Partner Won’t Have Sex With You Because You’ve Gained Weight

Partner Won’t Have Sex With You Because You’ve Gained Weight

Sexual intimacy between two individuals involves a mutual physical attraction. Depending on what your partner finds attractive, gaining a few or more unwanted pounds may cause you to lose your desirability factor. However, before you mull over about what he thinks of your body, consider what you think of yourself. Remember that gaining those extra pounds does not make you any less sensual. Your measure of self-esteem and how you view yourself as a sexual human being shapes your sense of sexuality.

If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties because of weight issues, do not try to solve the problem by ignoring it. Try to shed a few pounds. Also, look for new ways to increase intimacy level. Experiment and find out what turns them on. Buy yourself some new clothes that highlights your assets.

Do not let this be a road block in your relationship. Instead, work on what turns your partner off. To lose those unwanted pounds, you have to exert control over what you eat. Avoid eating foods that are high in sugar and calories. Limit your intake of cakes and ice cream, and stock up on healthy fruits and vegetables. Reduce fatty foods in your diet such as red meats and foods cooked in fatty oils. Opt for fish or for white meats such as chicken or turkey. (Be careful about eating too much fish. Fish contains mercury that is harmful if eaten too much). An effective weight loss plan could be attained by joining support groups either online or in your community that cater to people who are struggling with their weight.

It is also important that you engage yourself in physical activities. Spice up your time together by picking up a sport like tennis and swimming. Swimming is one of the fastest ways to get in shape. Swimming is also more friendly to your joints than running. Check out your local gym or aquatic center to see the pool schedules. This is also a good time for you and your partner to strengthen your relationship and experience new things. If you have a dog, walk your pooch together and enjoy those nice and peaceful bonding moments. You will soon realize that your quest for weight loss and fitness will not only result to you losing those pounds, it will strengthen your relationship with your partner especially if you involve him in your journey!

All your hard work will pay off one day when you see those great results. You will be healthier than ever and you will have your body back. Not to mention, your partner will surely not be able to resist you and you will have your sex life back- and it will be better than ever!

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