and what locations it is being used in) it will only deter penetration of the vagina with a penis. It will not deter other things being used to penetrate the vagina, nor will it deter the penetration of other areas of the body. Rape will simply be “downgraded” to sexual assault. I apologize if anyone finds this too graphic a description, but this is reality.
    In the event a person is raped, and the condom works as it is supposed to, then an alledged rapist could potentially be identified simply by the type of treatment being sought from an emergency room. The DNA collection will provide much needed samples, however, there is a lot of room for human error here. 1.) Medical staff would have to be specifically trained to remove the condom without compromising the DNA sample within 2.) Protocol would have to be established with respect to storing or transporting the samples once collected to preserve it for testing. 3.) Protocol would have to be established with respect to chain of custody to protect the samples integrity, and resulting test results in a court of law.

  207. yadira says:

    i agree with this condom:)
    but i have a question.
    is the condom uncomfortable?
    and will it cause major damage to the male penis?

  208. mali Carter says:

    This is cool!! When will it be available for women in the U.S.?

  209. faith11 says:

    I do think this is a very neat product!

  210. Keith Merkel says:

    CIndy, Cindy , Cindy, Surely you dont believe that what a woman wears does not have influence on the rapist looking at her. Its cool to dress how you want , there is nothing wrong with that , just make sure its with friends and that you dont park your car is some dark alley or empty parking garage. I am a man and I am telling you that most of the time a man notices a woman by how she looks and dresses. It is sad that there are men out there that find pleasure in over powering woman , I hope that whatever happens they come out with a way to put a end to rape, molestation and all the other sick sadistic things deranged people are doing these days. I told u above how to fix it permentaly . Until then Ladys arm yourselfs with whatever u can to stop the Perp, preferrably a pistol. Get your consealed hand gun license , and when you shoot , shoot to kill make sure that they can never come back for someone else.
    God Bless

  211. Konia says:

    Thank you for creating this product. Women need to stand up to the sick and evil rape perpetrators. If the rapist does become enraged and is successful in retaliating, and ends up harming or even killing the woman, than at least she will be able to feel proud that she stood up for herself. Granted, she may be forced to leave this planet if she is murdered, but this possibility was already written in her spiritual contract. She was given a situation in life, and then the free-will to act and respond. When she is ready, she or he (“he”, if she chooses to come back as a male) will reincarnate with an increased level of self-esteem and worth. If in this lifetime she is provided with such a tool as the Rapex condom, yet chooses not to use it out of fear that society may disapprove, or that the rapist may become offended, then such evil males will continue to rein. Evil acts that use power and force to use, abuse and gain control over women such as rape have been happening for centuries and need to end. Deep down to the very core, this hereditary, societal disease is about large groups of males feeling threatened by female power, so they try to stifle and stomp out the yin or female essence through such ghastly methods. This is truly a sick and unbalanced way to think and act. A balanced Yin and Yang (female/male) essence of a human being is necessary in order to become an enlightened being. One gender is not more important than the other. Again, if a woman chooses self-respect and courage by daring to wear this device, and the perpetrator gets zapped, then she can be proud of her courage and self-respect, and has attempted to put a stop to the madness that plagues the world. Males who rape are sick minded -very, very sick minded. This type of evil needs to be washed from existence. There is no excuse!

  212. sweetseventeen says:

    i was just surfing the net for some medical help and came across this blog and so i decided to read the reply.. and woah. this has become a “one vs. the world” thing. hehe

    Moving on, I think that what Tanua is really trying to say is not that people who dresses inappropriately deserves to be raped but rather dressing provocatively is ONE of the things that causes a woman to get raped. i agree with those who said that we are in a new generation now and our way of dressing has changed from those from before but that doesn’t justify that we should show too much skin. I’m a teenager and I like dressing up and wearing shorts but that is as far as i’d go. i prefer dressing modestly than dressing like a whore. personally I don’t know why people have to show TOO much in order to look attractive. I think that a lot of people nowadays cares too much of how the society perceive their looks and not of what really matter(like character, intelligence, principles,etc) it doesn’t mean that if you show too much skin you are attractive. you might be but only for those horny maniacs that only wants to get laid. Earlier i said that dressing provocatively(that’s more intense than sexy) is one of the things but not the reason of getting violated. Let’s say that if a woman dresses provocatively, it will give an idea to those men that’ll see her but that doesn’t mean she’ll get raped. what will get her raped is if at least one of those men is a person who doesn’t give a damn if he violates a woman and doesn’t give a shit about the law. thus, i can say that dressing provocatively ADDS FUEL TO THE FIRE.

    getting back to the topic, i think that this Rapex looks rather uncomfortable. i mean I don’t want to be raped but i cannot imagine myself walking around everyday with this thing stuck on me private area. i mean seriously? wouldn’t going home early, not walking alone at night, choosing to walk along with the crowd, not getting drunk, and learning self-defense make more sense. i mean they were right when they said this might enraged the rapist more. therefore, I think that prevention is better than cure. and this Rapex doesn’t prevent rape. this is just merely an escape pad while being raped. besides, being undressed, touched, kissed, being forced to do a sexual act against ones will, etc, even w/o a penetration can already be called rape and this Rapex doesn’t prevent that. i think the most significant thing this condom can do is preventing unwanted pregnancy and not rape itself.

    Furthermore, i think there are a lot more reasons on why people tends to rape others. we might not fully know it all but we can all agree that no one wants to be raped.

    PS. let us respect others’ religion and opinions. each and everyone of us has his/her own insights about the topic so let us be a good listener and try to look at it from their point of view. no need to trash talk any one.

  213. chinny says:

    the rape condom is a very good idea, though am a man i love the idea. rapists deserve (to be put mildly) should be given the death sentence, period!

  214. Cynthia says:

    I think it’s a wonderful idea. Yes, it is a disguesting shame that devices like this has to be invented to protect women from rape. And rape is not about sex. It’s about control. The rapist feels inadequate in his own life, so he has to make himself feel superior by making the woman feel inferior. And a woman should be able to wear whatever she wants, wherever and with whomever without the fear of being raped. And I believe that a rapist should be castrated at the first offense. Because they will never change. They will rape again.

  215. Ladydarksky says:

    i’ll reiterate a bit on this

    1. i am not religious nor do i care what a book says on rape and how we should dress ect this is the real world not some book someone wrote today yesterday 20 years 50 years a mill ago this is the real world where no one cares what you look like who your parents are who your husband is if you have kids if your family is waiting at home they do what they please and most of the time it’s rape.

    2. what you wear has nothing to do with rape, a woman is an easy target when a man assumes she is vonerable , not knowing her surroundings he has a mental issue wanting for some reason or another to take dominance over a femal perhaps his mother was dominant over him there have been proven studies over it perhaps his g/f was dressing provocative and men were fauning over her and it became to much there are proven facts upon proven facts that men and or woman have raped someone dont get nervious not all.

    3. a child at 12 years of age nor any woman at that fact is wearing a sign saying come get me, matter of fact didnt anyones parents teach them look but do not touch when they were younger in stores, ladies and gents this means people too, when your parents said keep your hands to yourself that ment hands and body.

    4. since were on the religion topic there was a time when woman wore scantly clothes in the bible…… did you see god turn away then? and what topic was this about clothing i have read the bible front to back and all i have found is how were loved how we shouldnt judge yet here we are back on the debate on who is right and who is wrong. the bible clearly states woman was made for man and he who is without sin cast the first stone now shoosh tauna. also it plainly states that man must live by the laws he is governed by as well as the laws of the lord, one of the laws is rape is plainly stated not to happen yet it does. there goes that theory out the window.

    5. this is an interesting idea however, woman who struggle in rape are normally killed by there attackers (notice i said attacker) these are woman who confide in men or woman and become “safe” with that person. 9 times out of 10 woman know who there attacker is. it’s not a secret that it happends and religion should be kept out of a debate concerning law. law is fact rape should never happen period no matter what someone chooses to wear. was it ok for slaves to be raped after put in skant clothing? they were not asking for it no yet they were. is it ok for a child to be raped because she is wearing a sun dress going to sunday school? it’s happened and no it’s not ok.

    the debate is not on the reasons why it happends face it the world has changed to the point woman and some men need protection and this is an interesting idea for africa since there are men there who rape, sodomize and kill woman. however in the united states this would be a very difficult thing since most men and woman are smart to check and stalk the person or persons first to know what there daily routine is first. where they do what they do who they see even sometimes in the privacy of there own homes. I am a surviver of rape, i was raped at 12 years of age wearing a pair of baggy streach pants and a baggy t-shirt with a turtle neck under it to cover my whole body head to toe nothing but my face hair and hands were showing and i have to say this i am sorry to say wont work for all. it may work for some yes but not all.

    an attacker will check it’s one of the things they do however there are some simple rules to follow first and formost.

    1. always stay in a crowded place never go anywhere with someone you know or dont know alone specially if there to trusting.

    2. even if you are comfortable and know the person do not let your guard down this not only goes for woman but men as well there are reported cases of men being raped not many but there are.

    3. you dont need anything fancy as a weapon you have your keys they double as a weapon use them between your fingers and never go into a parking lot that is not well lit. always have someone walk with you to your car if it is late at night and always contact your family before you leave your destination and go to your car with an exact time as to when you are to arrive at home or school ect. encase you do not make it.

    4. prevention is the best form of action if you can not take all the steps to prevent the action from happening there are other devices more advanced than this, c02 pepper spray, chasity belts, ect are what seems to be a better way to keep yourself safe. a good car door opener is always a great help as well one that starts your car and opens your doors so you do not have to be off guard and fumble for your keys. when walking near a dark alley stay closer to the road. however if someone stops and offers you a ride do not acknowledge them if you do kindly decline and make sure your statement claims you are meeting someone and quickly find a crowded place to go to and inform someone you were just tried to be picked up outside.

    and last but not least in this busy social climate we can not let ourselves be off guard this is not back in the times where we all grew up and neighbors were friendly and not harsh in action this is the new world which has people in it that can not be trusted past your window. do not think for one simple reason because you chose to wear your high heels and a sweater that you will not be assaulted sexually or otherwise. there are sick people out there who are out for one thing and arent looking at what you wear there looking at an easy target. dont make yourself one be on guard!

  216. Ms Millie says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea. Although I do agree with others that it should be even more severe to the rapist, at least a little bit more severe.

  217. Cin says:

    To Tanua and everyone else who think it’s the woman’s fault for the way she dresses. Let’s just all wear those big black burkas that the taliban is so fond of…oh I forgot…those women get raped too!

  218. Sanu says:

    In this 21st century we are raising the gender issue Why? In our society crimes have been taken place from the begining of human history. Of course glamourous body and sexy dress will be more vulnerable for the rape, but this is not only the cause. Nowadays moralities of the people declined and psychologically distrubed, that can also be taken in consideration. Yes both women and man are the victim of rape, thetre may be different number.
    Finally there should be fucntional legiglature and promt implimentation and penalty should be death, if rape proved or even attemted for rape.
    Regarding the condom now in use may be good for emergency pupose, but not the long term solution. Long term solution is respect to the humanity.
    Is any body is there to make somethings for men too?

  219. Steph says:

    Most people have made very good points on this issue. I think Tanua’s been scolded enough, haha, though I was also completely angered by her statement. i mean, have you heard of places like Afghanistan, Tanua??? I would ignore Derp’s comment if had seen more than one person mention it. It probably is best to ignore those type of people but sometimes I can’t help but say something.

    So Derp:
    yes, males do get raped and it is just as terrible a crime as raping women and it should not be condoned regardless of gender. however, it is the act that is equally terrible not the effects. unless you are a child, an elderly man, or up against a strong woman or one who has physically bound you, the rape will likely not be forcible or therefore a “violent crime” by law. most women of above average strength cannot overcome males of even below average strength. you will be physically used but not physically harmed. you will also probably not be killed afterwards because, again, those who commit violent crimes are typically males.

    in addition, society views women as the object or receiver of sexual intercourse as well as other actions committed by men. women’s rights have improved tremendously. a generation prior to mine, we would not even be developing such products as the Rapex or be permitted to discuss them. however, men still have dominance and rape is an extreme example of this sense of power.

    regular condoms and birth control are made to prevent pregancy. it is the woman who risks getting pregant from rape. a male raped would not have to live with that consequence.

    lastly, rape is by far the most traumatic act one can experience. but i must refer back to the perception of women’s bodies as objects. the current extent of this is due to societal influences on sexuality, however the basis is the fact that women are the ones who become pregnant. whether or not a girl was pregnant or physically battered as a result of rape, she would be emotionally scarred as would a male. but for a female of an age at which she was familiar with the concept of lust, the scarring would come from the idea that both her body and her status as a woman with that body was wrongfully used whereas a male that was likewise familiar with this concept would probably feel he was used because of the particular woman and not because held a female’s vulnerability in society. he too would be emotionally affected for the rest of his life but from a different and slightly lesser standpoint.

    overall, this is a serious and controversial issue. i think Rapex is a good idea for those who would seriously consider using it in a rightful way. i agree some women flaunt their sexuality and are provocative but these are women who have been socialized to see no problem with men’s use of women and enjoy going to dirty clubs and working as strippers as such. but even provocativeness does not excuse the action. finding a woman attractive is not a reason to jump her and, as has been established, men that commit rape are on the prowl planning to do so before they even come across their target. regardless of attitude or dress, no woman walking down the street wants to be raped and society, excluding the sickos that do rape people, also does not want people raped. this product is directed toward women because the combination of all the factors i mentioned cause women to be raped MUCH more frequently.

    i agree with the females who have said it would be awkward to wear the Rapex before you left the house everyday. but for those in areas such as South Africa wear rape is rampant it is a great protection to have. if you live in a fairly safe area like I do, rape probably does not often cross your mind. but even for a trip to a sketchy part of town or a place you have any fears about, Rapex would be a logical recommendation.

    but i agree with those who have said weapons such as small knives or pepper spray are always a better option. or if you carry a heavy enough purse, you could possibly knock them out haha. the fact that men must get the Rapex removed at the hospital where doctors would know what they did and who they did it to thanks to the DNA is brilliant though and the best solution woman have as of yet. for those who say it would be used out of spite or accidentally, i have no doubt it would. but its impossible to prevent the misusal of such products and i believe the majority of women would wear Rapex for the correct purpose. and i agree that the simple fear aspect the knowledge of Rapex would invoke in men would lessen instances of rape and women’s worries.

    lastly, i love the support of the majority of males who commented despite the fact that this product isn’t for you all. but for those like Derp, let me ask you: When’s the last time you heard a rape discussion such as this one and actually pondered the possibility of YOU getting raped? you can’t argue males don’t share the same risks and if you truly are concerned, why don’t you look into forms of protection for men or just yourself?

    bottom line: no one WANTS to think about it, but women HAVE to. so why not be protected?

  220. Jennifer says:

    Re the provocative dress bit, why don’t all of you know-alls above (whose main aim of being on this site would appear to be to relieve your own aggression!), ask a couple of policemen how most rape victims are dressed at the time of the offence?
    They’ve got the real answers.

  221. RM says:

    There is more than one way to be raped. This is no help at all if a woman is anally or orally raped or is forced to do things with her hands. If rapists weren’t sick, they wouldn’t be rapists. Wearing this thing might make some women feel safer, and that’s great, they should wear it. But no one should be fooled into thinking it’s going to protect them from all of the sick sociopaths out there.

  222. jojo says:

    i think the first guys reply was right. it will only make the man angry n panic, which will lead to the man killing the girl for putting him in such a position. or WORSE, these men will gradually learn about this stuff and later if they decide they will just take the thing out of a girls vagina and rape the girl afterwords. i believe its not a permanent thing that the girls can take it out at all unless some1 rapes them, they might have husbands right?

  223. alicia says:

    Where was this condom when I was being raped! The pain that I endured and humiliation. If only he could feel the pain the same way I did! That would teach him to not rape again. I have be re-living the rapes everyday. If only i could make him feel the same pain! This a the best defense a women can have to teach these jerks that a women should be heard when she’s telling him to stop, that he his hurting her.

  224. Mayor says:

    i like the idea behind this condom too because i would like to be a doctor in life but all the same i think Tauna is right. we shouldnt crucify him

  225. Chris says:

    This device does not prove rape. It proves penetration, and not who initiated it. Secondly, it is speculated the device can only be removed by a surgeon. This claim is erroneous and furthermore the legal system in these nations do not support any sort of persecution for those already known to be rapists. In addition, if rape cannot be proven and penetration was consensual does the women then get charged with rape? This device is no solution, it reminds me of how successful “the club” was at preventing car theft decades ago.

  226. Angehhh says:

    I personally think this is a nice idea. And If it hurts the man like the article said then he more than likey wouldn’t hurt the woman or kill them. It men starts learning about this then they will lessen their rapes I believe. I just don’t understand why people rape people…just go to the corner where all the prostitutes at. That too I don’t understand why women and men prostitute themselves but who cares; dont rape innocent people, get a girl/boyfriend. Anyways, the idea’s good. I agree with jojo that men will begin learning of this and try to come up with new ideas to rape women though…

  227. Yikesdangit says:

    I believe that I have seen some murders and serial killers say that they have looked at pornographic material and dirty movies before they go out and kill someone. So…. Then when they go out and see someone dressed like what they saw in the movies or pictures they choose that type to kill. If what we wear does not have anything to do with rape at least it has something to do with being murdered some of the time. And possibly has something to do with rape some of the time and with being thought of as a slut most of the time by decent people. So lets just not show off our boobs and butts and be safest we can be. Carry a gun, mace or pepper spray take a self defense class, go with a buddy and scream real loud.

  228. Skye says:

    Tauna, look. NO RAPIST is going to look at a girl and think “Hmm. She’s dressed modestly. She looks too nice. Nahh I wont rape her.” He will rape whoever he pleases, no matter what. Its all about the way this Guy thinks. Its about the psychology. If anything, he might PREFER a nice, helpless, and innocent looking girl to take advantage of. That’s pretty much all I have to share as a reply.

    On the other hand, this IS a good idea, but isn’t it uncomfortable?!

  229. Mahmud says:

    No reason is justified to rape women whatever they are wearing. I am a straight male. And yes I can get horny when seeing girls. But I don’t think raping is allowed. That is totally evil. Why should we bother women by telling them to wear some kind of body armors, weird undies, special condoms, etc. They have rights and freedoms to wear sexy clothing and feel comfort with them. If you only lecture women without any corrections toward men that it is USELESS. Males must learn to control lust.

    If any rapist find that women are wearing some “protectors” or “shields” on their undies THEN THEY CAN THREAT TO KILL OR INJURE THEM TO FORCE THEM TAKE THEM OFF!!! THIS PROVES THAT WOMEN CAN STILL BE HARASSED! If I were a rapist I would use knife or any other weapons to cripple my victim and make her “protector” or “shield” broken! Or I would use wood to hit her head! DO YOU EVER THINK OF THAT ?

    You know what… I am sick of most males in my hometown thinking women in sexy clothes are asking for rapes. If you are wearing mini skirt in front of me and you have sexy body, I still have no right to rape you! And they think I am ridiculous for thinking so.

    Just see what is happening in Norway and Sweden! A lot of immigrants come to their soils, rape the women and then blame them for wearing sexy clothes. AND NO NEED TO DRINK BEER TO MAKE THEM RAPISTS!! THE REAL PROBLEM IS THEIR MINDSET!! They are the ones who believe sexy clothes are an invitation for sexual assault. So they can lose control without beer! This is dangerous mindset because it makes men real evil! And this is totally unfair to women!

    I am not from a scandinavian country but when I learn about rape cases around the world I see the main reason why women get raped is men not controlling lust NOT women’s clothes. Scandinavian countries are just little examples that show us women are still mistreated under men’s egos!

    In Saudi Arabia, the rate of rapes is low BUT it is because the men are allowed to take polygamy or have sex with their female maids! WHY SHOULD WE BOTHER FEMALES BUT AT THE SAME TIME WE SPOIL MALES ????

    Please don’t be brainwashed. And stop invading women.

  230. Marina says:

    The power has rested with men for to long. They always claim ‘consensual’, how the tables have turned. 70 percent of murders have been raped might as well collect the DNA so they can prove who did the crime. AWESOME. I have a right to a gun and this condom contraption. COOL!

  231. Rape go away says:

    @peaceable…..the rapist, statistically, would choose the one who looks most like a female family member. Hair color, face shape and likeness, height are the factors most rapist act on. It actually had nothing to do with frees attire. @tanua….you are a rapist who most likely had a strong female parenting figure who was a religious radical with strict rules and constant reiteration of misguided statements of negativity mostly derived from her husband leaving her for someone who dressed to his liking, ( reveals skin and shape ). @ everyone else don’t be fooled, assurance of tanua not getting his payoff is not speaking of your personal traitors

  232. Bill says:

    What I hate is Christians posting things that aren’t even biblical. Jesus never taught condemnation, and blaming women for a mans choice is hypocrisy. Sorry to all who now are turned off even more to the gospel by people who condemn and add things to scripture. Secondly rape happens to lots of women who do dress modestly, and sometimes even by “pastors”? What about priests who molest? Religion has nothing to do with this, but Jesus? It’s only about Jesus, and Jesus doesn’t condemn the victims who are raped, he shows compassion. So why aren’t you showing compassion?

  233. iwashere says:

    I agree that something needs to be done, the women of Africa have to suffer with this everyday and it doesn’t stop at them being raped if they contract AIDS. Its then passed on to children, mothers are too sick to care for their them or die leaving them to fend for themselves. Entire villages starve because they do not have women to gather food and water. Women are the backbone of society over there. They are not sexy women and they didnt ask for it. The condom seems like a good idea but it wont protect them against a pissed off rapist who might kill them, rapists may even start looking for it first, and could it also be used to protect them against sodomy? The only way to take care of the problem is to send in hired guns to kill of the rapists.

  234. tony swaner says:

    in concept, that being a rapist’s effort rewarded with unexpected extreme pain that will be relieved almost exclusively at an er, it is a device bound to be a success. however, it seems to me that as tolerance to pain can vary greatly among individuals this device could affect some who, enraged rather than incapacitated, would conduct a campaign of mayhem upon those deploying the device. so, as i do not know, i am compelled to ask if it is a reasonable bet that avoiding rape with this device does not pose the risk of far greater physical injury.

  235. chris says:

    this is a great idea for potential rape victoms but what if one of you ladies use it as an act of revenge against a guy you dont like or use it on your boyfriend or husband for cheating on you so if you use it make sure you remember to take it out when you have sex with somebody you love or want to sleep with cuz oops i forgot to remove it baby isnt good enough for me remember its a weapon use it with care

  236. Tom says:

    I am a male, and I wholeheartedly agree that this is a step in the right direction. The only people who would complain about this are potential rapists themselves…

    Speaking as a psych major, the psychological consequences of rape are great and many women find their lives changed completely after a rape incident. Many feel so bad about themselves that they try to commit suicide. I think that it is only fair for someone making the choice to commit rape to have to deal with any consequences that follow, and if the consequences are a ripped penis, they’ll certainly think again about rape.

  237. Jithin says:

    I’m still not convinced that this condom will actually help women from being raped.. the raper, by this time would have come to know about this condom and moreover if he likes fingering before inserting his thing into it.. he can very well be saved from the killer condom! He can very well check with his fingers if any traps have been set inside there and act accordingly! May be pull it off and start the banging! Makes sense? Just a thought 🙂

  238. i think it’s a great idea. also remember, men are raped as well as woman, i mean have you ever heard of men being raped in jail? well it happens in the free world as well. so… Rapex condoms for everyone and anyone who wants one.

  239. Ashan says:

    I haven’t read all of these comments, but I must say Justin and Doc did present an interesting view: what happens if a woman lures a man to sex when she is wearing that thing, and cres ‘rape’ after the man is caught up in this mess? maybe to get back at an Ex? or just someone they hate?
    It is a good move to protect women, but this doesn’t make women all-harmless-couldn’t-hurt-a-fly (Its just my opinion).
    I am a lady.

  240. Dabida says:

    Rape should have a penalty payment…. the mans little penis. Upon conviction, the first thing that is done, the moment after the verdict is read, the judge calls the penis reaper… and he cuts it off in the court room… try that on for size..

  241. Carole says:


    Tauna needs to look up some definitions before speaking – there is nothing about rape that a low cut top or short skirt would include – dressing and any fashion is not what provokes (sp?) some one to rape – IT IS NOT SEXUAL – RAPE does not occur because someone is sexually attracted to another – RAPE is about controlling another person and TAKING from that other person

    As for the condom – I would hate to think that we have come to the point in our society that all women have to take precautions to prevent rape and assault every time they go out in public. But I am glad that there are products on the market such as this condom available to women.

    REMEMBER: Rape is not about sex, it is about POWER OVER and CONTROL!!!

  242. wanda says:

    I disagree with AlSnow, I was raped at 16 I was’nt dressed anywhere near seductive I had a gaucho on and a long sleeved blouse that covered my cleavage but it happened anyway and I take offense to what you said,
    and what about the elderly who are raped? 99.9% of them wear clothes that covers their body too and the young children who dress like a normal child? Its 100% the rapist fault not the females. Its like saying its the bankers fault the bank was robbed because they flash money all the time when counting it out for the customers.. or its the candy shops fault my child stole candy because they left the candy on display and tempted that child to steal the candy. NO NO NO! as I said, 100% the rapists fault because they didn’t exercise self control if a parent beat their child and killed it because the child was screaming or just getting on their nerves is it the childs’ fault? NOPE it the parents fault because they she/he didnt execise self control so I dont want to hear you accuse the females for provoking it because thats just such bs and it really makes me cringe when someone blames the victim.

  243. wanda says:

    I disagree with Tauna ( not ALSNOW), I was raped at 16 I was’nt dressed anywhere near seductive I had a gaucho on and a long sleeved blouse that covered my cleavage but it happened anyway and I take offense to what you said,
    and what about the elderly who are raped? 99.9% of them wear clothes that covers their body too and the young children who dress like a normal child? Its 100% the rapist fault not the females. Its like saying its the bankers fault the bank was robbed because they flash money all the time when counting it out for the customers.. or its the candy shops fault my child stole candy because they left the candy on display and tempted that child to steal the candy. NO NO NO! as I said, 100% the rapists fault because they didn’t exercise self control if a parent beat their child and killed it because the child was screaming or just getting on their nerves is it the childs’ fault? NOPE it the parents fault because they she/he didnt execise self control so I dont want to hear you accuse the females for provoking it because thats just such bs and it really makes me cringe when someone blames the victim.

  244. Rachel says:

    No person man, woman or child EVER should be harmed in that way. There is no excuse to pray on the weak and that’s what rapist do, they find someone that they can overpower either physically or psychologically and rape them. I wish I could take all the pain that the victims of rape or molestation will ever feel. I pray for your heart to heal, and God to give you strength and punish those responsible for harming you. When I was 3 my father who I believe to be sexual addict and claims to be a victim of sexual abuse by his aunt. Was drunk and asked me if I wanted to learn to “mommy daddy kiss” wagging his tongue at me. I was all alone with him as I was spending the weekend with him since my mom kicked him out for cheating on her while she was pregnant with my brother. I don’t remember what happened after that except being scared and crying b/c I knew that was wrong. I’m 25 now and still haven’t told anyone except my husband what happened,I no longer speak to my father and will never let my daughter be near him. But going back to one of the first posts was that my fault for dressing like a slut? I think I did have a bathing suit on since it was summer in California, did I tempt him? People who rape anyone is a coward and should suffer the ultimate punishment, their life. How dare anyone blame the victim, they’re just as guilty as the rapist as far as I’m concerned.

  245. anonymous says:

    To all the people who argue that the condom could be used as a weapon against men who they dislike or want to get revenge on, well i strongly believe that the males should think twice about having sex with a woman who maybe they are not that close to. A woman is highly unlikely to do this to a boyfriend therefore the male shouldnt be so eager. Think before you have sex with a woman, it affects them more than males. And its not just the womans choice to have sex it can be the males too, women shouldnt always have to encourage sex.

  246. Yellow Teeth says:

    Nice Envention Dr. Ehlers 🙂

  247. Watson says:

    Great device for women defense!, weird and sort of a pessimistic reality…It just brings a whole thought towards fatale attraction lol. Well looking before you leap never had a more realistic outcome. Rape is wrong and should be punished with life changing lessons. I am a supporter of Capital Punishment 🙂

  248. i am a Psychiatric RN and Therapist and this is a medical breakthrough to deter rapists and give women some sense of control over their bodies. Rape is an act of violence against women everywhere. It is about power not sex. Women should be able to protect themselves and I think this condom is needed. The psychological trauma from rape lasts a lifetime………… Kudos to MamasHealth!!

  249. julian says:

    How can you feminists say rape is wrong yet push away religion at the same time? You look to only blame men. Is it not possible that a woman has been raped because she is dressing in an immodest fashion? When you speak you say rape is wrong, where do you get such an idea? Males pregnate females in the animal kingdom against their will all the time. Are we not part of this same kingdom? What makes us better than they are? I say rape is wrong, completely wrong regardless of time and place. How can i say this without it being anything more than what I like/dislike? The Bible. Or any religion. The only being that can state right from wrong would be a creator. If there is no creator right/wrong is decided by survival of the fittest, meaning the rapist is stronger and you are weaker therefore the rape is justified by the rapist and you have no say in the matter. Barbaric is it not? Before you speak remember to find what your true motivation lies. If you say that rape is wrong because it harms the victim, remember that the victim was not strong enough and nolonger matters because of it. I believe rape is wrong because the Creator made it so, and you say rape is not right because you don’t like it. Rape is wrong and always has, and always will be wrong. I expect many hate comments to be posted about me because people do not enjoy being told they are wrong. Your answer is not wrong, in fact none of these answers are wrong, the reason behind the answer is wrong and makes all of these answers irelevant.

  250. Alicia says:

    Sorry to bring back a dead discussion, but I gotta join in.

    With regards to Tanua’s post, rape is not asked for. Yes, some slutty girls get raped. But also, old women, men, children, and defenseless innocent people are raped.
    And about that bible. Should we kill all those hardworking people who work on saturday? Should we be able to own slaves, as stated in Lev. 25:44? Should we burn animals on an altar as a sacrifice? Should we outlaw football because it requires touching the skin of a dead pig?

    Tanua, my little brother was raped. He sure as hell didn’t ask for it.

    Anyway, awesome device.

  251. Cake says:

    Im a guy and first off i ABSOLUTELY cannot stand any one to harm a woman in anyway. This Rapex thing is great in the fact that it is gona “bite” down, collect dna, and HAVE to be taken off at a hospital. The only problem i see is the “well im going to have to wear this anytime i could possibly be raped”, Well who knows when their going to get raped? No one…..if we did there would be less of it! Anyhow i think this is a really good idea but it could use some tweaking.

  252. Alexx says:

    Well if guys know it exists, they will just start sodomizing.

  253. SICSYSTEM says:

    Bravo to Tanua’s comment enragin so many people,genius. However, it is very funny how no one seems to understand the definition of the word ‘Impose’. Making a comment on a message board is far from imposig something on someone, yet everyone makes the defense that Tanua’s is imposing. Idiot’s. No one is deserving of Rape, but it has been proven that lust begins with looking at something lustfully, and rape is asmuch about power as it is sexual arousal. So the Question becomes, do you believe that you should be able to dress provocatively and men will not look at you with lust. Or do you believe that if rape is something realenough to warrant this device,then I should dress ‘Sexy’ and hope it never happens to me. Look at it logically and you can’t say it would not hurt to dress more moedstly and that rapein younger teenagers is more about the way girls might be dressing and tempting younger men. It’s a fact that a girl wearing provocative clothes will tempt anyman, not necessarily to rape her, and there is never an excuse for that, however, it seems like upping the ante to me.

  254. Autumn says:

    You’re an idiot.

    So because people dress provocatively, they had it coming?

    I honestly can’t get over your ignorance. People like you make we want to go on a punching-spree.

    That is all.


  255. Caitlin says:

    Hey Tanua, do you know how many “modest” women are raped in their homes? What about children who are abducted and raped? It sickens me to think that a woman could ever say that. You should just crawl into a little corner and keep your ignorant comments to yourself. It has nothing to do with God or religion. Nobody asks to be raped. I hope your children break free of the things you’re instilling in them. Hopefully the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  256. laura says:

    I hope that the product was offerd every where in every city because if you are on this web site and have been rape you would not have a negative comment to say about any of it if it has not happen to you please do not say any thing unless you know what is to live with anger and fear , shame , hurt ,and not trust or be able to have a normal relationship ever in your life most of all the night mare that comes back over and over again so i am happy for someone trying to make a difference not like some people that have nothing better to do than be mad at the world about them selfs

  257. Shawn says:

    I just wanted to add that this Tanua person needs to take more time educating his or herself with psychology and statistics, rather than the bible. Her/his idea of why people are raped is as old as the book she/he is reading. Shame on you Tanua.
    As for the Rapex condom, hallelujah!! It is about time something is done! I noticed that some of the comments mentioned that the rapist would be so angry about this condom he would end-up killing the victim, but that generally happens anyway, and these people do not get caught! So, even if he did kill the victim, he still is caught, therefore he gets put in prison and is not able to do this act to anyone else! Eventually, word will get out about this condom to the people who think they can go out and rape someone, and they will think twice before doing it. I hope that this device is available to people all over the world! Spread across billboards and TV commercials! I think that the doctor should make them for men too. Thank you Dr. Ehlers for caring about your fellow women and men:)

  258. Angie says:

    Tauna, I have been raped and you know what. I was wearing my work clothes, black pants, and a long sleve black shirt., and I worked at a haunted house so I was still coveres in my zombie makeup. Not every one who get raped is provocative. I just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to be a female. You need to pick up the news paper once in a while. Alot of people who go missing, are really young and dont even know what provoctive is. educate yourself.

  259. Trish says:

    This is a wonderful idea. But you seem to all be forgetting that this doctor created this device to be used as a deterant for rape in some of the worst countries for woman to live and be victimized. This isn’t something intended for daily use world wide. If any of you lived in a place where the reality of your world was simply walking to school or work you had to fear being attacked and raped, you would all be inserting this device as a precaution.
    This may bot be a solution to rape but it would certainly make anyone think twice about attacking a woman again.

  260. Mike says:

    What if she forgets to take it out and has sex with someone she wants to? What if she is spoiled and decides the best way to get back at someone is to say he raped her, will this device make the innocent man more guilty? Boys need to be taught every year until they graduate the psychological damage done and girls need to be taught how not to put themselves in position to be raped (not that they all put them in that situation.

  261. CrazyJ says:

    First off I am a male, second I think it is a great idea, do I think that there are those out there who would use this as a means to assult men? Absolutly but who cares for every 1 women who uses this to just hurt some one millions will be using to protect themselves. It’s a harsh reality we live in and I think it better to be able to protect yourself when you weigh it against the possibility of it being used for other reasons. Next is the idea that if you dress like a “slut” you are asking to be raped. I know a few different rape victims, most of whom did not dress like a “skank”, and a couple who did. And none of them ever asked for it, none of them ever said “well I was wearing alot of make up and a dress so it was bound to happen”. Seriously what the hell is wrong with people to think that they asked for it. Also as a man it is offensive to say that if I see a women dressed in a low cut shirt and short skirt I will be compelled to rape her. I live in a city with alot of women and I see scantilly dressed women all the time and have never once even had the thought pop into my head. Also at some point above I saw that someone said rape is 100% male doing, which is of course wrong. Although rare (perhaps not as rare as stats say since most people would never believe a man was raped by a woman) women have been known to rape men as well as other women. And to end it off yes it is kind of a sexist device since men can be raped by men or women or in some cases both but for the most part it is still men raping women. Our best bet isnt to change the way we dress but to educate both our men and women.

  262. jessica says:

    i researched rape my senior year of high school, not only because i wanted to see how often it occurred, but to answer some questions as to why did it happen to me more then 3 times…yes i am a rap victim and authorities no of it … id doesn’t just happen from strangers and/or relatives but also by friends and sometimes even spouses…when it occurred the woman is in shock and terrified, all they can think about is survival. they think “should i tell any1” “should i call the police?” “will he kill me if i speak out?”. its a very hard thing to do…when a woman actually does find that nerve to cry out for help, she will try her hardest to help any other woman out there be safe and protected…i am not one to dress slut i do not trust any man alone now, it triggered me so bad it even effects my personal relationships not only with friends but with my boyfriend… i cant have a shirt even touch my neck, iv been strangled so much. women do not ask for rape. it is a random act no1 is prepared for…this is why i think this product it an answer to women’s violation problems…rapex may help……………if a woman said no, or stop or resists in any way shape or form that means unwilling and the man needs to learn when to stop…

  263. Mellissa G says:

    Ok so I’m down for the whole concept of this. But I adhere with the very first comment posted. How exactly do the rapex condom work? If were being raped/sexually assaulted do we just ask the rapist to stop for a money put it in and so ok lets start back up? Or is this something that we have in all the time for a just in case factor? I’m sorry but that does NOT look like it would be comfortable inside of a woman at all. Do they come in multiple sizes? Not every womens vagina’s are all the same size or shaped the same. I’m honestly not to sure if I would support this product. I like the idea don’t get me wrong but

  264. CJCatz says:

    Violent Crimes – including Rape – actually speak LOUDEST about society and how it “tends” to molestation, the drug addicted, mentally violent, repeat offenders etc.

    First of all, I would like to see what the “Professional Profiler” would say about the use of this product.

    There are SEVERAL loopholes here.

    1. Women are taught to carry a whistle, walk in groups, be ALERT and AWARE of your surroundings etc. but NEVER advised to instigate or provoke their attacker. I truely do NOT believe this device would do more than ENRAGE an attacker that is drug impaired, or even running high on Adrenalin. The state of mind is ALWAYS stronger than the physical state. The subject may never rape again, but will it be at the cost of someone’s life? The fight or flight response is individual to everyone.

    2. In the age of “Baby Daddy” and “You are NOT the father” the potential for misuse of this product is phenominal in the US and Europe. Vindictive women have PROVEN that if they are determined to cause anguish to a man – THEY WILL!

    3. This will NOT protect children, MEN, the mentally handicapped or most of the elderly this crime is commited against. It will also not protect against sodomy on anyone.

    4. Though the phrase “just because your paranoid, DOESN’T mean they’re not out to get you.” is usually good advice for sending your kids out into the world, a rape victim will carry that fear THE REST OF THEIR LIFE. I think this may cross a line between being “prepared” (self defense, Mace, Rape Whistle etc) and being EXPECTANT of the worst possible scenario. Paranoia can be almost as dangerous to innocent people.

    5. The feeling of vunerability has ALREADY been experienced and the victim has ALREADY been violated when this device “acts”. So in “trapping” the offender, we still are NOT saving the victim from physical or emotional suffering, only giving them a sense of revenge.

    I am a 4’9″ 100lb WOMAN. I am literally the same size as a 3rd or 4th grader, and could list MULTIPLE times I have come face to face with someone (MALE AND FEMALE) with pedophiliac comments and stares that make you literally nauseous. I defend myself by REMOVING myself from a potential “situation”, being aware of my surroundings AT ALL TIMES, and most importantly keeping my PERSONAL INFORMATION PRIVATE (address, make & model of car etc.).

    Discression is NOT only about the way you dress, it is about EVERY decision you make. If your inner voice is telling you there is potential danger – LISTEN TO IT!

    DNA can be collected in several other methods: swabs, nail scraping etc. Is this method – which works AFTER being violated, any more conclusive?

    I agree that violent offenders need a deterent, I am just VERY skeptical of this method.

    My opinion is that this would only change the “target” of this crime, leaving Children, and the disabled at an even greater risk than they are now by making them even more vunerable than they already are.

  265. Jayda says:

    Everyone has their own personal reason for the decisions they make. No one can really say why a he/she decided to rape that person. Rapists prey on the people they feel can’t defend themselves. He/she is not going to go for someone twice their size and/or weight and someone in a group(unless he/she has partners). It has nothing to do with religion, clothing, or time of day. It’s all about being prepared. In theory the Rapex sounds like a pretty good idea, but in reality It’s going to cause more harm than good to the victim. In order to get to the condom the man has to penetrate her, so she’s already been raped. The woman is only going to have a split second at the time it bites him and he pulls out to kick him in the head and get up to run away(hopefully she’s on her back); If he hasn’t knocked her out beforehand. I say the rapex is playing with fire.

  266. Linda B says:

    I think what Tauna means is that women dress/behave seductively to attract men’s attention–to get men to notice them, perhaps approach them, etc. Women strive to be “hot”, “sexy”, etc. Why? If you don’t want a man to think of you as a sex object, then why dress/behave like one? What’s your goal? I know it’s not rape…but the problem in human nature is that when you dress/behave in a sexual and seductive way, you are putting yourself out there to attract all kinds of men—the good and the bad (and, the ugly…LOL!) and increasing the attention you get from not-so-good guys. You send a message by the way you dress….when you see someone in Goth garb, you unconsciously draw a conclusion about that person; if you see someone dressed in coveralls, ball cap and plaid shirt, your mind automatically categorizes that person….when you see a woman with her boobs hanging out and a short, tight skirt and spike heels, your mind processes that information and draws a conclusion. Unfortunately, rapists interpret that kind of woman as “she must want it…she’s showing me what she’s got”. I’m not saying AT ALL that he is right in thinking that…he’s not….but human nature—-men and women and sex—-is a volatile thing. Why put yourself in a position to attract the twisted men’s attention and up your chances of being misinterpreted. I’ve told my daughter (and son) when they were teenagers that, whether you like it or not, whether it is right or wrong, people will make judgments about you by the way you look/dress……and will treat you accordingly. THAT is reality whether we like it or not….whether it is FAIR or not. It is what it is. You cannot change human nature…you can only control yourself and the way you approach the world and the kinds of situations you put yourself in. And even then, bad things can happen to good people….you can only try to reduce your chances by not being overtly attention-seeking and avoiding situations that could result in harm to you.

  267. Nissar says:

    Rapex is ok, I nearly fainted with laughter at the idea of a rapist having this dog biting his penis. I m a man n I assure no women should fear murder because of rapex. If a man has this biting thing on his penis, he won’t stop to take revenge. Men’s genitals are very sensitive. The best idea, however, for a woman is give the rapist a punch or a kick on his testes before the penis can penetrate. I know if you don’t lose your sense, you can manage to give one. Just one punch n u have enough time to think other ideas. B Safe n enjoy ur freedom. Its ur choice whether u walk naked or cover ur body. No one else has right to touch u until u intend the same. But sometimes do give a little thought about how to avoid being raped.

  268. Callie says:

    I think it’s interesting that Tauna blames it on the way we dress. It’s funny… I have what you could call a “Kim Kardashian body” and no matter how conservatively I dress… I still get looks. This is by no means a way of bragging… just stating that I’m curvy. There are MANY girls out there who are absolutely beautiful, much more so than I am, and dress conservatively. I’ve never been raped, but I have been sexually assaulted. It has nothing to do with how someone dresses… but how THEY look. And if you’re going into the Bible talk… God made us the way we are right? So now it’s God’s fault that women who can’t help the way they look are being raped? Unfortunately… there are people out there who will take advantage of women due to her appearance… and this device looks like a severe and valid way to stop them.

  269. Ellen says:

    Great device! I’ve been molested and then raped at a later age. Sure wish I’d had access to this. This would stop this crap in a New York minute. Another thing that is sorely lacking in this very sad excuse of a country is EVERYONE’S right to keep and bear arms. The majority of states/cities have taken it upon themselves to negate what their own state Constitutions say regarding one’s RIGHT to defend oneself, thereby committing treason. They’ve sold out the people–us–who actually are in charge but have long ago been taught otherwise. We have the ABSOLUTE right to arm ourselves. Any crime that’s committed happens because the police state cannot/will not come to one’s aid immediately.

    A properly armed man and woman would have nothing to fear. An armed society is a polite society. This process of forcing people to be victims to the predators who surround us is absolutely criminal. I’d like to know when people will finally wake the he** up and realize what’s been done to us all.

  270. Morgan says:

    I think this is a great idea. Many women are raped every day and can’t afford brth control pills. I sugest this could be handed out n the streets of dangerous towns and cities t at-risk women….. along with a pair of brass knuckes and som pepper spray…….. It also could be a good idea to give these to teenage girls who are taking health classes in middle and high school as many girls are also rap’d at school. College could also lower their crime rate by distributing these as well.

  271. Flitney says:

    Some of you people disgust me,, saying “if you dress like a slut you deserve to be raped because you sinned.” or “all little kids these days are sluts” honestly you can kick rocks! I am only 18 years old I do not dress or act or talk like a slut, I am trying to be the best person I can be because I come from a very religious family, I’m actually very intelligent I will be done with college before I even turn 19. I live in a small town everyone knows everybody. I have been raped twice by two different guys. I felt so safe with them because I grew up with them. I was wrong they werent who I thought they were. I couldn’t trust two people I have known my whole life, there is no way girls can trust a strange man. This condom thing is an amazing idea, it will hurt them so bad that you can have time to get away and get help or to a safe location. Also people seem to forget that being raped can cause you to catch diseases from these sick and malicious people. I would know, one of the guys gave me chlamydia. Thank god it was something curable. I am no longer the same person as I was, my guard is always up now, for the first 5 months after it happened I cried myself to sleep every night. If you haven’t been through this you would not understand the pain it causes. I haven’t even been able to tell anyone about this yet,it just hurts and it’s so scary and awful and it is embarrassing to feel so weak and helpless. Nobody deserves this and I give props to this invention.

  272. Richy says:

    Its a good idea for women to have this weapon but my question is what if it is gang raping? how can this help and secondly dont you think this will work for a short time since it is a public innnovation and the rapist can have access to the same information ? When the first rapist falls victims of this trap the rest will take precaution and they will remove the condoms before raping

  273. KenR says:

    Did anyone hear of Elaina Bobbit ??? Men are not the only psychos out there. This may be a good idea but I have to wonder how many ex’s will sleep with there other half one last time so they can use this item on him..to teach him a lesson.

  274. Kstrick says:

    I love this idea…I also love the fact that it has to be removed from the male by sugery BUT lets hope if the women is using it on a date for example she doesnt forget to take it out in the heat of the moment

  275. Carl says:

    Rape is never the womans fault! Yes, I’m a straight male, but NO means NO. No matter how she is dressed or said before. If someone goes to the hospital to have this removed they should be physically altered so they can’t have another erection for life.

  276. Robert says:

    As a christian i think this is a good idea. the rapist would still be getting of easy as compared to if most dads got ahold of them for rapeing their daughter or wife. Most dads would either beat them to death or put a bullet between their eyes. I still think that physical castration would be a good punishment for all rapeist. Another device that prevented alot of rapes was the chastity belt. It also stopped many teenage pregnancies.

  277. james says:

    Rape is reprehensible and I am all for castrating rapists but this condom has the potential for misuse by a vengeful woman.

  278. casey says:

    This device was developed primarily for African women. THERE rape is a constant worry for women even when walking through their cities or from village to village. It really was not developed for American women, and as much as it might aid in rape prevention in the first world, it was intended for women who do not have resources like responsive police, their own transportation, and safety nets that women in other parts of the world enjoy. Not to belittle the experiences of women in developed nations, but rape in underdeveloped countries can ruin a woman’s ability to survive and provide for her family. Let’s start thinking cross culturally people. thanks.

  279. mother of ......... says:

    didnt read all comments but i disagree that religion should be left out. religion should govern the lives of ppl who say they believe in it. that said though, it isn’t as one sided as telling a woman she should cover up. men who have not learned to control themselves are both juvenile developmentally and dangerous physically. ppl who can not control their desires so much so that they hurt other ppl because of them are less human than animals. the heart does not desire what the eye does not see. controlling what he see’s( or more probable what he allows himself to oggle @) in many cases has a lot to do with controlling himself over all, as simplistic as that sounds.

    anyhow though about the condom in general @ first glance i think it would give a woman who travels by herself often a big boost in confidence ect…. but underneath the first layer i’d have to say it could create many other problems as well. as we all know every one is not good. some women WILL use it to hurt men. to get back @ them for cheating, or to accuse them of rape after they invited them for intercourse ect….. i dont think those things have been thought about. but just because a man shows up @ the e.r with teeth/ needles in his penis does NOT mean that he actually tried to rape a woman. this could make him look guilty although he is innocent.

  280. Pete says:

    Let me start by saying that nobody deserves to be raped and I think this is one amongst many measures that can be adopted lessen the risk of such a thing occurring and ensuring that a perpetrator can perhaps be more easily caught. I do think however common sense can play a big role in minimizing risk also though for example if I choose to travel in a politically unstable country at night on my own in a bad part of town with my passport a wallet full of cash my I phone laptop and other various assorted valuables in my bag/on my person and get robbed beaten and or kidnapped do I deserve it? No, however, common sense prevailing, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to do such a thing. I’m not saying all women who get raped are stupid but there is a proportion of them who in the moment may do stupid impulsive things which may put them in vulnerable predicaments where a someone may take advantage of them. This I do see on a weekly basis every weekend on nights out. Women, yes… wearing next to nothing, drunk out of their scull, stumbling home alone at night. It’s not like they deserve something as despicable as rape to happen to them but they don’t make it hard for someone with that sort of thing in mind to take advantage of them.
    The other thing is people also have to face up to the reality that the way women dress (in the west) and cultural attitudes toward sex in do affect behaviors like it or not. Studies have shown in areas where there are strip clubs the rape rate is higher also people are less likely to respond to signs of abuse when the female abused party is dressed in a provocative manner and that’s women and men. We are all naturally predisposed to discriminate in this manner. It’s clear to anyone with a brain if you accentuate the sexy parts of a woman’s body by dressing provocatively in the eyes of many they become sexualized its just a fact. I mean do you ever see a hooker dressed conservatively? I find it interesting that today most women actually dress in a way only a prostitute would conceive of doing say 30 years ago. It’s become the social norm however I wouldn’t say our subconscious id or the primal way we interoperate sexual signals has changed all that much in that time it’s just that most of us respond to our in built social morality and empathy and wouldn’t even come close to acting with sexual aggression because of the way a woman is dressed. To think that attitudes in modern woman and men regarding culture plays no part however is very naive. I for one don’t judge someone for dressing in something where I can see their boobs legs and g string but they need to take responsibility for the fact that when dressed like that they objectify themselves sexually.

  281. probably not says:

    I accedentally clicked ok this link but have been mesmorised by the crazy mix stupidity and ignorance running through it. That aside though I have to agree that this device may anger the rapist more- rape is predominently a power thing, the KKK used to murder black men and rape and murder black women- I’m pretty sure that they didn’t do it because they thought the women were hot and couldn’t control their desires….wait…arnt the KKK from Christian origins?

    Also, my question would be what about about toxic shock syndrome? As you never know when you are going to be raped, would tina have married ike turner if she should he was going to be that type of man? Therefore is there a time limit you can wear this for? Or should you wear it on the way to work, take it out at work and then back in to walk home?… How comfortable is this product whilst running? I was once followed when running and again when I was cycling, has that been tested?

  282. Doll-Pakistan says:

    I think it is a good tool for bad people. And they will learn lesson for life time. Furthermore, during surgery, doctors can maintain the records of rapist and police can easily access that bad man. The product should be promoted in other countries as well.

  283. dmc says:

    Women have the right to wear whatever they choose. This however does not give a man or woman the right to violate them. Rape is very rarely about the sexual act but more about the feeling of empowerment when you conquer someone. Women around the world are raped. I do not believe that religous beliefs should be brought into such discussion and it so then the proper use of religious facts should be used instead of thus saith Tanau. I think you statements are misguided and that you’ve set woman back a few years. I think this device sound rather interesting. I don’ t know how feasible and costly it would be but it certainly sounds interesting

  284. Hmmmmm says:

    With Regards to what Tauna said….

    There are many things that attract men to women… vulnerability is one. Women who dress provocatively don’t always look vulnerable and may even turn off a raper. Some men are very attracted to the modest girl next door look and will get a bigger thrill out of raping her. Some men get their kicks from raping women that appear like fort knox….

    So this whole idea of provocative women contributing to their rape is a bible belt illusion (or delusion). Each man’s taste is going to determine whether or not he looks to rape the girl sitting in the pew across the way, a business woman leaving late from the office, or a street walker.

    Just sayin….

  285. kim says:

    I think the way you dress has little to do about rape. I know a teacher who is about 30 years old who was raped by 5 male. She was walking on her way home when she was taken forcefully and raped. And she absolutely was not wearing anything “provocative”. She was wearing her uniform (slacks and a modest blouse). Tanua, I think you just need to consider things carefully before making such comments.

  286. I came across this purely by accident. A subject close to my heart is sexual abuse of children. This could not protect the males but I wonder if someway somehow by design in the future something like this could protect children. Who knows perhaps even males one day. Just a thought. I have forwarded this on to medical expert in Homeopathy Dr N. Avery & his wife who is also a Dr. Why isn’t this in the newspaper? Imagine if it were possible to protect children in the future this way. I personally would have the lot locked up and the key thrown away who commit such atrocities.

  287. Did any of you read of how many children have been sexually abused in various countries? I believe one of the figures released by Unicef was 56,000, well those they know about! It aThey have already started inserting the dreaded code into people’s bodies that has been talked about as in the New World Order in the book called Illuminati. Check out Jonathan Gray who is an archaeologist author of many educational books, Investigative journalist who worked alongside Ron Wyatt and his two son’s who found the Ark of the Covenant also exposing other myths the world has been fed for years. Get this information out in the public arena such as facebook crimesharetv.com. Yes I think were in trouble in the world from those who seek to cover up seious organised crime intimadation persecution victimisation. Remember the woman who apparently killed herself after she had been charged with murdering her children when in fact it was cot death. Imagine paedophiles who are protected by those in the hierarchy who seek to there friends from being exposed? Sorry I do blither on but I believe our world is more at risk now than ever since those who make the laws seek to protect the criminal not the victim.

  288. austin says:

    wow i know im kinda slow to join this debate but i think its an alright idea…but with this being common knowledge if it shoots off don’t you think men will turn to anal as an alternative?

    on a side note…how many people honestly feel to tell tuana repeatedly about how wrong she is i swear i read at least 20 people and then some just over her comment…how about keeping the discussion where it belongs.

  289. Realist says:

    Here is my soapbox stance…For those of you who have actually READ THE ARTICLE this condom was designed for woman who live in Africa particually in the Congo. The females (young as an infant to as old as 100) get raped on a regular basis in horrendous ways. Men (young and old) have several beliefs that taking a woman’s virginity or raping a woman cures AIDS as well as many other diseases! It is a superstition and they are also raped as a form of demonic worship. These women are raped usually by more than one man and it occurs vaginally, orally and anally! Most times simultaneously! Imagine if your wife, mother, sister or daughter lived in a place like this. Would you not want them to protect themselves? Especially if the women are found with weapons it is deserving of death! Many of us in “priviledged” countries have laws that protect women (including those who are date raped and wear scanttilly clad clothing) so this condom could be a matter of choice. But for those women who do not have the financial means, nor cannot even WALK out of the country are trapped! Rape is a cruel and demonic act…I DO NOT CARE IF THOSE OF YOU FEEL THAT RELIGION SHOULD NOT BE DISCUSSED…IF IT LOOKS LIKE A DUCK, ACTS LIKE A DUCK AND SOUNDS LIKE A DUCK THEN IT IS A….D U C K!!! Rape is not medieval, it is not a man who got drunk and became obsessed with a woman, it’s not a pevert waiting in the dark to take your stuff or even a friend/family member who violates you! IT IS A WRONG AND EVIL ACT…PLAIN AND SIMPLE! No label. Right is right and wrong is wrong. FOR WOMEN…IF YOU FEEL YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF BECAUSE OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES OR YOUR NATIONAL LOCALITY. THEN WEAR IT!!!! Men have raped woman since the beginning of mankind, if this is what YOU feel YOU need to be safe well then…DO YOU! As for the rest of you…do what you will with that information. (Smile) …Off my soapbox!

  290. Marshall Umoh says:

    However and whichever angle u are looking at it ‘RAPE’ is bad, nobody deserves to be treated like a toy, I think the men need to respect the women folk. There is no reason for a man to rape irrespective on how sexually attractive she appear. Rapist, it is time to reconsider your ways.

  291. concerned says:

    I think rapist deserve punishment. What concerns me about this device is that for every rapist theres 5000…..crazy women that would use this for means other than intended. Revenge, set someone up. Irs just a bad ideawomen are vengenful and can not be trusted with something like this. The best defence is self defence and being smart so take a self defence class.

  292. Ahem says:

    Sluts don’t cause rape.
    Rapists do.

  293. MW says:

    Pain and anger = murder. Now where will the makers of this device be when the rapist is in a murdering rage?

  294. John says:

    I’m a Christian and whoever is saying women deserve to be raped because of the way they are dressed are seriously Theologically confused. Yes, all deserve hell to begin with, but God also gave laws of justice on the human level. Look back in the OT at the judges. Yes, punishment was very severe, making a point how Holy God is, and now there is still just punishment but with a much higher level of grace to show God’s forgiveness.

    These are the ways we know God’s attributes, both His wrath and his grace. It’s not right to say someone should get raped because of their sin in any common sense way of thinking even if you don’t believe the Bible. We do have a justice system in place and while it’s not perfect it’s the best we have and ever will have (sadly, unless MJ becomes decriminalized and releases half of the prisoners who at least aren’t violent. Violent people are the ones who should be locked up, not someone who buys or sells small amounts of drugs that don’t cause problems for anyone.)

    Personally though, I’d get a good baton, some mace, and a concealed carry license. It would be way too creepy to have that thing in you all the time wouldn’t it? I guess maybe for a date or a late night walk. But that should would freak me out if a girl was on a date with me and I found out she was wearing the thing. I mean, to me, what if she forgot to take it out or something.

  295. John H. Coffman says:

    All those who blame women’s dress as being thast cause of rape should know that the country with the highest per capita number of rapes is Pakistan. It is hardly a place where women dress provocatively. Anger management and education go a long way to managing the problem of rape. Alcohol is almost always a contributing factor. Men and women that rape also were abused as children.

  296. Naomi says:

    Tanua and any one who thinks like you really need to get a few things straight. First off even if a person is butt naked is not asking to be raped in any way and it’s time human kind gets this and moves on from the past ways. Secondly, what about incest where a parent or child gets raped by another family member? This happens a lot more then people would like to think, that is way the unreported rate is 60% or more every year alone. It’s even in the bible so even back then this was happening. Most of the times though rapists don’t care what you look like or even what gender you are. To be a true rapist is not to care gender or other wise it’s gender specific rapist, which means to care what type of gender for the raper’. A true rapist will even from time to time rape an animal because they need to feel feed back of pain from something and don’t really care what is in the end. People like you need to wake up and realise that victims do not ask for this in any way and are often under age when it first starts. Then a pheromone change happens to them so other rapists are then attacked to them. Unless they emotionally get better to the point that the pheromones change this may be a continuous problem for them. That is way pheromone research both for this and attacking men is being done. I think Rapex condemn invention will help people who have these issues but something else has to be made. Like a spray that will not only temporary change pheromones but permanently. Smell for a man goes stronger then sight the only other senses that go stronger are hunger and the need to survive/ being acknowledged. Though women can be rapists too as well as men raping men so this is only one third of the solution. Yes, I am a Christian but I also believe that not every one can be the same that would be boring and strange.

  297. Naomi says:

    A few things I forgot to mention about Rapex condemn invention. Is it just me or does the teeth codemn sound like the women who are born with teeth in their vaginia which has happened in the past but has yet to be proven fully for todays socieity? Also, I think this could make matters wrose by the man being harmed when trying to penitrate the victime. Making chatching a diease that much more likely for the victime. I understand that the victime may want to take thoes chances but it would be good if the codmen could stop desieas as well. I think everyone would like that invention along with a vactionation against deiseases not just Hyp. A and B. (which doesn’t work for eveyone and the orginal Hyp. A and B vacsionation actually gave some people the desiase because they where sick and didn’t realise it would warm up the darment deisease and give it to them- back when it was still being tested). The avarge condemn only pertacts a sexually active person 2%-5% and at best 7% of the time when used with other methods against desiase and pagnation. Lastly, Would the female feel the codmen when walking around more then a tampon or have the possiblity of getting harmed as well when the rapiest is trying to penatrate the female?

  298. Sunnygirl says:

    It could enrage the perpetrator. So make the ‘teeth’ extra long so it ‘bites’ real deeply into the skin, almost pulling his little willy apart (hopefully making him bleed to death if he doesnt seek medical attention, and even then there should be nothing left to save) and put in a homing device or let it self destruct after 5 mins of activation. Blow his willy off!!! Lol! Just putting it out there! Wouldn’t it be great though?

  299. Brittany says:

    this would be a good idea but what happens if you put your finger down there, wont it HURT you?

  300. Marilyn says:

    My goodness how to get off topic this became about the bible. Women in war torn countries are raped at an unimaginable rate, and where women are considered to be a lesser being they can be put to death for having sex wether they wanted it or not . This is a valuable tool for them to save their lives. I think this should be as available as any other condom or birth control method maybe even more so. Most of these comments are from people who live in nice safe
    America where rape is not as common and people can sit around and blame the victim for not dressing properly. what rot.

  301. Rach says:

    “30,000 of these condoms are being distributed in South Africa in various cities where the World Cup games are being played. South Africa has one of highest incidences of rape in the world.”

    You ALL are getting very sidetracked on this issue. There a places in the world, such as the aforementioned South Africa, where your chances are very high of getting raped as a women. So it is your choice to protect yourself this way or not. Its very simple and no one needs to get up in arms about anything else. Its an option-just like carrying any other weapon. This is an unsuspecting weapon that may not only save a woman from being brutally raped but also a preventative weapon against future rapists, a warning.
    My only fear for this condom is that the men will get wind of it and develop tactics to look for it first and then punish the woman more if she has it in.
    Also it looks pretty damn uncomfortable but then again rape is 1,000 times worse. How do you take it out? Cant the man just take it out?

  302. been there says:

    Here are my thoughts as a person that has been raped. Great device, wish it was out many years ago. My thoughts are that if men that learn about this device because of all the public talk about it, DO YOU THINK THEY MIGHT CHECK FIRST BEFORE STICKING IT IN? With all the shows like Law & Order, CSI, and so on, this is just another reason for a man to get pissed off to the point of murder. The sad truth is that he can still get away with it. Great idea, great try but there will always be times that this will not work in all situations. For example, what if the rapist likes to stick objects inside a woman, does this condomn know that it is an broom handle and not a penis? Most likely not! Keep up the inventions and send MILLIONS of these to the Conga areas where babies are even raped!!!

  303. ANONYMOUS says:


  304. J says:

    I believe in dressing modestly, but NO ONE is asking to be raped. No one, Ever! I don’t care if you dress like a skank and get get so drunk you can’t see straight. Do I agree with that lifestyle? No, do I think they deserve what they get NO!!!! It is completly unacceptable and any decent human being will not rape no matter how anyone around them dresses. Sorry, someone just made a comment earlier that really bothered me. Also, someone would stoop to rape would probably still do it no matter what the woman was wearing.

    I think this is a great idea. I have taken self defense classes and even thought of getting a gun. The more tools to make me feel in control the better.

  305. honeybee says:

    I have been reading a lot of these comments and its hard to agree with some and harder to disagree with most. As someone who has experienced the after math of a rape and seen the affects that is has on the victim… For a woman to have the option of having this is an amazing thing… Although most would not use this on a daily basis, for some one that has been raped it could create a sense of safety and could potentially lower the numbers of rape per year… I say best idea ever !!!

  306. Gardenginger says:

    Any implication that a woman’s mode of dress allows a man to ever be JUSTIFIED to rape a woman are pure poppycock! These sort of remarks suggest that men are so uncivilized that even a women’s eyes might “excite” a man and that the woman is the one at fault during a rape. If so, women would need to resort to covering up head to toe so they look like a giant garbage bag. If the fear of catching 68 plus STD’s (some incurable) are not enough to promote the man’s fear of raping a woman, then perhaps a set of teeth lurking in the vagina would be a successful deterrent! I agree with another poster, some rapists use objects to rape a woman in which case, Rapex would be useless. Also, there is nothing to stop the rapist from killing the woman despite the severe pain he is in. Finally, what about the possibility of anal rape? We are not going to use Rapex in our behinds as protection! Men (and women) who rape are psychologically sick individuals who have more than likely been abused themselves! They associate pain and inflicting demeaning acts and control with sex because of their illness. Rapex may be a good tool in conjunction with self defense, awareness, conceal carry. Given that anything good can be used for the purpose of evil, I also am concerned that Rapex may be used by sick women as a form of vengeance against men or that it could be used by a prostitute to roll an unsuspecting client for cash. We are all being desensitized to sexual violence by tv and media so I am not surprised or shocked by anything. I’m sorry if these remarks offend anyone who is unaware of what is going on in the world.

  307. Ana Arp says:

    Just like we were young, we were physically punished for being bad. Some men never grew up and this is the womans hand fighting back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. Susie says:

    I think this device is a tool which will help vulnerable women feel empowered. In response to a few of the counter arguments posted above.

    I’m going to generalise and assume that most of those posts were written by men. It is unlikely a women will forget about an item inserted inside her. Even while drunk most women do not forget about tampons which are usually designed for comfort. This while assumably tolerable does not appear to be designed for the purpose of being ignored.

    Statistically women are extremely unlikely to resort to violence as a way of resolving issues. Assuming people commenting are from wide array of countries, check out crime statistics and compare incidents of violence by women with other crimes. A large number of those statistics can also be attributed to situations of domestic violence where victims act out against their abuser. This is not to say women are any less criminal or vindictive as men, however, we aren’t socialised to respond with violence the same way men are.

    This argument is limited by the fact that any type of retaliation and fighting back could have the effect of inciting anger and more violence. Sadly, rape is often associated with physical assualts. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t encourage women to defend themselves. Surely, more men would be incapacitated with pain or frightened away than those that would kill the victim meaning the Rapex would do more good than harm. Moreover, as some have mentioned above rape is often about dominating women and it is by fighting back and defending oneself that rapists do not receive the satisfaction they are after.

    I’m a law student and I was shocked recently when discussing with a barrister who he would prefer on a jury. He told me that when defending someone accused of a sexual assault, you want more women on the jury. He said it was because women judge each other more harshly and also are more likely to refuse to admit rape can happen to anyone. The posts above discussing dressing modestly remind me of that kind of attitude. It makes people feel safer to creat reasons why that woman was raped and why it would ‘never happen to me’. Te truth is rape is never the fault of the victim. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a sweater and jeans or completely naked, saying no is an inalienable right.

    I say bring it on but we should also focus on preventing attitudes in society that excuse or promote rape. Prevention is as important if not more so than reaction.

  309. Mi Opinion says:

    It only covers a vaginal rape..The rapist can still rape his victim by anal entry.

  310. Kellster says:

    Aunt B.,

    Too many comments to see if this question’s been answered, but if the rapist gets caught in the condom and doesn’t pass out, what’s to stop him from attacking the woman out of anger? Also, what if they’re alone and the woman cannot get immediate help? Assuming she would not be able to walk with a rapist attached to her vagina, is there any way that she can take the condom off?

  311. aze says:

    It shouldn’t just cause the penile penetration but also a testicular penetration as well, that way you ‘neuter’ the rapist as well, and what about the rapist who get’s off getting during the pain. Some of those people think pain is pleasure and might ever go to the hospital to get it removed unless they are going to bleed out through it, and since it’s during intercourse the attacker might enjoy the experience and do it again just to get his rocks off.

  312. Celibate Male says:

    Women already make huge numbers of false allegations, and when an innocent man has had his penis cut off how do women react? They laugh – even on mainstream television. So just how likely is it that this will be used against innocent men?

    There are huge numbers of women who would seek out consensual sex whilst wearing this in order to butcher a man. After all women are practically never punished for their crimes; particularly when the victim is male. Extreme female sadism is more in fashion now than it has ever been and that is what this technology will be used for in practice.

  313. Robb Parkhurst says:

    I feel as an adult male of 59yrs. that has seen the world via the Navy …. There is no excuse or even a morale attribution to violate anothers private sense of security.. The Men who have done so have entered a realm of lost souls.. Even if married it does not give any partner to expect this is mine!!! Let these fortitudes be a guide.. 1. Love 2. Compassion 3. Respect 4.Honor 5. One of OUR greatest Gifts fom Almighty 6. Beautiful Touch of one’s senses…… The only thing worse than RAPE is to take “A” Human Life.. Guess what you just did … The emotion factor has Yet to be fully comprehended… Gues what?? I am totaly blown away that Salt Lake City is the American Capital for the congregation of Homosexuals… Go Figure !!!! I’ve been to San Francisco and I Love the City ( So Beautiful ) Yes I am one of the truest Heterosexuals you’ll ever meet.. This fact comes via Jay Leno….. Aloha but remember that the preditors of rape have no disquise and purpose to be defined….

  314. Kat says:

    men would think many times over before they raped a woman if they thought one of those devices might be down there. Of course he could always check first and remove it.

    And modesty is not the issue. Just ask all the modest ladies who’ve been raped. And the women in burkas?? They have MANY stories of their own.

    Their should be a huge penalty for rapists, like getting his thing hacked off and his sacks punctured.

  315. Eno says:

    I think, it is a very good development for the women. Since the men do no have respect for women, we need to adopt these protective measures, and also teach them lesson. Well done

  316. Crystal says:

    @ Tanua, you don’t have to dress sexy to get raped!!! I was 14yrs old walking home from school wearing jeans and a long mans shirt back in the 80’s I was tom boyish and I didn’t ask for it!!! There was nothing sexy about what I was wearing!!! Two guys abducted me and raped me. I kept asking and pleading for them to please let me go and eventually I escaped but just barely!! Tanua you really need to think about what you saying before you say it!!! And no woman deserves to get raped!! You talk about the bible? I don’t know what God you are worshiping but my God is a God of love and would be sadden by my pain!!

  317. Shelly says:

    I am thoroughly disgusted by what I just read! TUANA … you are absolutely uneducated and your statements are the most ridiculous I have ever encountered. How DARE you blame a woman for her rape!! I don’t care if a woman is walking down the street naked a man should have the respect, decency and self control to not violate another person!! In most cases rape has absolutely nothing to do with what the woman is wearing!! You are ignorant and apparently sheltered!! I suggest instead of sticking your nose in the bible so much you should acquire a library card and educate yourself on the subject a little better before God forbid you find yourself in a situation that renders you in such a vulnerable state!!

  318. rebecca says:

    When I first stumbled upon this article my first thought was,”what a brilliant idea.” But as I thought about it more, I came to the conclusion that it may not be such a brilliant invention. Why? Not because I think women deserve rape in any way, they don’t. And if their’s a way to deter it I’m for it. However, the problem I see arising is the misuse of this Rape Repellent. How many women may use this device to get revenge on a cheating lover? Then claim he tried to rape her… just a thought.

  319. HumbleServant says:

    In regards to the comments about religion, the bible and our Holy God, I must say, I am exceedingly disappointed that anyone, even if you do not believe, would say such nasty things about God and Christ. It saddens me that so many are so lost and yet all they need to do is pick up the one book they are disrespecting and pray to the God they blaspheme. I personally know that the Bible is the true word of the one and only real God, not that you care about my personal opinion. Maybe before you decide to disrespect the word, you should get down on your knees and ask the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart and to change your wicked ways. I pray for each and every one of you who are pawns in the hands of Satan, just as the rapist you are speaking about, you are just as able to be deceived by Satan into doing wicked immoral acts without the Savior.

    As for the “Rapex” I think it is a great option for those who choose to take advantage and for those who do not agree, it would be more adult like to keep the negative comments to yourself. Who are we to judge this product or how inconvenient it may be. I agree that if it saves even one woman or man or child or elderly person, it has did what it set out to do.

    May God bless you all and protect us all from the wicked snares of the devil.

  320. Dean says:

    To all those that criticized Tanuna, I believe she has a valid point. Okay, take religion out of it. What she was saying is that if you want to expose more and more of your body then surely that will increase the amount of rapes that occur. I’m certain given the right there will be some whom are willing to walk about completely naked. Are all you that criticized her comments saying that you don’t feel that would increase the statistics. I like nothing better than to look at naked women but there is a place and time for everything. I have a daughter and will encourage her to not dress like a slut but yes! especially with all the garbage music videos etc that our kids are exposed to, it seems like sluttyness is more acceptable nowadays. And before you ask, NO! that doesn’t give anybody the right to or excuse to rape. Again, Tanuna was simply saying it will exacerbate the problem. Pull your heads out.

  321. Dev says:

    After reading this, I wonder where is society heading…

    Honestly, im a 22 year old woman. I feel disgusted and insulted by the idea that is offered as a form of self-protteccion. So basically, I am still going to be penetrated by another individual, oh but wait, its cool because I am wearing a rapex… so what is the point of wearing a rapex? Oh, its goin to scare the individual away or think twice at least before commiting rape. Hold on, so I am still going to suffer the traumatic experience eventhogh im “protected” Indeed, rape is unpredictable… But, hey, rape is commited by family members too. I feel that instead of creating “protective devices” that already invade our personal areas, research should focus on ways teach women to be feel equal in society, learn to protect oneself in everyday occasion cofident and accepted. And stop this notion of vulnerability in women, rape does not discriminate age, sex, dress code, place, or occasions. So ladies, would you wear a rapex if you knew you were goin to get raped? Or would you rather, beat the hell of that individual and prove your just as strong and secure as the perpetrator…

  322. can't women pin rape too says:

    I understand that this would catch the rapist DNA and stuff, but can’t women also use it like as revenge against some guy. Say she has a fight with her boyfriend, call him the next day and decide to make it up to him with a night a passion, then she uses the condom, police show up and she claims rape when it was consensual. It seems like this would put innocent men in jail as well as guilty.

  323. Ivor says:

    First and foremost, the idea that any women deserves or even encourages rape is simply misguided at best, and certainly somewhat ignorant.
    Rapists rape because they are rapists. There if something intrinsically wrong in the psyche of a rapist that tips the scales in favour of his own pleasure to the detriment of the victims bodily integrity and psychological well-being. As Ashley (who has suffered this more than I can possibly imagine) pointed out above, a rapist knows that what he is doing is wrong but proceeds anyway.
    I cant imagine that a sexually frustrated man who’s looking to force himself on a women gives a damn about what she’s wearing, he only wants to dominate her with the act of sex for his own pleasure, and that is all that matters to him. It could be anyone; someone running in sweaty sports gear, wearing a tracksuit and a hoody whilst taking out the rubbish, wearing a trench-coat in the rain or scantily clad outside a nightclub.
    The circumstances are irrelevant to the performance of the deed. The rapist has raped, and should see just punishment.
    Our courts globally are failing to administer this punishment, not due to incompetence, but rather due to the simple fact that it is too damn hard to prove a lack of consent (innocent until proven guilty and whatnot). So maybe it is time that victims and potential victims make a stand. I’m not sure if this condom is the way forward and perhaps there is legitimacy in the fears of immediate violence should perpetrator be caught in these one of traps, but something needs to be done. If nothing else it will certainly act as a deterrent.
    In saying that, there may be a flaw in all this. Should these condoms become common then won’t rapists simply “test the waters” first? Yes I mean feel the inside of the woman’s vagina for the presence of one of these devices.
    In my opinion the best way to combat rape is through judicial reform and by changing public opinion. Its opinions like those of Tuana that are causing rapists to slip past the wrath of the public. The “well she probably had it coming” mentality is what’s so fucked up (excuse the expression) in our society. People need to realise that no woman or man deserves rape, assault or harassment of a sexual nature. It is a crime borne of a selfish desire and perpetrated by the most heinous of criminals. No victim need ever be asked “what were you wearing” as it is irrelevant to the act.
    As for judicial reform I can only think of one suggestion, one that was suggested by a British politician who suffered the scorn of many because of it. He suggested that we should lower the sentence for those accused of rape who have plead guilty in court. Now of course this may not rest well with most people at first, after all rape is rape. However consider this, the conviction rate is so low (i think 7-8% in Ireland at the moment) that the law is failing in its duty to act as a disincentive. Rapists are quite happy to take their chances in the courtroom rather than face a 15 year sentence. But what if they knew that if they admitted their guilt then they would be up against half of that time? Would they maybe accept their sentence and not escape punishment entirely. Or perhaps double the sentence for those who plead innocent but are found to be guilty? This could raise the conviction and finally lend some strength to the law regarding rape.
    One last point, please stop making this a man v. woman debate. Not all men are rapists and not all men feel that they have the right to inflict their every urges on women. The candid remarks accusing men of a lack of sensitivity on this issue are entirely nonsensical. It saddens me to see so many comments above that would lay burden on the victim spouted so inconsiderately by men and women alike. This is not a battle of the sexes, everyone needs to stand together to prevent this morally repulsive minority of society from continuing their flagrant disrespect of all things virtuous.
    If you want to fight against rape then start by letting society know that no descent man or woman will ever stand for it.

  324. Toni says:

    I’m severely appalled by the people who ‘justified’ dressing provocitavely, and/or bashed the religious people, naming them cowards and hypocrites. YOUR hypocricy is astonishing. Religion has just as much equivilancy as any one person’s opinion. Who told you your parents or mentors had more intellegence/wisdom than a book that can date all the way back to B.C.E.? It’s not just about being current with todays methods but open to past methods. For without yesterday, there would be no today. How would anyone expect their well of wisdom to deepen if they’re so closed minded?

    I believe we’re all influenced by things that aren’t of good nature, we’ve just conditioned ourselves to it. I honestly didn’t want to even take the time to write anything here, because in my heart of hearts I know it’s ineffectual. What this all boils down to is that our world is hideous, and we refuse to look at the flaws in ourselves. We’d rather use eachothers words as leverage againts one another, rather than read between the lines and have an understanding for one another. Hence why this ‘tell us what you’re thinking…’ box, turned into ‘I’m going to tell you why your opinion is wrong…’ box. Makes me just as bad as you, huh? I’m just happy I can admit it.

    It was pretty clear the point Tanua was trying to make (along w/ others), but yet this petty, back-and-forth game is just one other example of our sinister world. This device was designed for protection and here we are letting it turn us against one another (as usual). You don’t like the device? Please, don’t use it. You’re an advocate? Please, by all means take the precaution. My honest opinion? It has too many loose ends, making it a potential danger to innocent people.

  325. 1979alllstar says:

    TAUNA YOU HAVE SOME SERIOUSSS MOFO issues!!! commin out of your PIE HOLE!!!!

  326. 1979alllstar says:

    dean… I wonder how you would feel if some raped you?! all cuz u wore ur tight jeans or ur speedo on the beach..your an ass clown.. and you need to pull ur head out of ur Ass for sure! and as for clothing being an issue you guys are screwd in head an missin a few..an dont know how it feels to be completely left helpless paralysed rivited in fear an torn from front to back! left like a piece of shit…NO WOMAN CHILD OR MAN DESERVES TO BE RAPED PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR ALL SADITIC PIGS IF U THINK THT CLOTHING HAS TO DO WITH IT!!! GROW UP AN GET EDUCATED THIS TOPIC IS PATHETIC AND I CANT EVEN BE DIPLOMATIC HERE IM SO FUCKIN MAD..AN EXCUSE MY FOUL MOUTH BUT I AM DISGUSTED WITH THE AMOUNT OF IGNORANCE AROUND THIS TOPIC. and good invention make one for anal too! rapists deserve to Die! hope you like my lack of political corectiveness..insert sarcasim.

  327. peter says:

    Rape is wrong – no discussion about sexy dress etc. look at simple cultures where people run around half naked. If that theory was right there should be rapes all the time.
    Rape is mental thing and has to be approached like that.
    ——- Now to the device– It is useless if not dangerous—–
    1.)what is the difference between being beaten and thrown to the ground and being victimized with or without the device??
    2.) the first publized case will warn every rapist – and he will reach down there and just pull it out. Then more angered do more harm and damage
    3.) come on in the age of aids you hurt someone probably until bleeding while he is inside you.

    As bad as rape is do not even think about this nonsense. Bring a whistle pepper spray a friend

  328. Anonymous says:

    I would just like to say that I’m not a slut and I dress quite moderately. I am 16 and I was raped 2 years ago and was even more “moderate”. Just because someone dresses moderately doesn’t mean they won’t get raped. SO many people dress like complete whores and have never been raped and may never be. What you said was completely ignorant and I take it very offensively. Take a minute before you say somethin like that.

  329. jackie says:

    oh my gosh!!!I’ve read about half of these comments, & REALLY??? Majority of them that i’ve read are completely uncalled for!
    As for Tanua: I believe in God as well, but DON’T bring religion into something like this, at leastin the way you did… I, frankly, think you are EXTREMELY ignorant, and have no idea what your talking about!
    I myself have been in this situation before. Did I ask for it at the age of 14? Heck no! I was on a ” blind double date ” when we had literally just begun drinking lightly, I was slipped a pill, and found showered, nude, & wrapped around a toliet with a towel thrown over me. Again, I was ONLY 14. Come to find out, I was set up by the girl that had introduced me to the guy. Bad choice of friends, yes, but NOT something I asked for.
    I agree to a point that poorly dressed women *that are not prostitutes* should become more aware that, this happens anywhere, any day, at any given moment. Not only women who dress poorly, but women who dress descently as well. I also want to add the fact that, majority of men rape others, not for the fact that they want to have sex with an attract, or “sexy” woman, but because of the fact that they feel the need to have Power over the “defenselss”, Control over the “weak”, and deeply hidden inside, just MAYBE they do it to others, becasue it happened to them once, or possibly even more in their life time. I feel I need to share that believe it or not, but a lot of rapes happen within a family household ( by a family member, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle), and sad enough to say, WOMEN rape as weel. AGAIN it could be because they have had it happened to them in their life time once or multiple times.
    I personally think this Rapex Condom could become a success, but again be a down fall. Only for the simple fact that there are people out in this world that are sexually attracted to men, but for some reason enjoy getting them into some sort of trouble. Now please do not take that the wrong way because there’s not a bunch of women like that, but I’ve been mixed with wrong crowds growing up to know enough that there are some females that would do this to someone. Not only that, but as someone had said towards the beginning, what if it’s consentual becasue the two are BOTH attracted to EACH OTHER & in the heat of the moment and “oops” sorry, that’s goning to leave a mark.. You think!! But as for it being “uncommon” who ever said that, needs to do more research. It is EXTREMELY common ALL over the world. I live in Mass, and I hear about this discisting crime all the time. Only a couple of weeks ago, an innocent woman was doing her daily early morning jog, and she was attacked, right by the side of the road.. Really? Hey Tauna, did SHE deserve that???? NO!! Luckily for her, she screamed loud enough for her attacker to be scared off. The predators not only NEED and WANT the feeling of control, but most of the time, these attacks are NOT just a ” oh she’s pretty, I want to do the nasty with her, if she refuses, ehh, I’ll just rape her” NO it’s NOTHING like that. The rapist USUALLY STALKS the victim, before attacking them!!! I hope my information was some sort of a help.

    Well, Thank you to who ever reads all of this. And I hope one day this will be effective to a female that unfortunatly, gets in this situation. Oh and I also agree that there should be something to help, not only men that are rape victims, but females, children& elderly, that gets violated anally. Good luck to everyone and just be careful & aware. -* Jackie *-

  330. jackie says:

    Oh and I am sorry for all of the mis-spelt words.

  331. April says:

    I know you’re post was ages ago, and that a lot of people have ragged on you, and i think they’re right: you’re an idiot. Women can dress however they want. If someone wears a short dress, does that mean they should be raped? Or if they’re attractive? Thats absolute crap. Dont bring your religion into the discussion of rape. If god was even real, which I dont think he is, then wouldnt the world be a much better place? Screw Adam and Eve, they weren’t even fucking real.

  332. confused says:

    how do you take it out without getting bitten? just wondering…

  333. James Cook says:

    What keeps a Woman from using this like some people do anything for the wrong reasons. We have had women report false rapes here in the states. Suppose you’re out on a date and everything is consensual, but the woman is trying to set you up. So she lets you get in and says you were trying to rape her.
    I mean no one wants to see a woman rape except a sick rapist, but like all things there are potential here for misuse of the very item your trying to use for good!

  334. Terry C - NJ says:

    Maybe young men need to be taught from an early age that the female population of the world is NOT their personal meat market…..and that “No” MEANS “No.”

  335. Terry C - NJ says:

    “when an innocent man has had his penis cut off”

    An innocent man? If you are talking about John Wayne Bobbitt, you’re barking up the wrong tree. That bastard thought he had the right to rape a woman since she had the misfortune of being married to him.

    I can understand why YOU are celibate.

  336. Brad says:

    This product is nonsensical, dangerous for women as well as men (innocent or not) and most importantly it doesn’t even “prevent” rape as suggested. In the event of blood loss from the male genitalia, the likely hood that both parties contract HIV / AIDS goes up considerably. Not to mention the fact that MOST if not all rapists are violent by nature, how do you suppose the majority of them will react when they realize their victim (someone whom they obviously don’t care for) has permanently injured their penis? I know that rape CAN be stopped, but this just isn’t the way to get it done. I have a hard time believing that a “doctor” created this. Watching that video made my brain hurt.

  337. Brittany says:

    Tauna, what about me? i started growing breasts at a very young age and they are very large. If I buy my shirts too big they hang out, if i buy them too small they hang out. Should I go around wearing turtle necks year round? If you want to bring religion into this, whats wrong with showing stuff? adam and eve were naked. God made me the way i am because thats how he wanted me to be. So is it wrong to show my chest even if its an accident? I cant help that they show. Is it my fault that i was born with large breasts? I mean really. You are horrible to the Christian religion.You only included parts of the bible that showed how it was bad, What about the parts where it isnt bad? Im not even religious and I know this stuff.

  338. Laura says:


    That is the most moronic thing I have ever heard and I am absolutely offended by your comments. Blaming the victim (woman) only takes responsibility off of the offender (man). You are supporting a society that demeans , blames and objectifies women, and you need to educate yourself on women’s rights. Just because female bodies are attractive to men does not mean they are allowed to rape when they see one. We need to be teaching “don’t rape” instead of “don’t get raped”. One of my favorite quotes from the slut walk in Toronto last year was “cops are sluts to a person with a uniform fetish”. Cops don’t deserve to be raped because they wear uniforms, just like women don’t deserve to be raped because we have bodies.
    Get educated and become an advocate for equality and women’s rights.

  339. laura says:

    to (Tanua says:) it does not matter what the woman looks like i never wear a dress, i never wear makeup, i never paint my nails i dont care about hair styles and i still get hit on and im a complete dork granted im broad chested still i can safely say that ive never worn a bikini or even tubetops, and dirty old men still hit on me so you said that its how you dress and act no your wrong as long as it has legs and the vagina and can breath wait i take that back some do corpses so ive heard
    nothing is off limits to a dirty old man i should know ive been hit on and harrassed till i curse every dom there is gee i wonder why i didnt have this much trouble in high school ooooh cause i was still labeld a dork
    you dont know how bad i hate these ba**ards while some do dress slutty i agree this is bad but to say that you are they are the only ones that cause trouble no because i havent worn a dress since i figured out that bees can fly up your dress when your little and give you a good stinging

  340. LAN says:

    At tanua. You’re really being ridiculous. I copy everyone. You’re coming off as they deserve it. Shame on you.

    But I also think We’re all forgetting that most rapes occur by people we know. This device is more for the random encounters. I think thus thing has good and bad qualities. One, it can prevent a rape. But it can also be used in a case rof trying to frame a cheating husband or something. And I say and repeat that RAPE IS NOT ABOUT SEX. IT IS ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL. IT IS A VIOLENT CRIME WHICH ALL ARE ABOUT POWER. the best thing we can do it not be the 60% who don’t report.

  341. Deo says:

    Whats to stop the rapist from knocking a female unconscious and knowing that the rapex exists and removing it and then raping the female anyway?

  342. Rose Hammond says:

    @ Tauna – to say that rape is the consequences for the way a woman dresses is at best antiqued. Rape is not about sex and to think so only shows the level of ignorance you suffer from. Rape is about power. Yes Tauna, power. To rape someone is to take all of their power away. It leaves the person frightened, feeling helpless and powerless. By the way, males can also be raped. Point in case: Penn State and Sandusky. This pig raped little boys. Was it because of their dress also? No, it was about power and in his case preversion.

    I think the rapex condom is great…I just wish it had to capability to take a bigger bite!

  343. Sarah says:

    With my luck, I’d wind up getting raped the ONE day I forgot to wear mine. Still, not a bad idea. It has happened to me and, although it would likely infuriate the rapist, it would definitely be worth a beating just to see the look on his face and to know that his junk is so totally mangled that he will have to go to the hospital and explain what he tried to do. Also, hopefully so mangled that he can’t use it anymore. 🙂

    Also, nobody DESERVES to be raped. In an ideal world, we’d be able to walk the streets totally naked and not have to worry (though we likely wouldn’t CHOOSE to waltz around naked). We don’t live in this ideal world, but we also don’t live in biblical times. We should all be able to dress and do what makes us happy without having to worry about being bullied or raped.

  344. E says:

    There was a device with a simillar concept invented years ago, it resembled a plastic tampon with a metal spike protruding from the end, and as people have guessed, it did indeed backfire causing a violent rage and a lot of women were murdered as ‘punishment’ or in retaliation. Not only that but when potential rapists become aware of the existence of these devices they can easily check beforehand, or simply choose another entry as a precaution. This idea is not a new one, and like the courts (where less than 4% of rape trials result in a conviction in the UK) it does not deal with the real issue. It’s not you personally, but how the roles of men and women are portrayed, women are here to serve men if you believe religious texts and the media, seen as weak, vulnerable and in-need of protection/looking after more often than not. Equality doesn’t exist, it’s just an illusion, a glass ceiling. If you really want to see the sexsual representations of each gender watch ANY porn and see who’s suffering and pretending the opposite, or alternatively, music videos should give a pretty good idea. When was the last time you saw a professional male singer/rapper practically naked for a performance? L

  345. mamamia says:

    to KenR : you do realize that lorena bobbit was raped by her husband whos penis she chopped off( and he deserved it.)(ps if I were Lorena I wouldnt have told the cops where to find it). Also it seems to me that the women who dress “slutty” wouldnt be fun to rape because they are obviously sexually confidant and aggressive so to speak. It would be much more fun to rape someone who ISNT asking for it which is why it ususally IS someone who is a child, modestly dressed or elderly.As far as trying to be safe by not going into dark alleys,as if anyones really that stupid, rapes happen everwhere you can think of and in broad daylight. As far as the womens revenge thing I dont think it’ll happen as often as you think, but I do see a problem in the victim pressing charges.however I dont know the law regarding this in the countries where its being distributed,but it will still be he said,she said like always.For every one woman who “falsely” accuses a man of rape, 100 are.I still see it being hard to prove the woman was raped and did not give consent just because he had something stuck to his penis.I agree its a good invention,but may still need work. Good luck to all!

  346. m.peach says:

    Ok, i don’t know how old this article is, but i must comment. I won’t go into a lengthy tirade about not victim blaming. Alt of people have already done so. As a survivor of sexual assault, this product caught my attention.i think its an innovative approach to deter sexual assault. Much like the city/state/countries that allow conceiled hand guns, where a robber will think twice abouttargeting a bank since he doesn’t know who is prepared to protect it, the same may apply to a rapist, not knowing who is protecting themselves may decrease the instances of sexual assault. I can’t help but feel that this product will be most beneficial in countries such as Africa and places where rape happens mostly because of war and politics. My concern would be of health risks to the woman. Although im sure the manufacturer has a set of instructions on how long it can be worn and how to clean it. So to summarize, im i can find no fault with woman wanting to protect themselves and shame on those who do! Judge not, unless you are ready to be judged!

  347. Bill says:

    Wow…people seem really against religion here 😛
    Tauna is not completely wrong though…

  348. hahah says:

    what a stupid idea
    you better get a gun :))
    the rapist can’t take this condom off by itself?
    is it made of iron?
    and the girl what if she’s raped in the mouth then what?or ass
    or killed because of an angry rapist with iron condom on his junk
    hahah what a retarded world..more ways to make money of suckers :))

  349. Mollie says:

    Rape is seen as a horrible offense in the Bible – Absalom kills his brother for raping their sister… Jacob’s sons slaughter the people of the man who raped Dinah, their sister.
    And most importantly, David was punished for being overcome by his lust for Bathsheba. Remember, Bathsheba was bathing on her roof, not dressed modestly… was she “asking for it?”… if she was, then why does God punish David.
    Really, if you are going to use the Bible as your evidence you ought to do your research

  350. Trish says:

    I honestly cannot believe what I am hearing here. Here we go again with women being the ones at fault for being raped. What about the 80 year old women that cover their entire body with clothes and gets raped, or the innocent little girl at home that is being watched by an uncle or other male family member and gets raped. This has made me so mad that any woman at all in the world today would ever say that. I really hope that you never get raped, although in you mindset it will never happen because you dress conservatively. So with that said are you never worried and aware of your surroundings when you go out at night to get that gallon of milk that you or someone else forgot earlier? All I can say is that I am always paying attention to everyone around me when I have to do a last minute errand for my family. In fact I keep a military grade night stick right next to my seat in the car at all times. So if I can put one more thing in my arsenal that might keep me from a lifetime of fear and depression why not. Although personally I’d rather just carry a nice little 9mm in my purse and shoot first.

  351. redstatelady says:

    Women are not a fault for “causing” rape. Rape is committed by a man who can’t (or won’t) control himself. This is one point that drives me nuts about women having to wear burkas so they won’t cause a man to have “impure” thought or want to rape. Self control is what we are talking about, self control in keeping it in his pants.

  352. Karen says:

    Tanua YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Rapists don’t care WHAT you are wearing. They have been known to rape 90 year old women and babies for Christ’s sake! It is people with your attitude that ENABLE rapists and keep the world just as it is by blaming the victim. Your idea is that if you are unnatrractive enough no one will rape you? That is a joke! EVEN YOU could be raped believe it or not! How would you like to be blamed for your own rape? I don’t think so dear…

  353. Kathleen says:

    People like Tanua were the reason I was silent for years about being molested by my grandfather. He told me he put his hands on me because I looked pretty in my dress. Was I, as a 12 year old girl, asking for it? Nobody deserves to be raped or assaulted, no matter how they present themselves.

  354. Rawana says:

    Wow! So many responses to the article!
    However, I too like to add some points.

    1. This device is great. However, what about the virgins? (Even today we find some of them around!). They are the worst affected in a rape but this device offers no protection to them. In our part of the world, virginity is still highly valued, mostly by women themselves!

    2. Isn’t sex between a man and woman the most natural action?. Aren’t males designed to be exited by the look, smell, odour, feel and taste of women? Isn’t it a normal response when a man wants to have sex with a woman? If a woman does not desire to have sex, isn’t it better not to be provocative by stimulating the five senses of men around her? What is ridiculous is that women (in general) want to show off that they are very sexy to attract the males but refuse the natural consequences. (Please read Desmond Morris for details)

  355. A says:

    reading through the comments, i gotta say that instead of constantly telling women to dress “appropriately”, perhaps we should focus more on stressing the fact that raping someone is wrong?? nothing justifies it.

    secondly, rape was around long before women have begun to show off more skin. i consider rapists mentally ill, and if someone is a rapist then a layer or two of clothing isn’t really gonna stop them. you also have to consider the fact that everyone is at risk of being raped as long as our society continues this whole blaming the victim game. by saying the victim deserved it or asked for it by dressing a certain way, you are justifying rape. you are telling rapists that what they are doing or did was ok. so please think before you speak.

    back to the topic. i doubt even this new condom will really stop rapists, since rape is really more about control and power. instead of “stopping” they may just find new victims. the percentage of children, men, and the elderly being rape victims will most likely increase. also you forget that women can be rapists too, so a condom probably won’t stop them.
    still, if there is a chance a couple of rapists will get seriously hurt and caught, im all for it.

  356. donna says:

    OMG, I know I did not get all the way through the comments here but once I read the idiot response by Tanua I couldn’t go any futher. Maybe your Bible puts everything on women but the way that I read mine it doesn’t. Women are not responsible for the acts of violence in men, women or for that matter any other species. Rape has been proven to be an act of control and violent behavior not sexual arrousement. Besides does your Bible not hold an individual responsible for their own reactions? You my dear make a good case for natural selection. I do hope, as the Bible says that you will reap what you sew. You never know with the freaks today my dear, their are men who get off on the motherly look, maybe you will be lucky enough to find one!

  357. K.L. says:

    This is a great invention and anyone who thinks it’s a medieval device is obviously…a rapist!
    If you’re raping someone..you deserve your penis to be bitten.

    As a child, I was sexually assaulted and it was the singular most traumatizing thing that had ever happened to me in my entire life- still is. I think it’s a great idea and the man who invented it should be given some kind of prestigious award. I think you are an amazing man Dr. Ehlers.

  358. woofer says:

    does the device fall off when the dick gets limp again?

  359. tim says:

    they got some great idea going on but you could just easily take the condom out and then proceed to rape someone LOL

  360. Alan says:

    This device may be medieval, but if so it matches the thinking of those who continue to blame the woman for rape. To my mind, even if a woman would walk down the street naked, that does not give a man the right to commit rape. It is a question of some men subduing their medieval instincts and mindsets, not about blaming the victim. Rape is not only a sex crime, it is a crime of violence, an instance of the rapist imposing their desires onto an unwilling victim by force.

  361. Tina says:

    It’s true that the bible encourages us to dress modestly, but it also tells us to show self-control. Nobody should justify this heinous action by blaming the victim or justifying the rapist’s motivation.

  362. dianne says:

    there is just 2 flaws in this device.
    first one as mentioned, which is can it be used by men?
    second one is there is such a thing as a female rapist, rare but nonetheless they still exist. Who is to stop a female rapist from using this to place blame on the man when he goes to get it removed??
    not all claims of rape are that there have been times when false allegations have been made

    As for TANUA, i think you need help. there have been many elderly who dressed “modestly” not showing their legs breasts etc, completely covered up! so why would a teen rape someone dressed so modestly??
    it doesnt matter how you dress walk or talk.
    it comes down to control/power sometimes it can be triggered by an event in the rapist’s life. In most cases it isnt a sexual act. all you have to do is resemble the looks of a person that has triggered the rapist or even smell like them and you may be targeted.
    The only person responsible for rape is the RAPIST!!! be it a female or male rapist, the rapist is the one who is at fault not the victim

  363. Craig says:

    Am I missing something or can the rapist simply check for the device before the act and then remove it? I’m sure after the publicity of the first few attacks other rapists would do this instead of just being dettered.

  364. gary says:

    Whilst I am a total atheist, there are some teachings in the bible I would go along with. As a man I would not rape a woman who was clothed or naked. As a naturist, I see naked people on the beaches often in europe, and it does not make me want to rape.
    However, after saying that, my guess is the figures would show that women who are drunk and dressed
    extremely provacatively would be more often targeted by their male conterparts, as “easy meat”
    Somewhere there must be figures on rapes to show which type of dress code attracts more rapes. No woman deserves to be raped, however she is dressed or undressed.

  365. Alexis says:

    Tauna you are apparently not a cop, a rape victim or anyone with even an iota of actual educational backgound in rape counseling OR you’d have some stats to back up your claims. The truth is, most victims are not buxom, scantily-clad, “hotties”, out…..as you say, ‘flaunting’. They appear vulnerable…weak… unintimidating. They are alone, unprotected. Rape isnt about beauty or the appearance of ‘sexiness’ as you are defining it. To rapists, “sexy” means vulnerable. I am a secretary for 3 lawyers that specialize in sex crimes. There IS NO such thing as ‘dress’ being a factor in being a rape victim. No commonality what-so-ev-er.

  366. Alexis says:

    Women want to attract a mate…..not a psychopath. So we make illegal or immoral the natural to prevent the unnatural? Twisted logic ….belonging in the same category as ‘blame the victim’.

  367. Hunter U says:

    a rapist can easily check to see if there is a rapex condom inside the womans vagina before force intercoure and he can simply take it out. so while an effective method that i agree with once this becomes common knowledge it can easily be diverted by the rapist putting his hand inside the woman and removing it before he rapes her. better methods must be invented but this is a step foreward

  368. Clint says:

    I’m just playing “Devils Advocate” here so don’t take what I’m saying personally…
    Someone mentioned “wont the guy get really pissed and possibly kill the woman” whereas someone else posted “no it will disorient them so the victim can get away”… Don’t bet your life on it.
    I once slammed my finger in a car door… I calmly opened the door and instinctivley kicked it shut leaving a large dent in the panel… What do you think a guys first instinct is gonna be with this thing?
    And I absolutley hate violence…
    Learn to shoot, they make tiny little guns you can carry in your purse.
    Good luck ladies…

  369. becca says:

    i was disgusted reading some of the comments posted here, especially by tanua, the bible condems sin and rape it one of the biggest sins i can think of. As a rape victim, did i deserve it when i was lying in bed with a platonic friend who i trusted? i wasnt dressed “provocativley” as this idiotic and ignorant tanua claims all my genteration to be. Do you have to stereotype all young people because the media portrays what is actually a small percentage of young people who drink and take drugs? does everyone deserve to take the fall for this small percentage? No, i didnt deserve what i got, i didnt deserve to be violated and humiliated, where was your ‘god’ then? and before you start on me about religion, i was raised as christian but i cannot believe in a ‘God’ that justifies violence against ANYONE, not just women.

    im not going to lie, the idea of sticking that inside isnt an attractive one, but if i could go back in time and use it, i would, because ti would have saved me years of depression and an attempted suicide, so before you open your trap and preach religion, slutty clothes and blame people, not just women, for asking for it? remember that means you are justifying a disgusting crime against humanity, which destroys souls, families and relationships. Maybe if i had had this device, i would have had the confidence for justice instead of having my life threatened and having to look my rapist in the eyes for two years having known what he had done but still stood before me and smiled smugly knowing he got away with it.

    just a little something for the ignorant people in the world to think about, i didnt ask for it, but if you think that rape an its after effects are a breeze, then (and this will offend some people) have it happen to you and you try and pretend everyday that you are okay and not broken inside, its not fucking easy and im proud to say that i survived because of me and no one else!

  370. linda says:

    well i think the condom is a great thing if u ask me i think guys that force themslfes on a girl needs to get there lil dicks hurt bad so girls of the world should be more alert

  371. Mindy says:

    First things first, Tanua I myself was a victim of my older brother and his buddy from age six to eight. I in no way asked for it or did anything to bring it onto myself. Then ten years later the step father that raised me tried to have his way. These guys were cruel and there is NO excuse for such a deed. Your comment was massively offensive, and now I (and hundreds of other people) are in awe over your ignorance.

    Now, I think this is great! I admit it may not be so practical for some but for those who live with the fear it could really be a fantastic solution. And as for the guy that gets his wang stuck in, good hope it hurts. Lemme squirt some lemon juice right in there and maybe that will help? Who cares about their rights and if it hurts them.
    They obliterate our right to keep our bodies private and inflict incredible amounts of pain doing so.

  372. Shannon says:

    The Bible says anyone who rapes should be killed. It does not however say that women who don’t dress appropriately should be raped. Before you bring the Bible into anything, you need to read it. It also says to “Judge not lest ye be judged by the same measure” You are a harsh judge, I hope you repent before you meet our Maker.
    To everyone else, Not all Christians think the way this person does. GOD loves everyone, it’s behaviors, that hurt people, that He doesn’t like.

  373. Coppa says:

    I am a rape survivor. I am a wife. I am a mother. And I am a police officer and detective who specialises in child abuse and child protection. As some who deals with rapists on almost a daily basis, I was extremely interested in the posts. And, after reading them all, let me say this: no rapist or sex offender that I’ve spoken to has EVER said it was based on clothing or appearance. Not one. They WILL say however, I just knew she was the right one, she reminded me of my ex girlfriend, right place – wrong time. They also say “I just wanted to hurt someone”. Rapists don’t care who you are, how old you are, whether you’re white, black, green or purple – just that you’re there.

    However, I digress. I think this rapex condom is a great idea in theory. Personally, I’ve never seen it actually work but I do love the confidence it gives the wearer. Rape is an ugly, primal act perpetrated by ugly, primal people. It destroys minds and bodies. In order to prevent it, we need stronger deterrents (bring back hard labour and stronger prisons), judges who don’t hold antiquated “boys will be boys” views and greater education for families: the predators they look for aren’t always shady looking characters in trench coats and glasses. Despite what you may think, one of the things I hear most from my victims is “he/she didn’t look like a rapist”. Look up now and check the face if the first person you see; that’s what a predator looks like, Mr or Mrs Average.

  374. I says:

    All of you still going on about this Tanua’s comment. GET OVER IT. And consider reading over her message, because at no point did the individual say certain women deserve to be raped.

    Regardless, the point of this blog, wasn’t to discuss a commentor’s opinion. You all went on the wrong way. THE CONDOM (topic of discussion, for those who didn’t know) is a great idea. I see the positive and negatives of it, but hopefully it works out for women.

  375. food for thought says:

    odds are potential rapists are now aware of this device and will resort
    to other methods to get their fix. oral? anal? maybe he’ll just beat the crap out of her until
    she removes it. Rape is a terrible thing and this is “A” solution but where there’s a will there’s a way.

  376. Samael says:

    Many people are just plain ignorant and simple minded, and I won’t mention any names. Rape is rape. There will never be a good reason to excuse something that is done wrong and a crime must properly be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. But sad thing is, that is not how the world goes about. Even if one runs naked on the streets, no one is allowed to molest them or throw a rock at their heads. We have laws to properly deal with them and must be followed with accordingly.

    For the nth time, this has been a problem that not even technology has been able to resolve and, though I am a man, I am happy to know that another arsenal of choice has been made “Solely for protection” since I don’t see it as a thing that can be abused (Unless a woman of course had to kidnap the man and rape him instead which is highly doubtful… might as well cut it with scissors.)

    So again, to whomever believes this is a stupid thing, think again before speaking up.

  377. sandy says:

    to the person who says if you dress in a way that is not modest you deserve to be raped, i am surprised someone has not gone up to you and slapped you. you can dress like a nunn and its still possible for someone to rape you the rapist will jot care what your wearing. and to the person who asked if there were women rapist the answer is yes, its rare but it still happpens

  378. Tina says:

    I really dont know what to say about this. I am for it, but then again, my rapist did it orally. I dont see how that would have helped me. Or say if he would have been one of those other sickos who like to rape women with objects rather than their penis, what then? There really is no way to completely deter a rapist if he is determined to commit the act. Just my opinion of course.

  379. Will says:

    Of all the rapes in this world, There has been many innocent babies born from these rapes. This product would eliminate many more. These babbies are victoms to.

  380. Melissa says:

    Tanua you are the worst kind of ignorant. I was raped and I was not asking for it. I was not dressed provocatively, no cleavage or belly showing. Shame on you!

  381. RAT BASTARDSON says:

    All of this since they ended apartheid in South Africa. Doesn’t anybody remember when it wasn’t like this? Don’t people THINK to ever look back on the causes that they once so diligently supported? But that would spell failure of an ideal and the notion that maybe ‘white rule’ wasn’t so bad after all! Can’t have that! So much for Nelson Mandela and his poor, downtrodden, victimized majority.

  382. RACHAEL says:

    When reading this article I have to say I couldn’t help but wonder if men are aware that there is such an invention wont that just raise the risk for women to be raped anally? If men know the risk of rapex what are the chances that the sick bastards wont just take another route?

  383. Jenni Lee says:

    Tanua’s comment upset me for sure, but it’s narrow-minded at best.

    Men don’t rape because they are horny or turned on, they rape because of power and control. It’s the same reason a man beats his wife/girlfriend; It’s a power issue. They feel powerful taking what they want. The way a woman is dresses has NOTHING to do with rape. I was raped wearing jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers; It’s bullshit! And anyone who thinks that it’s because of they way someone dressed has never been raped or been a rapist. So pull your head out of your ass.

    This condom is a GREAT idea. It’s an option that I feel women should have a right to. It’s OUR bodies and if someone wants to violate it, then pay the consequence. And I hope when they surgically remove that thing, it takes a good portion of your penis too.

    Control yourself, not others.

  384. Betsy says:

    Tauna needs to read something other than the Bible and broaden her/his horizons. Derp is a man…no woman would talk so crassly about their own anatomy…Cooch? Really?

  385. Willy Friar says:

    All rapists should be shot on sight. This condom comes close to punishing anyone with a penis. Also , financial rapists like Bernie Madoff should be shot because they ruin the financial lives of many people for many years. They are no different because they are selfish, power seekers with no conscience.

  386. Celibate Female says:


    you portray men as helpless little puppies. if you’re celibate out of moral or spiritual reasons then i’m sure you know how consensual sex should look like – you know the person well, your love and trust is mutual. if the man is an innocent one why does he find himself in a saddistic sexual relationship? if you’re an innocent man, you make love to the woman and she responds – how could you not notice a trap?
    open any of porn websites and you’ll see that men laugh when women suffer and that men practically never are punished. female saddism is a response to that.
    maybe your celibacy emasculated you. you sound like a little boy who is hurt because a girl laughed at him.
    female energy is a good energy – every time women make a step in independence and freedom, there’s a doom anxiety how everything will turn upside down. real men are not afraid of female energy.
    to hurt someone is wrong – no matter man hurting a woman or woman hurting a man. at this time the product is hypothetical and new and controversial. Just like every other human invention.
    every man can choose what to use his manhood for – love or violence. and women have the same free will – to love or to hurt. so far there aren’t any innocent men who got bitten, so you can be at peace. but there are innocent people who are in danger or who already got hurt very badly. i am a virgin, 28y old but i’m not naive. we must fight rape. this product is not a final solution but it might evolve into something that will be a solution.

    I pray for you, you are all brave women and men. I’m not a religious but I live celibacy to give testimony of honour, respect and dignity of every human being. And I bow in respect before the pain you carry.
    I know that abuse makes one feel ashamed but in fact: YOU ARE HEROES. Walk through the life with your eyes focused, your step confident and be proud of your body. You are the veterans who are not celebrated on the streets. You don’t get a medal. You should be entitled to wear a crown for taking on the hardest suffering of all. Never give up and be strong. I pray for you.

  387. maidenfaith says:

    Tanua is stupid. Period. Some people just give off a “victim” vibe, maybe. I am female,live in a quiet suburb. I’m mother to a sweet nine year old girl. Personally, I don’t think provocative clothing has anything to do with rape. As a young girl I was molested by a teenage neighbor (male). No penetration ocurred but thinking about it still nauseates me. I was molested (??) again when i was seven or eight by a VERY aggressive little girl the same age as me. Thinking about that situation doesn’t make sad or angry. But it does kinda weird me out. And one more time (as a teenager) makes three. The last time was date rape. The only thing these three have in common was the fact that I DESPERATELY wanted to be liked by these three people. Something about that must have brought out something ugly in these people. Since the age of 22, I have been ALL about the shoes. I was wearing platform six inch high heels when you could only get them in fetish stores. Classic style on my body, whore shoes on my feet.. Librarian glasses, hair in a loose bun. As another gal with Kardashian curves, I can tell you its not what you wear, its how you wear it.. Sometimes it just looks sexy..Have I been assaulted???. Hell, no!!! I don’t go to sketchy places. I don’t hang with sketchy people. Men sometimes stare, sometimes whistle, sometimes try to “mack”. After all these years, believe me , it puts a spring back in my step. What’s the difference now? Attitude. I have developed a” I am NOT to be f**ed with” mien. No more victim vibe. My fiancee says I’m more than a little intimidating. I am five foot two and weigh one hundred twelve pounds, so go figure. People rape to hurt.. People rape to terrorize. People don’t rape because they’rehorny for sex. They do it cause they like causing pain. . There is something essentially wrong with rapists. They should be chemically castrated if the victim is an adult. , executed if the victim is a child or elderly. The rapex is a step in the right direction, i guess. But there’s still a lot of holes in the realistic application. It would be better for women to have the understanding in their hearts that if they are attacked , it is absolutely necessary to END the attacker. You are probably LITERALLY fighting for your life. NO FEAR. NO MERCY.NO APOLOGIES

  388. Dragonfly says:

    To Tauna, not to attack any further, but I am a 21 year old woman who has suffered sexual abuse since the age of 3. I still stuffer from it and I dress in casual clothing that doesn’t show ANYTHING off. There are some people out there who are just sick, and get their kicks from being in control and victimizing others. Rape happens to both males and females, young and old…. rape is all about power, not about sex- sex just happens to be a very vulnerable and inimate thing and really does the trick to hurt someone if used incorrectly.

  389. young eagle says:

    castration and concentration camps for rapists and paedofhiles – starve them out!
    thy’re not human – they’re just rats – dangerous sickness that needs to be eliminated.

  390. Rosey says:

    The way a woman dresses is NOT the main cause of rape, so it really irks me when some people (like Tanua) use that as an excuse to justify rape against a girl/woman! What about all those kids that get raped or those old women (like 50yrs old and above), WERE THEY DRESSED “SEXY”?! >=(

    Anyway back to the rapex, like most things in this world there’s a good and bad side to this product. You say it grips on like teeth, which would possibly cause bleeding right? So think about it, if the rapist has HIV/AIDS, hepatitis or some other blood transferable disease, this could cause the victim to contract whatever that person has. It’s a shame really that there is a bad side to this product, but overall it seems beneficial.

  391. Taylor says:

    To Tanua:
    I am a rape victim (and yes, I can finally say the phrase after 8 years, but still it burns me to the core). I was 12 years old when my rapist took advantage of me. I was an average 12 year old. Not promiscuous, not trashy. My rapist took everything from me. I found out later I was pregnant with his child. I am pro-choice, but an abortion is not a choice I believe in for myself. I was still trying to figure out how to tell my parents their twelve year old little girl was having a baby. How to explain to my boyfriend of 4 months that I was pregnant. And doing so without anyone assuming I had made the decisions that led to my pregnancy. My friend Mary and I were sitting on her roof talking about the matter since she and her mother (an OBGYN) were the only two I had told. While we were turning to go in, I slipped and came tumbling down. The immense bleeding worried all three of us and we rushed to her mom’s office. I had miscarried. Mary’s mother knew how much I had been damaged already, and since it was summer, agreed to take care of everything without my parents knowing. I am 20 years old now, and to this day the memories continue to haunt me. I will never be the person I would’ve been had these awful events not happened. I am now engaged, and I know that once my fiancé and I are married and having children, those horrific scenes will be the first thing that come to mind. So I ask you, Tanua, if I dressed a bit provocatively with a short skirt and a tank top, was I just asking for it? Am I as much to blame as my rapist? And how dare you presume to make FALSE assumptions and accusations about something you obviously know nothing about. You will never understand the pain and scars I have suffered through. And as bad as my story is, I can’t even imagine what the stories of those poor young girls in South Africa are like.

  392. Mark H says:

    Wow…horrible device for defending against a horrible act.

  393. Mike says:

    I think people should look at media and what it is we are taking in every day of our lives. Not only does it encourage sexual violence, it also encourages women to dress in a provacative manner. Quit pointing fingers at the offenders. Time to look at where the offenders are taking in the daily dose of BS we see and hear every day on the media networks. It’s even in cartoons for crying out loud. Wake up people!

  394. Swissy says:

    As much as I would like to say this is a great idea, I can’t. I believe you would need more then just this. If you think in terms of men who rape, there mind set, I do not think they will run away once the bite happens. I feel there more apt to strike out and cause further harm to the woman. I do believe that a woman should take self defense classes. With self defense classes, and using this, I feel they would be able to seige the moment of the mans pain to there benfit, either using the self defense to make sure hes down so they can get away or just completly taking him down. Either way I feel if a woman uses this they still need self defense. All women should learn some form of defense, be aware of there surrounds, and use everything they can to stay safe from attacks. And to the few who are clueless and say women dress and ask for it, or what ever your excuse is to say its brought on by the women, You are very very wrong. It’s brought on by a mind that has no regards for another and wants there power over them. And to the lady thumping her bible.. I say go read that bible and you just might learn something, but do not throw it out here to back your lame logic of women asking for it. As a christian I find it offensive that you would even use the bible up to back your faulty logic!!

  395. izzy says:

    to tanua< really? most of these women and children who are raped in Africa, dress very modest, I myself, was assaulted, when i was wearing Levis, a black tee shirt and a flannel, with combat boots, too sexy for my own good? with more men able to have porn at their fingertips, this is what makes it worse for women.
    but the women in Africa have been being raped for decades, it has been an awful epidemic, with very aggressive very angry men, to put the blame on women, any woman, making it her fault for being raped, is a sin, and I doubt if the God I know would condemn a person for their choice of clothing.
    its awful Tanua, as a woman, you would actually go there, you could be putting your kids and groceries into your car and have someone come up behind you and assault you, rape you. who then are you going to blame? men who rape should have their balls cut off and put on a wall of shame….

  396. Dawn says:

    Any victim of rape or counselor will tell you that undesired penetration is difficult to deal with… While this is an amusing idea, I suspect it’s a very real concern that the pain may escalate rape attack into murder. It’s a novel approach for legitimate concern however, what are the costs? The target population of woman in Africa in general doesn’t not have funds for regular condoms so how will this item be introduced? Is the item going to be re-useable? Is it breathable? Will a woman wearing it be able to urinate without removing it?
    Low cost triple spray with a noise reactor that automatically goes off if the trigger is depressed would be a better, less invasive item. For this item to work the woman still must undergo rape!

  397. Amber strickland says:

    This is amazing imagine women not having to be afraid , and men even thinking about raping someone will have to wonder is she wearing one is she wearing one it’s a shame that the thing can’t castrate the man . I think this should be done to any man that rapes a woman , takes away her security takes away her self worth her will power . That so discusting , what about if men in Africa start tapering women analy because they now know this are out there , something to consider but for now this is a wonderful start to empowering women and preserving their dignity and self respect . I was raped when I was 17 in my own home by someone I knew and trusted . For a long time I would shake when alone with a men wether I knew them 10 minutes or 10 years but I realized that by hanging on to my fear and resentment I was letting him tape me over and over again . I was giving him exactly what he wanted power over me , I hope they bring this to us imagine not having to fear for your child to go to a party and getting drug and raped .

  398. Ailona says:

    Surprised to see this but think it is a good idea, especially in countries where women have little hope of prosecuting the perpetrator. (thinking it’s hard to identify at a time like that, too). What would you do if you were gang raped? Won’t the man’s friends kill the woman for hurting their pal? Like some latino gangs, or para mlitary rape women to shame the men… just pure evil.

    I’m disgusted by the personal attacks on the posters who mentioned Bible in support of modesty and self control, as a help to cut down incidence of rape. That goes towards proving her point! If we women let the Media teach us to be immodest and proud, and to look down on males for being visually wired and impulsive, we can see the statistics. Since 1950, the “me” revolution has caused surges in numerous crimes: domestic violence, child abuse, violence on women. And social decay: abortion on demand, delinquency, incarceerated youth…unwed mothers, stds, aids and other incurable diseases. Look up “Zero Population” documentary. “Free Sex” and “easy birth control” have ruined us.

    Bible or no Bible. but elimiating moral indoctrination by scripture has left us open to indoctrination by Atheism and Secular Humansm, also religions. “The government shall not replace religion with irreligion”, states our supreme court, yet this is what is happening. Where do we get ideas about right and wrong? Think on it.

    the posters are right, males do respond to visual cues, and baiting them with sexy attire and complaining when they respond, is immature. That’s part of the anti-male feminist propaganda. It mistreats men by using sexuality as power, dang them if they get turned on!

    Sex belongs in marriage, not handed out like hugs. NO major religion supports that. It creates the expectation of available sex from single females. For free, even! I say, get married, or pay someone. If you can’t afford either – no cooky.

    Rapists have and always will exist, but yes, the death penalty was imposed. That’s biblical, and also Islamic shariah law, if I recall. Pagan Celts, ancient Rome…woulda killled the perp. (outside of military conquest of course) so don’t hate on Christianity.

    BTW, sex offenders admit to being incurable, and say they will offend again. Check the documentaries on pedophiles contained on an island penitentiary for life, off Cal. coast. Something is very wrong in their worldview. Talking won’t fix them. These inmates are pathologically deranged.

    As a counselor, I can tell you perps don’t understand they did wrong, only that they messed up and got caught. They learn to say what we want to hear and go out the door to offend again most times. A person must want to change. (if not an organically deranged person) Meanwhile WE are wrong for taking their freedom of expression away. (they think)

    Let’s blame the media too – womanizers get shown as heroic somehow. Loose women do too. Easy access to porn makes people imagine sex much more easily, crave it, even get addicted. thought always precedes action. They grab whoever is around to satisfy their lust. Biting them is a good idea. THAT has never been a porno theme, to my knowledge!

    Check the excellent pro-woman documentary “Picture Perfect”.re:media and our sense of image/worth.

    I support Lorena Bobbitt. (the woman who chopped off rapist’s penis as he slept)

    Modesty is a good part of our arsenal. So is checking in with friends, walking in a group, NOT going home with a male or his buddies alone, not getting drunk in mixed company….and wearing this if you have to walk alone in a risky area like dark south african street.

    Set yourself up to be safe, not sorry.

  399. A Man says:

    So let me see if I understand how this would work. A woman who is concerned about getting raped would insert this device and then go about her daily duties. I would assume that this would be something akin to wearing a tampon. Now I know a lot of women that complain about the need to wear a tampon and if given the opportunity would ditch the tampon in a sec. The only reason that women continue to wear it is because the alternative is messy. So There is this constant reminder each morning that they have to apply the tampon or else. (keep in mind the tampon is not needed 7/24/365) (just like insurance this device would need to be worn 7/24/365 to give maximum protection) So….not counting women that have already been raped, because that would definitely be a constant reminder to insert the device, what is going to remind the average woman to insert the device. Now I know what your thinking, I am only going to insert the device when I believe that I could get raped. Like as the column suggested before a date. So, that would suggest that most rapes occur as a result of a date with a man that is not what he seems. Following this logic, although it may be very very inaccurate, wouldn’t it be easier to just not go out with men at all? And what about when rapes occur outside of the dating scenario? This would suggest that if a woman was going to protect herself then she would need to wear it all the time. Is this practical. Really. I don’t think so. I think this is like the shake weight. It seems good from the outside but in reality it doesn’t work. The inconvenience’s of using the device far outweigh the benefits. And the need to constantly use it soon would become obsolete. Now lets ask this question. What about the girlfriend that found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. She wants revenge etc so she puts the device in and then calls rape when he is trapped. Ouch Not such a good invention.

  400. Faye says:

    Rape is a serious matter, and I don’t believe that it’s women’s fault for not dressing right because rape could happen to anyone at anytime. I must acknowledge that these condoms are a great way to catch the rapist, so why are we all pointing fingers at each other? in the end there isn’t much you can do to prevent rape from happening, ever since man and women have been born rape had occurred and now days it seems to be getting worse.
    Why is it happening? probably because men get influenced by porn sites and women don’t exactly cover themselves properly. I’m Muslim and I believe that if women would cover themselves a little better then maybe it could prevent rape from happening mainly because men get sexually attracted and soon commit the terrible act on women who look weak. If I look back at history, rape wasn’t very popular because women would cover themselves more. I’m not saying that if you cover yourself better you won’t get raped, what I’m trying to express is that if you really don’t want to get raped then take some time to actually see what you wear outside and determine whether it’s appropriate or not and I know rape happens even to people who don’t show cleavage.
    I’m a women and I try to understand why men would rape, my conclusions are that they are either not satisfied with watching porn or they have an emotional need to have power over women. As stupid as this may sound, I think that if we try to sympathize with men and try to understand why they would rape women then maybe instead of feeling scared, angry or whatever feeling you get from being raped, you will actually feel a little pity for them because I’m certain that every man and women have their reasons. And by the way I’m only 12 and I know this much so you adults should start behaving better and learn to not blame each other for no reasonXD

  401. a green says:

    This sounds like a great thing, yes I think when it hits a man that his penis is hurting the women could run away. It many not always work that way, she may take a beating. The governments of the world should make convicted rapists and all pedophiles were them all the time this way if they try to rape someone BAM pain in the penis. Love it.

  402. a green says:

    Is there somewhere I can donate money so the women in South Africa can have the Rapex as soon as possible?

  403. laura says:

    i think this is a positive ting…saying a woman brings it on herself to be rapped is total b.s…….thats just an excuse for the guy to do it!i think that if this was more out there and more ppl knew it was available that that alone would make the rape rate go down bc a guy wouldnt know if the woman had one or not.a guy is not gonna risk hurting his “pride”.

  404. Cyndy says:

    Tauna, so what you are saying it is the way women dress? How is it then when an elderly woman gets raped, I am sure she isn’t wearing a skirt so tight and so short you can see her Vag.

  405. Cyndi says:

    To Tanua, several posts back; I agree that some women and girls have no modesty nowadays, and flaunt themselves, and I believe in the Bible also. BUT, women flaunting themselves is a whole different issue from rape. If a man does not have the urge to rape, no matter what a woman puts in his face, he will not rape! But by the same token, if a man does have the urge to rape, clothing and shamelessness usually have absolutely nothing to do with which victim he chooses. Rape is a sickness, and rapists usually pick their victims upon other criteria than how they dress and flaunt. If you do your research, youll find that usually all victims of a certain rapist, have one or several similar physical and personality attributes.
    I think this Rapex thing is simply AWESOME! Talking about empowering women! Wow. I feel like it should be a requirement to carry some type of weapon if youre going to wear this little gem, just in case the rapist IS able to try to kill you after the failed rape and subsequent pain, because Im pretty sure he will be LIVID!

  406. michelle says:

    About your comment re: the bible tells women to dress modestly. I was watching the duggars tv shoe one day and they were talking aboit why the girls are not allowes to wear pants. And Mr. Dugger said it is so that women are covered up so they dont tempt the men. So ultimately if men could.control themselves in the first place there would be no problem!

  407. Really? says:

    1) I agree that a lot of rapes (most), not all, are about power.

    2) Date rapes and pickup rapes are often skanky, stupid, & drunken guys thinking about getting laid and drunken girls putting themselves in bad positions. Is the rape the girl’s fault? No it is the rapist.

    3) In simple assaults and in date/pickup rapes a lot of these could be prevented by being careful. Things like not going in areas that aren’t well lit, not going in bad areas alone, and certainly not getting blind drunk at a bar or a club, especially if you don’t have friends their with you watching out who is around and how you are getting home. Again, being careless doesn’t make any part of the attacker’s acts okay, but don’t make yourself a victim either. As a man if I’m in a parking area or potentially dangerous place or see someone that looks questionable or out of place my radar goes off and I’m a big guy. Again I am not blaming the victim I’m just saying I wish more people were more careful.

    4) I have taken that girl who was drunk and going to end up having sex and regretting it home from a party before because I saw it coming. I saw her a month later and got and polite and bashful thank you. However, I also saw a girl I was concerned about at a bar the other night (dressed up and glassy eyed drunk). I wanted to ask her if she had friends with her and make sure she got home okay, but being a lot older etc I also was afraid of her getting the wrong idea. Young women need to be more aware of putting themselves in these situations, because she could have easily left that bar with a guy (perhaps one as drunk as her because there were several there at last call) and woke up going WTF did I do. Are these situations the majority of cases (especially in 3rd world countries) no of course not. I just would like younger people to think about the situations they put themselves in. I have seen young guys at bars I used to frequent when I was younger getting falling down drunk and being obnoxious and thinking “Man you are lucky this is a friendly bar” because had they done that in the place down the block they would likely end up laying in the alley or the parking lot with their teeth missing. Just saying think people! Alcohol and/or drugs impair your abilities to reason and react please do these things in either moderation or with friends that you know you can count on to protect you.

    5) This product may be a good idea in 3rd world countries and violent high crime areas for women that have little or no choice, but to be at risk because of their job schedules, bad neighborhoods, etc. However, I can also see misuse of it.

    a) The shit I was drunk and forgot I had it in so now either I am on the line for assaulting the guy I tried to sleep or I cover my ass by saying he tried to rape me, after all I have proof! Sorry, but some people have no conscience!

    b) This annoying guy keeps asking me out so I’ll show him. (Sorry, but we all know couples that have been married for years that have the story he asked her out 5 or 10 times before she finally said yes. And yes I know there are guys who may be dangerous (possible stalkers etc) that are persistent, but this isn’t the way to get rid of them.)

    c) My boyfriend cheated (or I think he did) so I got him good.

    Now are the majority of women this careless or dumb? No of course not. Nor are the majority of men potential rapists (sorry feminists we aren’t). But, just playing a little devil advocate here and pointing out possible flaws. I just hope that the misuse is minimal.

    6) Finally, I think people worrying about the attacker becoming violent, though a possibility is less likely than you think. If your penis is getting shredded you may be angry, but your first instinct would be to withdraw and probably give the woman an opportunity to escape. A lot of rapists (not all) are complete cowards and will retreat if things start to go badly. Also, don’t forget the woman has no guarantee that if the act is completed with no hitch that the rapist won’t hurt or kill her anyway. As many have pointed out it is a crime of violence.

    Just my two cents and I hope that it saves a lot of women the anguish and scars of a horrible crime and their attackers are caught and removed from society (or they bleed to death). Also, that those few women that do misuse it are identified and are prosecuted as well.

  408. Steve says:

    Better rape laws should be tried. No contract, no sex. Physical evidence of sex, no contract, he is guilty of statutory rape. No question of “he said – she said”. No question of did she want it, or deserve it, or enjoy it. Simply this, sexual intercourse without a consensual contract and it is rape. He goes to jail.

    It does no good to make rape a capital crime if it is not enforced. No contract, no sex.

  409. useless says:

    when people become aware of this thing it will be useless. the rapist will just finger her first.

  410. Kaki says:

    Some places in the world are known for being very dangerous. Just as some people carry guns on them all the time, women can wear this thing when they have to walk the streets late at night or they live in dangerous neighborhoods. Prostitutes can wear them too.

  411. Kena says:

    Tanua’s comment made me sick. At the end of her comment she said, “quit complaining when you get kidnapped (…) etc”. My sister was kidnapped when she was 4. She’s still missing to this day. She wasn’t dressed “provocatively”. How do you justify this Tanua?!

  412. Helen says:

    I have a Iranian friend that told me, after going to Iran to visit her family, and listening to the tales of her parents who lived in Iran when it was a much more liberal place where women wore mini skirts and high heels, that there are more cases of sexual violence toward women now, more sexual harassment then in the past. But the women in Iran are about as covered up as you can get these days.

    The fact is, men will treat women based on what they believe their relative power position are. If they are feel like the women are powerless to stop them, that social consequences are rare, or that women will be blamed for the sexual assault or be too ashamed or scared to report them, then they will be more likely to commit rape. Why not if there are no consequences. This has nothing to do with how they dress. Why are strippers not routinely raped in the club, because there are body guards, and men go there knowing if they touch the girls without her permission he could get the living crap beat out of them. Yet priests and even some sports coaches are molesting young boys and girls behind closed doors, forcing much more upon their victims then customers dare dream of at a strip club. . . again power not sex and no not religion. There are plenty of very religious people that commit rape, or are raped. Just look at Iran, Afghanistan, or the Catholic Church.

  413. Nonya Buisness says:

    I think this is a neat product. I bet it’d help people in countries such as South Africa. There is, as with any product, risk of misuse and abuse. I don’t think a rapist would become more violent because of this. I think he would probably just end up having a lot of pain and become in a compromising position so that the victim would be able to get away more easily. I’d like to know how I can get one and how it is used and taken out. We do we go for this information?
    Oh, and this is obviously much safer than a weapon. I, for one, had pepper spray used against me by an attacker. If they are quick and strong enough to attack, they can use weapons against the victim that were meant for their protection. This product is more concealed and can’t be used against some one as easily. It isn’t perfect- there will still be attack on little children and an evil woman might use something like this to hurt men, but most men like to touch their ladies first and would notice it and I’d like to think it would help many more people than it would hurt. Isn’t this a great step in the direction of helping to prevent violent crimes and the spread of AIDS and STDs, especially in these countries? I wish rapists knew the truth about AIDS and that sex with a virgin cannot cure it. This rumor doesn’t even make sense. A little education goes a long way. It should be mandatory.

  414. olie says:

    Tanua, Peaceable, Chelsea and all other ignorant people~ All I have to say is that you are so naive and completely ignorant!!!!!!!!!! It is people like you that make me want to scream and dress like a fucking slut just to prove a point! No, I don’t dress like a slut, but, if I did, I still wouldn’t be asking for or should be raped! Basically, to sum it all up, you all are saying that rape is usually a woman’s fault, especially if she likes to show her legs or a little cleavage… Go back to the Victorian ages you stupid, ignorant people and tell me: is showing your wrist too provocative for you too??? Go to your fucking nunnery or whatever it is that makes you so damn holy and better to have the slightest nerve to say that even a naked person walking down the street deserves to be raped. It is people like you that make rape worse and more frequent because you are only justifying rape and telling all those rapists out there that, hey, it’s okay to rape, as long as you look like a slut!!!!! I want to scream at people like you! You all think you are so god damn better than everyone because you dress like a nun! Well, let me tell you, I have many friends who are wonderful and devoted Christians and of whom may wear a cute summer dress or something a bit more provocative and you are saying, well, they deserve to be raped because they are showing too much skin. If you are that fucking conservative, you should probably move to another country. I mean there are many different cultures out there that dress head-to-toe covering their bodies, and, guess what? Rape is actually more frequent in those places because men are so deprived from any sort of sexual thought or encounter, which, really, is called HUMAN NATURE!!!!!!!!!! Rape is horrible, and unfortunately we have people like you who exist that only make it worse and can justify it for the predators! This is the most ignorant train of thought and I am absolutely disgusted by people like you, as many others are as well!!!!! You will burn in hell for being able to even slightly justify the cause of rape for rapists, and, honestly, I think your mind is even more sick than rapists themselves!!!!!!!!!

  415. zlaphe says:

    I am a female – I shudder at the idea of rape.

    I applaud Robert for thinking of such harsh punishment for those who do rape. Although very unlikely to happen.

    Agreed, Tanua is a complete idiot. Maybe she should wear her usual “non-provacative” clothes, get raped, and get back to us in regards to her “enlightenment”. (tongue in cheek)

    I applaud Dr. Ehlers for creating such a “medieval” device for such a “medieval” act.

    My question is: where can we get these? I want to see them in “every” supermarket worldwide. This will have these rapists hopefully think twice.

  416. Jen A Victim says:

    I wish I had this device 3 decades ago, I was a child at the age of 8 years old being molested by a monster dressed as a man who was in his late 30s. If only I had a teeth I would of made sure that I was his last victim.

  417. Wes says:

    People catch on quick. They would just use a test dildo first.

  418. Concern says:

    I think this is a good achievement.
    Question: What if a woman is raped by more than one person? Does the Rapex will do the same or is it just one time use?

  419. Truth Seeker says:

    Since religion has been prominently inserted into these comments, some of which ponder the nature of rape, here is another viewpoint for everyone to chew upon:

    Rape, along with murder, torture and every other conceivable encroachment have been around since the beginning of time. Even the death penalty has never stopped these crimes as this is all part of man’s inhumanity to man (woman, child, etc). This is an inescapable part of how our Creator set up this whole earthly experience where people have free choice to make as many mistakes as they think they can get away with.

    But does anybody ever really get away with those types of crimes? Does any of us ever truly get away with ANYTHING??

    When life is viewed through only the limited lens of a single lifetime, it would seem that yes, people are actually getting away with something. But when life is viewed as a long term continuum, where we reincarnate (are physically re-born) into various cycles of male and female bodies, under vastly different circumstances (rich, poor, powerful, helpless, etc), one can begin to understand how crimes like rape and torture are “paid for”. We almost always forget our past lives so that we all get to experience life on the other end of the stick (so to speak) and that life has a built-in, exacting mechanism called ‘karma’ (the law of cause and effect) to make SURE that we wind up paying for our indiscretions in “true coin”. It’s not about ‘punishment’ but actually God’s design to lift us into higher states of Love through re-experiencing the effects of our own actions. Greater compassion for others is a natural result along with many other spiritual benefits.

    Only in this way can we, as eternal souls, ever come to understand that the only way to treat others is via the Golden Rule – treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. Obviously, it goes far beyond that but for anyone asking the deeper spiritual questions about why bad things happen to seemingly “good people”, these concepts just might help spark some thought…

    OK, so back to the article topic, does that mean that we all just need to sit idly by and wait for bad things to happen to us? No! Is this device a good idea? Some may feel that it serves a purpose but I have some serious reservations.

    None of us can outrun our destiny (karma) but I’m a big believer in taking pro-active steps to help insure that I never wind up in the role of the victim. I’d prefer more conventional weapons (knife, taser, pistol) and then fight with every ounce of strength I have than wait to actually be raped, even knowing that I had a Rapex trap inside me.

    To me, that is something of a fatalistic position that pre-supposes the worst case scenario and sets up the inner mind to accept an awful conclusion – acceptance of an inevitable rape, albeit with a painful payback. Everyone’s circumstances are different but for most, always being aware of our surroundings, learning some basic martial arts/ street-fighting and proper use of weapons seems like a better alternative – perhaps a much more straight forward, cleaner defense without the emotional/ psychological spite (which may possibly add to the potential to get you eventually killed).

    I would also agree with several of the postings that the Rapex will eventually be misused in consensual, enticement/ entrapment scenarios as some women will attempt to settle scores with this device using sex as a weapon. But then again, that would just be another opportunity to create yet more karma that must eventually be “worked off”…

  420. Kaye says:

    Rape is nothing to do with sexual desire or how a person dresses. The rapist is only interested on controlling their victim. It’s the act of ‘taking’ what they want -without permission- that turns a rapist on. Like forbidden fruit. They don’t want the victim’s consent. Taking the victim’s control away by force is what excites them and turns them on sexually. It has nothing to do with the victim’s dress sense. Old women get raped – I don’t see many old ladies wearing skimpy clothing. Burglars often commit rape because they get off on the intimacy of violating personal space.

    There is a lot of ignorance around the act of rape and all too often the victim get blamed. Most rape victims are raped by someone they know. Someone they are close to. Stranger attacks do happen, but rape by people they know is far more prevalent. Only maybe 6 rapists in 20 are ever convicted because juries don’t seem to comprehend that a partner or person known to the victim has done this act. They believe it is always a stranger. The biggest problem with convicting a rapist is that juries are not educated in what rape actually is or the fact that rape by stranger happens far less than rape by someone the victim knows. They don’t understand that it is all about power and control over another human being.
    I was raped by my partner of 5 months. I was not dressed provocatively. He was an aggressive man and used being drunk as an excuse. Alcohol does not cause a type of behaviour, it simply disinhibition a behaviour that was already there. A person may not be violent when sober but once drunk they act out on the behaviours they would usually control, because alcohol allows people to feel disinhibited. Many rapists are stone cold sober when they rape. Dress has nothing to do with anything and to say it does is victim-blaming. Religion has its place but men have the choice not to harm another person, male or female, through rape and violence. I was attacked and raped by my ex boyfriend 10 years ago this year and it destroyed my life for many many years. It destroyed my family for many many years. To say it is down to dress is giving the rapist’s actions some level of justification. There is no justifying such behaviour. Rape was happening before the Bible. It’s been happening since the bible. Quite simply, many people need to be educated on what rape actually is and why it happens instead of looking to the easy reasoning and blaming the victims. As I said, my rapist was my boyfriend. I trusted him and he violated my trust, my body and my whole life structure. I was not dressed provocatively. I could not have seen it coming. I have post traumatic stress disorder and have been medicated for several years because of what happened. People need educating. Rape is about control over another person and taking that control from them by force. Victims are never to blame for what happens to them when they are raped, but until people stop blaming them for it, victims will always feel responsible and as though they could have stopped it happening. My rapist held me face down and almost killed me whilst he violated me. There was nothing I could have done to stop him but I still worried that people would blame me. I didn’t tell anyone for several years at which point I had a breakdown because I could not cope anymore.
    Educate people so they understand what it’s about and stop blaming the victims by making excuses for the men – and sometimes women – that refuse to control their predatory behaviours.

  421. Intelligent says:

    People please… all good points but none of them have anything to do with the root cause of rape…. rape is a crime of “POWER” not lust. Men who rape women are social misfits, physchologically damaged, weak, cowardly, whipped humans. It is a fact proven over and over and documented tenfold. A good man doesn’t attack and force himself on an unwilling woman- he flirts and gets a bit assertive but backs down when a firm NO, is spoken. Men who have grown into human crap incapable of being in charge of his own life-rape women. Men who rape do so to show power of a woman. They get off finally being in charge. Men who rape are usually quiet, weak, timid, cowardly people. Forget the bible- Mothers- the next time you consider coddling your little prince and ignore all his “little quirks” you could be raising a little vomit pig. Its not the way parents let their girls dress these days-its the neglectful way they raise their boys. I see tons of boys with absolutely no discipline being rewarded when they do something wrong all day long. When you have Mothers that are children themselves with no parenting skills, mothers who only want to be a “friend” to their kid not a parent- you will get a society of sloth, greed, selfishness, filth, and social misfits. OMG I just described my welfare scamming, REFUSES to work, showers her boy with every electronic item and stuffs him in a room, husbands’ ex-wife and her never washes/changes, ignorant, selfish, dirty, lazy, social nightmare, immature -rapist in the making son. Check the upbringing of any serial rapist and you will see that the parents, especially the mother was a neglectful selfish bunchy.

  422. Anita says:

    A woman can dress anyway she wants and she should. what happened to freedom of expression? This is the US and we are free, we should not have to worry about being raped by some animal that cant control his impulses and probably cant get sex any other way he is a coward that does that to a woman! no means no

  423. Helen says:

    I think it’s a brilliant Idea whether certain women flaunt or not does not give anyone the right to abuse them and to the people who are saying it’s barbaric blah blah unless your going to commit the act which should result in the death penalty anyway what are you worrying about? Of course it shouldn’t just be handed out just incase it is abused but still a brilliant idea I just hope they bring one out for men aswell .

  424. notamuslim says:

    Rapists are evil people true, but must we always fall for the same flawed logic and believe that because someone is evil that they must also be stupid? Using this kind of thing might just get a woman killed if a rapist finds it. Honestly it is not even close to as useful as a taser, or better, a good purse pistol.

    As for the gotcfha back angle, does anyone really think rapists won’t see this thing with their fingers and remove it before forcing themselves on their victim? If a rapist does find this thing how likely are they to to hurt the victim even more or actually escalate to killing in response?

    This does not seem effective and is not a good idea in my opinion.

  425. Ilya says:

    What if he discovers it before the rape and puts it on himself inside out and THEN rapes the woman? She could be seriously damaged.

  426. Jerry Senior says:

    I was drawn by curiosity about the product to learn more about it and the “fact” a rape occurs in Africa every 17 seconds is remarkable in a certain sense. However, when a man resorts to rape, it’s seldom about sex and more about power and exercising power over a more or less helpless victim. Brutes who rape should be dealt with brutishly using an instrument dense enough to leave a lifetime mark on the rapist if not a pronounced inability to pursue a victim successfully in the future. Biblical prohibitions relative to sexual assaults and remedies were directed towards a primitive race of people who had experienced slavery and rigorous treatment by their masters and possessed no understanding of civilized behavior as we understand it. Those who find Biblical precepts intolerable or abhorrent are as foolish as those who are ignorant of the concepts supporting them. As it is written: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

  427. Jerry Senior says:

    You are correct up to a certain point. How you dress or “undress” publicly as the case may be is your choice; but your apparent belief a level of rationality exists linearly across the spectrum of men is the epitome of foolishness. It is my opinion women should err on the side of caution and dress responsibly in the expectation a beast masquerading as a man lurks nearby. Most men such as myself may admire a scantily clad woman on the one hand and cringe at her stupidity on the other. 🙂

  428. Chasity says:

    I have mixed feelings on this really, while I see the benefits I also see the drawbacks. I don’t think this is something that women in America could really use. Seeing as its being given to women in Africa where I do believe rape is a constant everyday occurrence and I’m pretty sure those women aren’t dressed any differently then all the other women around them, I think its a good thing for those women. Here? I don’t think it would work. But I also think its horrible for anyone, especially a woman, to say that someone wearing a certain dress that is ‘scantily-clad’ means that that person is ‘asking’ to be raped. That is beyond ignorant and insulting.

    If that was the case, as many have already said, then older women, or young children wouldn’t be violated in that way.

    No one asks for that to happen and people shouldn’t be so narrow-minded.

  429. AW says:

    i think this condom is a terrible Idea. Do you think that a rapist will not know about this? it is as easy as to check before sticking it in! or be “safe” and use an other “way in”. Besides that, it is highly antihygenic. Walk around with something like that up your vagina the whole day, like it seems to be necesary in south africa? it would give you at least a heavy yeast infection within a week. What needs to happen is that women are trained to recognize the signs of potential rape, be alert and know different ways of self protection and be keep physically strong (meaning excercise) if possible.

    This condom is also not fit to any other group that is in need of protection. What would this doctor recomend for children and young women that are at risk? I hope we don’t have to regard this as the only solution. I would feel being the rapist by only suggesting to my 12 year old doughter to use this thing.

    SImply, men and women with raping inclinations need to go to therapy, and until they know that they are cleared of those inclinations, they need to keep away of the potential victims. Victims HAVE TO report the situation to the authorities, or to the adults in charge call it parent, teacher, or whoever that can provide real protection and jail is probably the only thing that will stop this criminals.

    Nevertheless, I would say there is a little responsibility coming from the victim or it’s environment. If the victim is an adult, lack of awareness of the signs; if it is a minor, again, is a lack of awareness of the signs by the adults in charge. Most rapes happen in the close environment of the victim, and are perpetrated by someone known to the victim, so they are preventable, somehow.

  430. jojo says:

    We may not agree with Tauna’s comments, but we must not insult her beliefs. Rape is not about the way someone dresses, since both men, women and children get raped. I see men topless all the time, I also see well chiseled men, and i admire them. Does that give me the right to touch their ‘Billygoat’ let alone fondle them? this is the 21st century and not the dark ages. Let the device come out. Yes it may be used wrongly, but if it prevents even one person from being raped, so be it. Over time improvements will be made..who knows maybe that will be the beginning of the end. I recently had a dream , and in it, i was being violated..I was sooooo angry the next morning. Can you imagine how a rape victim feels? and he or she must live with that memory all the days of her life. Doc, bring it on!

  431. menmilla says:

    THIS IS BY FAR ONE OF THE GREATEST INVENTIONS EVER CREATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thing is women arent the only ones who get raped. I still think this is a great idea and wish everyone knew about this!!

  432. The Confused Thinker says:

    Dear Truth Seeker, although not intending to start a meaningless argument, I couldn’t help commenting on what you have said here. Firstly, you believe that the world is run by our creator and we all work according to his will? Or do you believe that we are rewarded or punished by the karma (by the way, the actual word is ‘karmaphal’ which loosely translated, means ‘karma’ = work, ‘phal’ = result. As you sow, so shall you reap is what it means.) of our previous lives? If creator’s will is what makes us tick, then is it not creator’s will that some women will use this condom? If they are using it, clearly creator wills it be used. On the other hand, if karma comes into play, then it is the good karma of the women which has resulted in this blessing of a condom on to us. Also, if you have heard of karma is, have you heard of its counter-part, ‘purushkar’? That my, represents man’s free will against his karma. I aint making it up. Check the Ramayana if you don’t believe me. So if someone’s karma results in them getting handed the short end of the stick, they can use their free will, as in using this device, to counter the karma. Or if someone rapes a woman in this life and is expected to pay for it next birth, he has a free will too with which to stop paying.

    However, I believe in none of that fatalism. I say, carry the mace and taser, but also use this. If you are going into a war (which I believe can be applied in describing the life of any woman in our world, especially a country like where am from (India)) then why take the guns and not the grenades as well?

  433. JB says:

    This is needed by men in prison too . . . let’s not forget about them because they are victims also

  434. 12345 says:

    yeah…..and if the rapist has any deseases?there going to bleed a LOT right into you and all over you…….think about that one for a sec,the idea is good,this device is not,makes me laugh knowing it took 20 years to come up with and thats as far as it got lol lol take another 20 and refine your design which btw is not even your own all you need to do to find things like this is a book or a computer these things have been around for a very long time

  435. Dee says:

    Well done the SA doctor who invented this…, brilliant.

    yes If I was going out id wear it, absolutely, thr mental torture after rape is imeasurable besides the trauma if it.

    as for Quotes from Tanau

    “IF women would dress right,” put on a dress and zip it up….

    Tanau you are an idiot!!!! i dont know if you are male or female, but regardless I hope you never get raped when you are all zipped up in your church clothes.Id hate to be your daughter coming home and looking for understanding and being told its my fault cos I didnt dress like a nun.
    rapists rape women of 80 it had nothing to do with clothes, you are as bad as the rapist if this is your attitude.

  436. Dee says:

    something, forgotten here is that most rapes are done on family members, raped by someone they know, in which case evidence is always impossible, this could work, especially if they knew it was likely. Men who rape their children certainly may be prosecuted via this, it has its uses, may not be perfect on its own, but used together with alarm or other self protection, give escape time, self defence says gouge his eyes with your keys , bash his nose to cause pain, pain causes the attacker momentary pause, for the victim to escape, this too. could save even from the unknown rapist. In the awful event of the rapist who kills his victims, at least we have evidence, instead of him going on free.

  437. Elaine says:

    I predict that the first man taken to trial will claim entrapment (no pun intended).
    Correction on comment, Christ defended the prostitute, not prostitution.
    NO woman, no matter how they are dressed asks to be raped. If this were the case, only women who dressed provocatively would be raped. And children would never be touched.

  438. Kevin says:

    I really find it ridiculous that some women spout the same old track “rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power” BS it absolutely is about sex. The feminist who made up that line, was probably the same one who didn’t have a clue, giving guys a get out of jail free card by saying men are afraid of commitment. Rape is an extension of a base desire to have what you want from whom you want. – The act is sexual because that is what is wanted. Just like when it’s any other crime against a person. How many rapists said “I did it for the power, not the sex” Jesus, women need to wake up and stop touting the same old song as if it were true. As for the young and old getting raped? The person is just an opportunist because it’s an easy mark – And they want sex, and lack decency or compassion in the pursuit of satisfying themselves at the expense of the indefensible. I.e, the strong preying on the weak. Now for this condom, I love the idea, and think the death penalty should apply, but I’m willing to go with this Rapex just for the instant revenge factor. Just like women in Vietnam who use to place razor blades in there. Should a raped woman be concerned in making her attacker mad – heck no. That’s a lay there, don’t fight back and take it quitely mentality. Plus who is to say the man wouldn’t kill her anyway. At least here she has a fighting chance after the pain and shock factor. Psychological shock – (when the brain has to reorient itself to an unexpected stimulous) will override anything the man though he was about to do, or feel, and will certainly buy the woman some opportunity for self defense, escape, or to acquire help by her, and perhaps his yelling. Additionally, life is not like the movies, where the bad-guy recovers instantly and is in full capacity. If a man got this kind of surprise, the first thing he’s thinking about is W!@?, is his manhood ok, and of course, how to stop the pain. Especially in not knowing what was going on, his reaction time to strike back would be a late afterthought. Not like in the movies. And as far as men getting raped. It is presumed at least a man has a fighting chance. Sure some women do to. But if, as a man, your worried about the rare instance of getting raped (unlike in South Africa where it really is a common occurrence for women as is therefore not even worth the comparison), then I suggest you buy, for you or the buddy you’re worried about, some lube, a Rapex condom, and a whistle.

  439. Lory says:

    I applaud your invention. There is no worse feeling in the world than knowing what is about to happen and realizing there is nothing you can do to stop it. I think these cowards will think twice about it before they destroy others lives. Thank you,

  440. mj says:

    Well my question is what if the guys penus is to small for this to work and what if it is to large to fit and just shoves it further inside the woman and possibly damages her cervix exc…

  441. Abdul Kareem says:

    In the name of god the most beneficent and merciful……!!!!

    There are some outstanding comments made by guys, and some respectable suggestions given by our religious women here…(we adore you both)……!!!!
    Please make this invention available in the market as soon as possible, one who really want themselves to keep out of all this harm will make effective use of it.
    And The rest of the women talking about modern culture and stuff simply just commenting without having any work bear the ‘PAIN’.

  442. Anon says:

    So, what stops the rapist from seeing the condom and removing it before the act?

  443. Other guy says:

    I have doubt this is going to even close to be a solution!

    Well, firstly I think such device cannot be used by virgin girls, without actually breaking the hymen. I said I think because I don’t know much about woman anatomy. But from the only girl I know- my wife – we are just married – it is impossible to insert even the smallest finger without hurting her. May be its just her’s is like that. But I think there would be lots of women and children in such situation. I am brining this point because I haven’t seen anyone pointing out this.

    Secondly there is chance that this could break and hurt them.

    Thridly the practicality of wearing this.

    Fourthly this could aggrevate the offender. Like someoone mentioned in the earlier section, I don’t think it will paralyze man. But a small hit on the tescticles will completely incapacitate any man with balls (been there ouch…!). So I think the preventive technics should focus more on the testicles.

  444. Skeptic says:

    To Tanua: Yesterday, I saw a man driving a BMW. I thought I should carjack him since he was flaunting his wealth. Another day, I saw a man in line in front of me at the grocery store open his wallet. I saw at least two hundred dollar bills. I should have mugged him outside since he was provoking me with his wealth. I saw a woman carrying a Coach bag. I should have stolen it since she was tempting me with her obvious display of wealth. Get the picture?

  445. Paranoia24/7 says:

    I don’t think it’s fair for people to prepare themselves for rape, and I think that as a society we need to make the male role more flexible. I could be wrong in this, but I believe the reason behind so many men becoming rapists is that they are taught from a young age to solve conflict through aggression, while their female counterparts are taught to use compassion and open thinking to solve their conflicts. I think that if we stopped telling stopped separating boys and girls in roughness and instead taught all of them “be kind to each other; violence is never the answer” there would be more understanding among boys and girls, and hopefully less aggression from one gender to the other. BUUUTTTTT political opinions aside, I think this will definitely stop a rapist in his tracks. To any of you making the old statement, “how a women dresses-” how she dresses doesn’t matter. In fact, rape has little to do with physical attraction or “provocativeness”. People who are mentally challenged get raped. Children get raped. People with physical defects or disabilities get raped. Old and wrinkled women get raped. Rape can happen to just about anybody; what they wear has nothing to do with it. Remember that rape is about aggression and control; most likely the man perpetrating it is aroused by the power and degradation of the act rather than the body he is tearing apart. I personally believe it’s because he feels vulnerable on the inside, due to a rigid, masculine role, so he feels the need to make someone else feel vulnerable to him feel less so.

  446. Jay says:

    What will prevent the Larena Bobitt’s of this world from using this device as a “gettem back” tool?Women can be very vicious creature’s.

  447. Jen says:

    When I was fourteen years old, I was raped. I was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a long sleeved shirt. I did not yet know what sex was, nor was I dressing seductively.
    When I was 17, I went out on a date with a Christian young man I had spent a good bit of time with at a Christian place for teens, where you could play board games and chat. We met at the mall, as I did not believe in being driven by a male yet, as I’d learned just how vigil a woman should be to stay safe. While there, we ran into another friend. I don’t know how it got brought up, but my date said, “I don’t believe women can actually get raped.”
    I ended the date.
    Maybe the “penis trap” isn’t as needed here in the U.S. yet, but it definitely is needed in South Africa. If I were still young, I’d much rather wear a tampon that traps a rapist than go without.
    Please be careful about stereotyping the women who get raped. Many rapists have given interviews on what they look for. Some look for a woman wearing a business suit. They think, “Oh, she must think she’s something. I need to bring her down a few notches.”

  448. Jen says:

    “Other Guy”, God bless you for your purity! There *are* some things you can do to help your newlywed wife. I know this isn’t the place to discuss that, as it is off-topic, but just know that, in time, she’ll be more relaxed, as you, too, relax.
    “Jay”, you’re right; they could. But then those Bobbitt’s will be in jail. And raped women from around the world will despise them!
    “Paranoia”, I think you’re right; unfortunately, today’s society frowns on sensitivity in boys. My preacher once said that he was often accused of being gay *because* of his sensitiveness, but he was just loving — and is very in love with his wife today!
    “Skeptic” — You’re just great; nothing else to say!
    “Anon”, I would take it that the average rapist isn’t looking down there much ahead of time.
    Even if you and “mj” are right, there’s risks in anything. But people in biggest risks — college girls, women who have to go to their car in the dark, alone, etc — should have the option. It’s another way to protect themselves.

    Honestly, I bet after enough rapists heard about this, it would curb their appetite, anyway!
    “Won’t it make them mad”, remember — they might kill her, anyway.


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