Write for MamasHealth

Write for MamasHealth

MamasHealth is currently run by a select group of talented and trusted contributors. We are always on the look out for new writers and would welcome you to submit an application. All positions on MamasHealth are on a voluntary basis, but what we do offer is the opportunity to gain lots of experience. As an added bonus, we will place a link to your Google + account in your byline.

Before you send us your application, you should read the following…

You must be serious about your application. If you are not passionate about what you want you want to write about, this isn’t for you.

Although we are not a national newspaper with stringent copy editors, constant mistakes in your material will not be tolerated. Basically if your work is not something that is easy to read and publishable, or is not something we think our readers would be interested in, then your application will be declined (sorry!).

MamasHealth Contributor Application

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