Truth or Dare?

Truth or Dare?

Fibbing to your doctor can be very dangerous. It is like engaging in a game or truth or dare. If you tell them the truth, you will probably get better treatment options. If you tell the doc a little white lie, you are daring them to figure out what is really wrong with you.

Most doctors are trained to read between the lines. If your doc asks you how much alcohol you drink each week, if you say 1 or 2 beers, they will make a note that you said 1 or 2 but they their guess is 3 or 4 drinks per week.

Lies = flawed treatment + more visits to the doctor

Fibbing to your doc can lead to misinterpreted symptoms, overlooked warning signs, flawed diagnoses and inaccurate treatments.

So what does Mama do, when she goes to the doctor? I am brutally honest. If it hurts ‘down there’ or anywhere else, I give detailed accounts of when, where, and how long I’ve had pain. If I am asked to go to the little girls room and fill up the cup, I dutifully follow instructions, but I tell them it may smell a little strong because I ate asparagus with tons of garlic the night before.

Be honest with your doctor, it will make their day a little more interesting and you will feel better soon.

– Mama


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